Engage Users with an Easy to Use Text to Speech API

Integrate real-time voice synthesis in your devices and applications with our easy-to-use Generative AI Text to Speech API. Create delightful user experiences in real-time with our ultra-realistic Voice AI models.

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Use the Best Text-to-Speech AI Voices in Your Devices and Applications

Choose from an expansive library of 900+ natural-sounding Generative and Neural AI Voices. Offer a rich, multilingual voice experience to your users in real time with our voices in 142 languages and accents.

Conversational Voices

Perfect for entertainment videos, podcasts and audiobooks

Narrative Voices

Ideal for audiobooks, explainer videos and documentary videos

Explainer Voices

Ideal for entertainment videos, explainer videos, podcasts and audiobooks

Children Voices

Perfect for audiobooks, explainer videos and e-learning

Local Accents

Localize your entertainment videos, adverts and audiobooks


Ideal for gaming, creative videos and ads

Character Voices

Perfect for gaming, creative videos and ads

Training Voices

Suitable for training videos, L&D and E-learning

Access 140+ Languages and Accents with Our Voice API

Offer multilingual voice experiences to your users in real time with our voices in 142 languages and accents. Create localized speech content in almost every language using our API.

PlayHT Offers the Best Text to Speech API

Access all the best text-to-speech AI Voices from PlayHT, Google, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft using PlayHT's text-to-speech API. Our text-to-speech API provides a single interface to convert text to audio using AI Voices across different providers.

Using a single text-to-speech API in your projects saves you time and offers many benefits.

Real-time latency

PlayHT's new Turbo voice models can generate speech in <300ms.

Low maintenance

As you’ll be using a single text-to-speech API, you just have one integration to maintain.

Automatic updates

We make sure you’re always up to date with all the improvements made by the TTS providers.

Latest voices

All the latest voices added by the TTS providers are synced and ready for you to use.

Key Features

Leverage futuristic text-to-speech features to create the most realistic speech for your applications.

829 Voices across
142 Languages

Access a growing library of 829 high-quality male, female and kids voices in 142 languages.

Expressive Voice

Explore expressive voice styles such as narrative, conversational, cheerful, angry, sad and empathetic.

Manipulate Voice

Manipulate the volume, rate and pitch of words or even entire sentences to create unique voice effects.

Text and SSML

Add pauses, numbers, date, time formatting, and other advanced, pronunciation instructions.

Integrate Simply, Scale Efficiently

Subscribe to a plan

The API is a premium feature and is available across all the subscription plans

Generate secret key

Go to your dashboard and acquire your unique secret key

Synthesize speech

Convert text-to-speech and start integrating in your applications

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