Irish Text to Speech & Accent Generator

Uncover the Magic of the Emerald Isle with PlayHT's Irish Text-To-Speech Voices

Our captivating selection of Irish accents and dialects ensures that your text resonates with a distinct Irish flair. Whether you're crafting spellbinding audiobooks, engaging in language learning adventures, or creating a unique customer experience for your IVR system,

Download your audio files as MP3 or WAV, or access our Irish AI voices through our state-of-the-art TTS API.

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2 Unique Irish Text-To-Speech Voices

Discover the captivating world of Irish accents and regional nuances with 2 Irish Text-To-Speech voices, we offer an authentic and diverse Irish experience.


2 voices
These are the most realistic and natural sounding voices, built using AI and Machine Learning.
How it works

How to Generate Speech with Irish Text-to-Speech Voices

  • Go to the PlayHT Studio
  • Choose your voice
  • Type your text or paste your script into the TTS Editor
  • Customize the voice by adjusting the speech or pitch. Include any pauses or emphasis, if necessary
  • Click generate audio
  • Preview your generation or regenerate audio and choose your preferred generation
  • Download your audio
Irish text to speech

Irish Text-to-Speech Use Cases

Curate an immersive auditory experience for your audience with PlayHT's Irish accent generator.

  • Mythical Audiobooks

    Transport your listeners to the mystical realms of Irish folklore with captivating Irish Text-To-Speech Voices. Enrich your audiobooks with the allure of ancient legends and mythical creatures.

  • Virtual Tours of Ireland

    Immerse your audience in the beauty of Ireland's landscapes and heritage. Create virtual tours guided by charming Irish narrators who paint vivid pictures of historic sites, rolling green hills, and bustling cities.

  • Gaelic Language Learning

    Embark on a linguistic journey with Gaelic learners. Our Irish Text-To-Speech Voices help learners master the intricate nuances of the Irish language, making the learning process engaging and authentic.


Start Creating Today

Explore the magical world of Irish Text-To-Speech Voices and infuse your content with the unique charm of the Emerald Isle. Let PlayHT's Irish voices enchant your audience today.

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