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Unlock the Power of Regional English Accents with PlayHT's Indian English Text-to-Speech Voices

With a diverse range of Indian accents and dialects, our AI-powered narrations add depth and authenticity to your text, making sure your message resonates with your audience. Perfect for interactive e-learning modules,, PlayHT's Indian English Text-to-Speech is your gateway to success.

Download your audio files as MP3 or WAV, or access our Indian English AI voices through our state-of-the-art TTS API.

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11 Distinct Indian English Text-to-Speech AI Voices

Dive into the non-rhotic world of Indian English accents, with a remarkable selection of over 11 ultra-realistic Indian English Text-to-Speech Voices.

English (India)

11 voices
These are the most realistic and natural sounding voices, built using AI and Machine Learning.

High quality voices that don’t sound robotic, built using computer generated algorithms without AI.


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How it works

How to Generate Speech with Indian English Text-to-Speech Voices

  • Go to the PlayHT Studio
  • Choose your voice
  • Type your text or paste your script into the TTS Editor
  • Customize the voice by adjusting the speech or pitch. Include any pauses or emphasis, if necessary
  • Click generate audio
  • Preview your generation or regenerate audio and choose your preferred generation
  • Download your audio
Indian English text to speech

Indian English Text-to-Speech Use Cases

Curate an immersive auditory experience for your audience with PlayHT’s Indian accent generator.

  • Virtual Travel Guides

    Create immersive virtual travel experiences with Indian English Text-to-Speech Voices. Develop interactive applications that guide users through Indian landmarks, historical sites, and cultural hotspots. The voices can narrate intriguing stories, providing users with a virtual tour that feels like a real journey through India's diverse landscapes.

  • Interactive Cultural Storytelling

    Engage children and adults alike with interactive cultural storytelling experiences. Use Indian English Text-to-Speech Voices to narrate folk tales, mythological stories, and historical accounts. Integrate voice recognition technology to allow listeners to make choices in the story, creating a dynamic and educational narrative experience.

  • Inspirational Podcasts

    Launch a series of motivational and inspirational podcasts using Indian English Text-to-Speech Voices. Share success stories, leadership insights, and personal development tips while leveraging the voices to convey authenticity and warmth. These podcasts can inspire and empower a wide audience.

  • Dynamic Language Translation Services

    Offer real-time language translation services with an Indian twist. Use Indian English Text-to-Speech Voices to translate and speak text from one language to another, making it easier for travelers, business professionals, and tourists to communicate effectively and respectfully when interacting with people in India.


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