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Convert up to 60 articles to audio every year.



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Premium Quality Voices

Use 50+ high quality Text to Speech voices and convert your articles to audio.

Customize Audio Player

Change color and configuration of the audio player to match the look and feel of your website.


Get a weekly analytics email along with a dashboard that shows Listens, Shares & Downloads of your audio.

Publish to iTunes

Publish your audio articles as podcasts to iTunes and increase your online presence.

White-label Player

Remove Play.ht logo from the Audio Player and brand it as your own.

Email Subscriptions

Allow vistors to subscribe from the Audio Player with their emails.

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Why you need audio articles?

A new channel for your users to consume your articles and be more engaged.


Now people can still consume your articles even if they can't read them, e.g. while commuting, working, exercising, or visual impairment.

Dwell time for SEO

Our data shows people who listen to articles stay on average 5 times more time on the article page. This increases the dwell time for your website which in turn improves your SEO ranking.


Converting your existing articles to audio is a great way to revive them. It gives you an opportunity to re-share and re-distribute your best articles again with your audience.