Make Your Articles Accessible in Audio

Create high-quality audio versions of your articles using realistic Text to Speech AI voices and SEO friendly embedded audio players to increase content reach, accessibility & user engagement.

Use the Best Text to Speech AI Voices

Noah Newscaster
Aria Newscaster
Jessica Newscaster

Audio accessibility solution for your audience

With 50 languages and 260+ natural sounding Text to Speech male and female voices, enables you to deliver high-quality listening experiences for your audience.

Reach busy on-the-go audience with audio

Offering articles in an audible format is not something very new. But, audio content is definitely seeing a massive boom as audiences seek for more convenient ways to consume content online.

A majority of people consume content while commuting, exercising, traveling, etc. Make sure your content is accessible to this 'earpod' generation.

Attract, engage and retain your audiences

Statistics show that 5-10% of the users visiting an article prefer listening. What's interesting is that these are very active listeners, and generally have an average completion rate (consumption of the article) of around 90%.

260+ Text to Speech voices in 55 languages

We leverage only the best text to speech voices from Google Wavenet, Amazon Polly, IBM Watson and Microsoft to generate accurate and realistic speech.

Choose from a growing library of 260+ natural sounding AI voices across 55+ languages to convert text to audio.

Tom Standage
Deputy Editor, The Economist

“Completion rates are higher because people are generally busy doing other things while listening. So, it’s less convenient to switch away from something.”

Downs Mulder
Managing Editor, The Washington Post

“Audio isn’t about changing user habits, it’s about embracing their habits.”

Kimberly Lau
EVP of Strategy and Operations, The Atlantic

“We received a lot of positive feedback from readers who enjoyed being able to listen instead of read during their commutes or while multi-tasking at home and work”

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