Google WaveNet Text to Speech AI Voices

Use 249+ natural Google WaveNet Text to Speech voices in 41+ languages and accents to download as MP3.

Available in 249 accents - 108 Male, and 141 Female

Aamod (Male)
Abram (Male)
Adel (Female)
Adele (Female)
Adhira (Female)
Adina (Female)
Aditya (Male)
Aditya (Male)
Adonis (Male)
Adriana (Female)
Agathe (Female)
Agnes (Female)
Agnes (Female)
Agot (Female)
Ahmet (Male)
Aisha (Female)
Aito (Male)
Akira (Male)
Aksel (Male)
Alberte (Female)
Alec (Male)
Aleksandra (Female)
Alice (Female)
Alicja (Female)
Alisha (Female)
Aliz (Female)
Althea (Female)
Alya (Female)
Alyosha (Male)
Amara (Female)
Amara (Female)
Amelia (Female)
Amélie (Female)
Amjad (Male)
Amoli (Female)
Amvi (Female)
Ana (Female)
Analyn (Female)
Ananya (Female)
Andini (Female)
Andy (Male)
Angga (Male)
Anja (Female)
Anja (Female)
Anneli (Female)
Annika (Female)
Ansh (Male)
Antoni (Male)
Aries (Male)
Armando (Male)
Arthur (Male)
Artyom (Male)
Ava (Female)
Ayaan (Male)
Ayaz (Male)
Aylin (Female)
Aysel (Female)
Aysun (Female)
Bansuri (Female)
Basak (Female)
Baul (Male)
Beatriz (Female)
Bella (Female)
Berat (Male)
Berna (Female)
Bich (Female)
Bo-young (Female)
Borya (Male)
Bram (Male)
Brigitte (Female)
Cam (Female)
Camille (Female)
Caroline (Female)
Cerys (Female) new
Cerys (Neural) (Female) new
Chae-koo (Male)
Chan-sook (Female)
Chang-min (Male)
Charish (Male)
Charles (Male)
Charlie (Male)
Charlotte (Female)
Charlotte (Female)
Cheol (Male)
Chi (Male)
Chien-hung (Male)
Chloe (Female)
Chunhua (Female)
Cindy (Female)
Clara (Female)
Daan (Male)
Daiki (Male)
Dalisay (Female)
Danh (Male)
Deepa (Female)
Diego (Male)
Duda (Male)
Dung (Male)
Duong (Male)
Editta (Female)
Eito (Male)
Elizabeth (Female)
Emilio (Male)
Emma (Female)
Esha (Female)
Ethan (Male)
Eva (Female)
Farah (Female)
Farel (Male)
Fenna (Female)
Filip (Male)
Filip (Male)
Gabriel (Male)
Gaia (Female)
Galina (Female)
Giulia (Female)
Ha-yoon (Female)
Hana (Female)
Hannah (Female)
Harry (Male)
Hau (Female)
Hazem (Male)
Hella (Female)
Hera (Female)
Himari (Female)
Hina (Female)
Hoa (Female)
Hsin-hung (Male)
Hui-chun (Female)
Iditri (Female)
Idris (Male)
Ines (Female)
Irina (Female)
Ishaan (Male)
Isla (Female)
Jack (Male)
Jackson (Male)
Jakob (Male)
Jalal (Male)
James (Male)
Jiahao (Male) new
Jordao (Male)
Josefine (Female)
Joseph (Male)
Jules (Male)
Julia (Female)
Jyothi (Female)
Kacper (Male)
Karina (Female)
Kathy (Female)
Katina (Female)
Khristina (Female)
Krishna (Male)
Kuan-yin (Male) new
Kurt (Male)
Kwang (Female)
Lada (Female)
Laiqa (Female)
Lara (Female)
Lena (Female)
Leon (Male)
Leonor (Female)
Li Na (Male)
Li Wei (Male)
Lina (Female)
Linda (Female)
Lise (Female)
Lixue (Female) new
Lola (Female)
Lorenzo (Male)
Louisa (Female)
Louise (Female)
Lucas (Male)
Luuk (Male)
Malthe (Male)
Marco (Male)
Margie (Female) new
Margie (Neural) (Female) new
Margit (Female)
Maria (Female)
Mariana (Female)
Marie (Female)
Martina (Female)
Mathias (Male)
Mattia (Male)
Maximilian (Male)
Mei-ling (Female)
Meifen (Female)
Mia (Female)
Mila (Female)
Mingmei (Female) new
Mira (Female)
Moritz (Male)
Nancy (Female)
Natalia (Female)
Natalia (Female)
Nathan (Male)
Nela (Female)
Nikola (Female)
Nora (Female)
Oliver (Male)
Olivia (Female)
Oliwia (Female)
Omer (Male)
Oscar (Male)
Otto (Male)
Panmoli (Male)
Patricia (Female)
Paul (Male)
Raphael (Male)
Richard (Male)
Riya (Female)
Robert (Male)
Ronald (Male) new
Ronald (Neural) (Male) new
Rosa (Female)
Roy (Male)
Rudra (Male)
Sai (Male)
Salma (Female)
Sandy (Female)
Sarah (Female)
Seo-yeon (Female)
Shane (Male) new
Shane (Neural) (Male) new
Simone (Male)
Sofie (Female)
Sophie (Female)
Szymon (Male)
Tess (Female)
Tha (Female)
Thomas (Male)
Tsung-han (Male)
Vaj (Male)
Victor (Male)
Victor (Male)
Vimridh (Male)
Vivaan (Male)
Wang Fang (Male)
Widya (Female)
William (Male)
Yan-ting (Male)
Yu Yan (Female)
Yui (Female)
Yulia (Female)
Zhang Wei (Male)
Zhi Ruo (Female)
Zoe (Female)
Zofia (Female)
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