IBM Watson Text to Speech Voices

Use IBM Watson Text to Speech voices in 16+ languages and accents to download as MP3.

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Hint: Type text, and then click on the speaker icon to listen. Highlight a word to see more advanced options.

Available in 47 accents - 16 Male and 31 Female

Omar (Male)
Lina (Female)
Wang (Male)
Zhang (Female)
Emma (Female)
Liam (Male)
Craig (Male)
Madison (Female)
Charlotte (Female)
James (Male)
Kate (Female)
Lily (Female)
Camila (Female)
Emily (Female)
Grace (Female)
Henry (Male)
Kevinn (Male)
Lisa (Female)
Mark (Male)
Michael (Male)
Olivia (Female)
Samantha (Female)
Alice (Female)
Nicolas (Male)
Renee (Female)
Louise (Female) new
Birgit (Female)
Dieter (Male)
Elias (Male)
Erika (Female)
Lina (Female)
Angelina (Female)
Francesca (Female)
Airi (Female)
Emi (Female)
Hyunjun (Male)
SiWoo (Male)
Carolina (Female)
Isabela (Female)
Diego (Male)
Laura (Female)
Leonardo (Male)
Lucia (Female)
Luciana (Female)
Valentina (Female)
Sofia (Female)
Valeria (Female)
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