Amazon Polly Text to Speech AI Voices

Use 71+ natural Amazon Polly Text to Speech voices in 29+ languages and accents to download as MP3.

Available in 71 accents - 23 Male, and 48 Female

Aditi (Female)
Amy (Female)
Anna (Female)
Ariana (Female)
Astrid (Female)
Bianca (Female)
Brian (Male)
Camila (Female)
Carla (Female)
Carmen (Female)
Celine (Female)
Chantal (Female)
Conchita (Female)
Cristiano (Male)
Dora (Female)
Emilia (Female) new
Emma (Female)
Enrique (Male)
Ewa (Female)
Filiz (Female)
Gabriella (Female)
Geraint (Male)
Giorgio (Male)
Gwyneth (Female)
Hans (Male)
Ines (Female)
Isabella (Female)
Jacek (Male)
Jan (Male)
Jennifer (Female)
Jessica (Female)
Joanna (Female)
Joey (Male)
Karen (Female)
Karl (Male)
Kevin (Male) new
Léa (Female)
Liv (Female)
Logan (Male)
Lotte (Female)
Lucas (Male)
Lucia (Female)
Lupe (Female)
Mads (Male)
Maja (Female)
Marlene (Female)
Mathieu (Male)
Matilde (Female)
Matthew (Male)
Maxim (Male)
Mia (Female)
Miguel (Male)
Mizuki (Female)
Naja (Female)
Nicole (Female)
Noah (Male)
Penelope (Female)
Raveena (Female)
Ricardo (Male)
Ruben (Male)
Russell (Male)
Salli (Female)
Scarlett (Female)
Seoyeon (Female)
Takumi (Male)
Tatyana (Female)
Vicki (Female)
Victoria (Female)
Vitoria (Female)
Zeina (Female)
Zhiyu (Female)
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