Microsoft Azure Text to Speech AI Voices

Use 146+ natural Microsoft Azure Text to Speech voices in 49+ languages and accents to download as MP3.

Available in 146 accents - 50 Male, and 96 Female

Achara (Neural) (Female)
Alba (Neural) (Female)
Alina (Neural) (Female) new
Alvaro (Neural) (Male) new
An (Male)
Andika (Male)
Andrei (Male)
Antonio (Neural) (Male) new
Ardi (Neural) (Male) new
Aria (Female)
Aria (Neural) (Female)
Ariane (Neural) (Female) new
Asaf (Male)
Athina (Neural) (Female) new
Ayumi (Female)
Benjamin (Male)
Caroline (Female)
Catherine (Female)
Chitra (Female)
Christel (Neural) (Female)
Clara (Neural) (Female)
Colette (Neural) (Female)
Conrad (Neural) (Male) new
Cosimo (Male)
Dalia (Neural) (Female)
Daniel (Male)
Danny (Male)
Dariya (Neural) (Female)
Denise (Neural) (Female)
Dieggo (Neural) (Male) new
Ekaterina (Female)
Elsa (Neural) (Female)
Elvira (Neural) (Female)
Emel (Neural) (Female)
Emily (Neural) (Female) new
Fernanda (Neural) (Female)
Filip (Male)
Francisca (Neural) (Female)
Gabrijela (Neural) (Female) new
George (Male)
Guillaume (Male)
Guy (Male)
Guy (Neural) (Male) new
HanHan (Female)
Hanna (Female)
Harmonie (Female)
Haruka (Female)
Hayley (Female)
Hazel (Female)
Heami (Female)
Heather (Female)
Hedda (Female)
Hedda (Female)
Hedvig (Female)
Heera (Female)
Heidi (Female)
Helena (Female)
Helia (Female)
Helle (Female)
Heloisa (Female)
Hemant (Male)
Henri (Neural) (Male) new
Herena (Female)
Hila (Neural) (Female) new
Hilda (Female)
Hillevi (Neural) (Female)
HiuGaai (Neural) (Female)
Hoda (Female)
Hortense (Female)
HsiaoYu (Neural) (Female)
Huihui (Female)
Hulda (Female)
Ichiro (Male)
Ingrid (Neural) (Female) new
InJoon (Neural) (Male) new
Irina (Female)
Isabella (Neural) (Female) new
Iselin (Neural) (Female)
Ivan (Male)
Jakub (Male)
Jean (Neural) (Male) new
Jenny (Neural) (Female) new
Jorge (Neural) (Male) new
Julie (Female)
Kalina (Neural) (Female) new
Kalpana (Female)
Kangkang (Male)
Karsten (Male)
Katja (Neural) (Female)
Keita (Neural) (Male) new
Lado (Male)
Laura (Female)
Leni (Neural) (Female) new
Libby (Neural) (Female)
Linda (Female)
Lucia (Female)
Matej (Male)
Mia (Neural) (Female)
Michael (Male)
Naayf (Male)
Nanami (Neural) (Female)
Natasha (Neural) (Female)
Neerja (Neural) (Female)
Noemi (Neural) (Female) new
Noora (Neural) (Female)
Pablo (Male)
Pallavi (Neural) (Female) new
Pattara (Male)
Paul (Male)
Paulina (Female)
Pavel (Male)
Petra (Neural) (Female) new
Premwadee (Neural) (Female) new
Priya (Female)
Raul (Male)
Ravi (Male)
Rizwan (Male)
Ryan (Neural) (Male) new
Salma (Neural) (Female)
Sean (Male)
Seda (Female)
Shruti (Neural) (Female) new
Stefan (Male)
Stefanos (Male)
SunHi (Neural) (Female)
Susan (Female)
Swara (Neural) (Female)
Sylvie (Neural) (Female)
Szabolcs (Male)
Tracy (Female)
Tracy (Female)
Valluvar (Male)
Viktoria (Neural) (Female) new
Vlasta (Neural) (Female) new
Williaam (Neural) (Male) new
Xiaoxiao (Neural) (Female) new
Xiaoyou (Neural) (Female)
Yaoyao (Female)
Yasmin (Neural) (Female) new
Yating (Female)
Yunyang (Neural) (Male)
Yunye (Neural) (Male)
Zariyah (Neural) (Female)
Zhiwei (Male)
Zira (Female)
Zofia (Neural) (Female)
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