Italian Text to Speech AI Voices

Use 18+ natural Italian Text to Speech voices from Amazon Polly, Google WaveNet, IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure to generate realistic AI speech and download as MP3.

Available in 18 accents - 7 Male, and 11 Female

Amara (Female)
Angelina (Female)
Bianca (Female)
Carla (Female)
Cosimo (Male)
Dieggo (Neural) (Male) new
Diego (Male)
Editta (Female)
Elsa (Neural) (Female)
Francesca (Female)
Giorgio (Male)
Giulia (Female)
Isabella (Neural) (Female) new
Lorenzo (Male)
Lucia (Female)
Martina (Female)
Mattia (Male)
Simone (Male)
Start generating AI speech using Italian Text to Speech voices

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