AI Answering Service & Virtual Receptionists

Never send a prospect to voicemail. Our AI virtual receptionists & AI answering service are trained on your business and can converse like a human, create appointments and more. Perfect for small businesses, enterprises, and even and call centers.

Customize & launch your AI virtual receptionist in minutes, for free.

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Health Care Practice

Health Care Practice
TRAINED ONPre-visit questions, post-visit follow-ups, general FAQ, etc.

Hotel Concierge

Hotel Concierge
TRAINED ONBookings, room service, check-in/out policies, etc.

Restaurant Staff

Restaurant Staff
TRAINED ONMenu questions, handle bookings, cancellations, etc.

Answer Phone Calls Instantly

Say goodbye to phone trees, or worse yet - putting your prospects on hold. Callers expect exceptional customer service from live operators that can help solve their problems - whether it is during business hours or after-hours.

PlayHT AI answering machine does a few things well: It’s your best expert on everything you want it to know about your business. It is conversational; our virtual receptionists are indistinguishable from humans. It is intelligent, it learns over time, and it can also book, change, and cancel appointments, and follow up with callers. PlayHT AI phone answering system can solve your phone answering service woes while providing an always exceptional experience to your callers and is a better alternative to outsourcing your calls.

Create Your Best AI Answering Service in Minutes

Create one, or multiple virtual receptionists trained to take over your front desk - in just 5 minutes.

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Create your virtual receptionist

Creating your virtual receptionist is as easy as choosing a name, a gender, and ai voice. You can also clone your voice to be the voice of the agent. Upload an image to give your agent a face.

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Build you virtual receptionist’s behavior

Quickly enter a greeting, choose a use case and also adjust how you prefer your AI receptionist should speak. Should it be snappy and to the point, or more conversational and chatty. You can tweak the agent to speak in a way that best represents your brand.

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Train your AI receptionist

Type your instructions or upload large, well documented knowledge base docs about how it should behave and interact with others in conversation. Feed the agent pricing, business hours and every detail about your business.

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Add actions

Set up what actions your virtual receptionist can take. This depends on your business, but you can set up an agent to make reservations, cancel, or update scheduling, and more.

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Put your agent to work

Assign a phone number to your agent and click “Deploy” and that’s it. Your new virtual receptionist that never takes a break and is available 24/7 is ready to take on your front desk and help you automate grow your business growth.

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Get started

From the time you begin creating your AI receptionist, to answering a live call, is just minutes. Get started.

Get Started with these AI Answering Service Templates

Personalized A.I. Voice Agents for Your Business
Trained on:your business, your products, your knowledge, your goals, etc.
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Health Care Practice
Trained on:Pre-visit questions, post-visit follow-ups, general FAQ, etc.
+1 310-919-0613
Agent Avatar Image
Hotel Concierge
Trained on:Bookings, room service, check-in/out policies, etc.
+1 650-600-0334
Agent Avatar Image
Restaurant Staff
Trained on:Menu questions, handle bookings, cancellations, etc.
+1 312-313-6307
Agent Avatar Image
Front Desk Reception
Trained on:Appointment availability, business hours, general FAQ, etc.
+1 510-567-7429
Agent Avatar Image
E-Commerce Store
Trained on:Customers preferences, your business, your services, etc.
+1 206-222-9835

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Answering Service Integrations

  • Seamless Scheduling

    Good for:
    • Easy booking setup
    • Across-industry reservations
    • Calendar voice sync
    • Any scheduling business
    Integrates with:
    • Calendly
    • Zoom
    • Google Calendar
      Google Calendar
    • +
      and more!
  • Always-On Companion

    Good for:
    • 24/7 customer support
    • Global time zone service
    • Immediate emergency responses
    • Off-hours communication handling
    Integrates with:
    • Zendesk
    • Intercom
    • Notion
    • +
      and more!
  • CRM Orchestration

    Good for:
    • Personalized customer service
    • Sales and support streamlining
    • Insight-driven marketing
    • Deepening client relationships
    Integrates with:
    • Salesforce
    • Hubspot
    • Microsoft Dynamics
      Microsoft Dynamics
    • +
      and more!
  • Lead Engagement And Qualification

    Good for:
    • Prioritizing high-value leads
    • Automating lead contract
    • Enhancing marketing campaigns
    • Support foused sales efforts
    Integrates with:
    • Salesforce
    • Pipedrive
    • Zoho
    • +
      and more!

What is an AI Answering Service

An AI answering service acts as a virtual receptionist, expertly managing incoming calls for small businesses, healthcare providers, law firms, and real estate professionals. This live virtual receptionist service provides call handling, message taking, and call routing, ensuring potential clients receive a real person every time. Bilingual in English and Spanish, they offer cost-effective call answering solutions, including after-hours support, voicemail management, and scheduling appointments.

With seamless CRM integration and mobile app functionality, businesses can monitor notifications, transfer calls, and engage new clients efficiently. High-volume call centers like PlayHT offer flexible pricing to suit varying call volumes, making them the best virtual receptionist services for small business owners needing full-time or part-time support.

Why Use an AI Answering Service

Cost Effective

AI virtual assistants provide a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time, in-office receptionist, reducing overhead costs for small businesses and law firms.

24/7 Availability

With after-hours call handling and live answering service, an AI virtual assistant ensures that incoming calls are managed around the clock, improving customer engagement.

Bilingual Capabilities

AI virtual assistants can handle calls in multiple languages, including English and Spanish, making them ideal for businesses with diverse client bases.

High Volume Management

These systems efficiently manage high call volumes, ensuring that no calls are missed and that all inquiries are addressed promptly.

Scheduling Appointments

AI virtual assistants can schedule appointments, send notifications, and manage calendars, streamlining the workflow for small business owners and healthcare providers.

Call Routing and Handling

Advanced call routing features ensure that calls are directed to the right person or department, enhancing the efficiency of call handling and response times.

CRM Integration

Seamless integration with CRM systems allows for better tracking of customer interactions, improving service quality and client relations.

Voicemail and Message Taking

AI virtual assistants can manage voicemails, take messages, and send SMS notifications, ensuring that important information is relayed promptly and accurately.

More AI Answering Service Use Cases

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