Generate your favorite celebrity’s voice using AI

Capture any celebrity voice and generate speech that is identical to the original voice. Use PlayHT's instant voice cloning and AI text to speech technology to generate speech in your fave celeb's voice!

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Clone any celebrity's voice with the most impeccable results

PlayHT is the best free voice generator for creating celebrity voices using AI!
The celebrity voices you hear in the video were generated completely using PlayHT's AI text to speech technology. Want to give it a try? Read on below to see how you can generate your favorite celeb's voice.
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Generate Voices of Famous Actors

Games often require characters to have expressive, emotional and dramatic voices to provide immersive experiences to players. But generating these voiceovers, let alone finding the right voice talent is a challenging and time consuming task.

PlayHT's AI technology can help game developers in numerous ways. Use PlayHT for your PreVis and PitchVis trailers. Save immense time and costs by using PlayHT's AI voices.
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Recreating some of the popular gaming character voices for demonstration

Generate Voices of Famous Actresses

Whether you need a cameo for your game or marketing video, you can clone the actress' voice with PlayHT'sAI voice cloning.

PlayHT's speech models are capable of capturing the nuance of multiple speaking styles and accents of any voice. Allowing you to clone and create any actress' voice. Create distinct, animated and exaggerated voices to make your projects more memorable.
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Generate Voice of Any Fictional Celebrity

Animators and movie producers can now use PlayHT's voice AI to clone any fictional celebrity to use in production. PlayHT's voice cloning creates an indistinguishable copy of the original voice. Perfect for patching up voice acting errors or doing retakes.

As a producer, you're in luck! Now you have a quick and simple way to have character voices at your fingertips.
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How to generate any celebrity voice using PlayHT

Generating celebrity voices is the new social media trend that you should jump on!

No more dealing with the impracticality and the expense of hiring a bunch of voiceover artists. With PlayHT, you can create an entire cast of character voices and use them as you wish. You can use the voices to speak dialogue or narrate entire scenes with ease. Editing and re-rolling specific dialogues is very easy; simply change the text and re-generate the audio.
Find an audio clip of the celebrity speaking
Find an audio file of a voice that you want your character to sound like. It doesn't matter if the audio file is a few seconds in length. 30-60 seconds of audio works just fine! But make sure the audio is clear without any music or background noise.
Upload the audio clip using PlayHT’s voice cloning
Upload the audio to your dashboard and click clone a voice. Your voice cloning will start processing.
Generate speech in the celebrity’s voice using TTS
Once you've generated your cloned voice. You can use it to create voice over performances using PlayHT's text to voice editor or the API

Generate celebrity voices today, for free!

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Use PlayHT’s text to speech editor for generating celebrity voices

Once you have cloned the celebrity’s voice, you can use our Text to Voice editor to seamlessly create speech in your celebrity’s voice. The editor allows you to type or paste text, assign a celebrity’s voice to each text paragraph and convert to speech. You can preview and do multiple voice generations of the same text until you find the best output. You can then download the audio files in MP3 or WAV format.
Character voice generator illustration
Preview and hear the voice before downloading
Before you download your voice, preview your audio. Each conversion from text to audio will generate a unique voice performance. You can generate multiple takes of the same script and select the perfect voice for your character.
Create short or long form audio content
The possibilities are endless. You can have your celebrity say a few lines or narrate an entire scene in one go.
Export celebs voices as high-quality WAV file
Once you’ve generated the voice samples you can easily export them as individual audio clips or a single file in high-quality WAV format.

Access your celebrity’s voice using PlayHT’s API

PlayHT offers a realtime voice generation API that you can use to generate dynamic content in your celebrity’s voice. Use the voice within a game, cartoon or an interactive application to drive fun and engagement. You can also create celebrity voices dynamically using PlayHT’s API.
Here’s how you can access your cloned voice through PlayHT’s voice generation API
  • 1
    Sign up on PlayHT to create an account
  • 2
    Acquire your secret key from PlayHT’s online dashboard to access the API
  • 3
    Pass the generated celebrity’s voice name along with the text to the API and get the rendered voiceover as an audio stream or an audio file.
Check PlayHT’s voice generation & voice cloning API on Github >

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Learn all about creating and using voices of your characters with PlayHT

Yes, we offer a generous free plan that you can use to generate any voice - including celebrity voices. Simply sign up and start creating!
To make your voice sound like a celebrity you need a voice changer. PlayHT will soon be adding a realtime voice changer but for now, you can clone the celebrity’s voice and generate audio with it using text.
Since we use AI to generate voices, they will sound extremely real. In most cases you will not be able to distinguish between the real and generated voice.
Absolutely not. PlayHT is an AI voice cloning and text to speech tool that allows users to create voices and audio content for personal and professional use. We assume you have the rights to the voices you are generating.

Why is PlayHT the best AI Voice Character Generator

Expressive speech synthesis
Characters require expressive speech that can capture the emotions in the dialogue. Our TTS is contextually aware of the meaning of the text and adjusts the intonation perfectly according to it.
Multiple re-takes
You can do multiple retakes of the same text and generate audio any number of times. Each audio generation will be unique. You can then find the best one for your needs and export it.
Built for creators
PlayHT was built for creators including game developers, animators, voice artists and audio-video engineers. We’ve built a tool that is easy to use yet powerful enough to generate realistic voiceovers.
Instant character voice
Creating character voices is instant and doesn’t require any time or effort. All you have to do is upload a few seconds of audio of a voice and PlayHT will create a similar voice for your character.
Advanced script editor
Our rich-text editor speeds up vocal performance workflows, allowing for real-time editing and quick generation of lines without spending day in post
Voice directability (coming soon)
Use fine-grained controls to direct the voice and make the perfect delivery. Use features like pitch, speed and emphasis to really drive the emotion from speech.
Voice and Data Security
Voice cloning is an emergent technology and we're leading the industry with our state-of-the-art machine learning model. Security compliance is more important than ever when you're dealing with someone's cloned voice. We have taken numerous steps to secure your voiceprint, the voice clone, as well as the outputs to ensure that we treat your identity with the care it deserves. We've all watched Terminator and we know what activating SkyNet looks like!

Start bringing your characters to life today with PlayHT’s ultra-realistic voice technology