Plug-and-play Audio Widgets for Your Content

Responsive, SEO-friendly and fully customizable audio widgets for your websites to increase content reach, accessibility and user engagement.

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Audio wid... What?

The’s audio widgets are neat-looking, SEO-friendly, fully customizable audio players that can be embedded on your website, blog or publication to help your audiences consume content at their own convenience, or on-the-go.

Our audio widgets make your content accessible, shareable, downloadable, and subscribable.

Where do the audio narrations come from?

To create the audio narrations, you can either use our library of world’s leading AI voices from Google, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft, or even upload your own audio.

What do they look like?

Responsive, customizable and SEO-friendly audio players, listen buttons and floating players.

Why Add Audio Widgets to Your Content?

Improves Your Content Accessibility

Your readers don’t always have the time to read, help them consume content at their own convenience, or on-the-go.

Re-purposes Your Content

Converting your content into audio is an effective way to repurpose your old-but-evergreen content.

Increases Audience Engagement

Audio can be a new channel for you to drive engagement, and can engage upto 28% of your traffic.

Helps You Become ADA Compliant

Helps your website become ADA compliant for people with visual and other disabilities.


907 AI Voices, 142 Languages

Access a growing library of 907 high-quality male and female AI voices available across 142 languages

Expressive Voice Styles

Explore a range of expressive voices styles such as newscaster, formal, and casual, amongst many others

Podcast Hosting

Get the RSS feed to publish your audio articles as podcasts on iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcasts

Email Subscriptions

Turn your listeners into subscribers using the email capture feature

Audio Analytics

See how many listens, shares and downloads your audio articles are getting

Pronunciations & Phonetics Library

Take fine control over how words are pronounced using the IPA, and save them in your prounciations library

Integrations works out-of-the-box with most platforms on the web.

Start creating a custom voice for your brand today