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Generate stunning high-quality voices for your characters using PlayHT’s AI voice cloning and text to speech technology.

Use AI voices to create voiceovers for your characters in your games, cartoons and movies. Get fine-grained control on speech to create the voice performances you need.

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Bring your characters to life with PlayHT’s expressive voice generation AI technology

Make your characters say anything with the most realistic free AI Voice generator.
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Generate Voices for Gaming Characters

Games often require characters to have expressive, emotional and dramatic voices to provide immersive experiences to players. But generating these voiceovers, let alone finding the right voice talent is a challenging and time consuming task.

We at PlayHT believe that AI can help game developers in numerous ways from creating voices for characters, reducing voice production costs, saving immense time as opposed to working with human actors. That’s why we built a remarkable text to speech model that is capable of generating production quality voice performances for almost any game.
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Recreating some of the popular gaming character voices for demonstration

Generate Voices for Cartoon Characters

Create funny and animated voices to use for your cartoon characters. Cartoon character voices need to sound clear, energetic and versatile to provide an engaging experience to its viewers. AI text to speech definitely makes it possible to create or re-create voices for cartoon characters.

Our speech models are capable of capturing speaking styles and accents of any voice. This allows you to clone and create voices of any cartoon characters that sound distinct and are capable of generating speech in an exaggerated animated way so your viewers can remember the character!
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Generate Voices for Anime and Movie Characters

Animators and movie producers can now use PlayHT’s voice AI to clone character voices to make use in production. PlayHT’s voice cloning creates an indistinguishable copy of the real voice and hence makes it a perfect choice for either patching up bad voice acting or creating entirely new dialogues.

This saves time and money for producers as they can now have their character’s voices on their fingertips and use them as needed.
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Localize your character’s voice in any language

Make your characters speak natively in any language and accent. PlayHT’s voice models are capable of generating the same voice across multiple languages allowing you to retain your character’s voice when translated in other languages.
Here’s a demo of the same characters speaking multiple languages

Give each of your characters a unique and indistinguishable voice with PlayHT

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How to generate voice for your characters using AI

At the core of generating realistic character voices lies our incredibly powerful generative AI text to speech models. These models are capable of cloning any voice and synthesizing speech that can help create any voice performances for your characters just like a real voice actor.

No more dealing with the impracticality and the expense of hiring a bunch of voiceover artists. With PlayHT, you can create an entire cast of character voices and use them as you wish. You can use the voices to speak dialogue or narrate entire scenes with ease. Editing and re-rolling specific dialogues is very easy; simply change the text and re-generate the audio.
Find a voice that you want your character to sound like
Create an audio file of a voice that you want your character to sound like. The audio file needs to be only a few seconds in length. 30-60 seconds of audio works great. Make sure the voice is clear without any music or background noise in the audio file.
Create voice using PlayHT’s voice cloning feature
PlayHT’s voice cloning feature allows you to instantly replicate any voice and save it to use as the voice for your character. Simply give your character’s voice a name, upload the voice audio file and create the voice for your character.
Make your characters speak using the editor or API
Once you’ve created your character’s voice, you can use it to generate voiceover performances using PlayHT’s text to voice editor or the API. The voiceovers are generated using text. All you have to do is type or paste the script and PlayHT will convert it to realistic speech.

Generating voice for your characters using PlayHT’s online Text to Voice Editor

Once you have created your character voices, you can use our Text to Voice editor to seamlessly create voiceovers for your characters. The editor allows you to paste the dialogue script, assign a character voice to each dialogue and convert to speech. You can preview and do multiple generations of the same dialogue until you find the best performance. You can then download the audio files in MP3 or WAV format.
Character voice generator illustration
Preview and hear your characters
Each time you convert the text to audio, the voice performance is going to be unique. This allows you to generate multiple takes of the same script and select the perfect performance for your needs.
Create short or long form dialogues
There’s no limit to how many characters you convert in PlayHT’s text to speech editor. You can have your character say a short sentence or narrate entire scenes in one go.
Export the voiceover as high-quality WAV file
Once you’ve generated the voice samples you can easily export them as individual audio clips or a single file in high-quality WAV format.

Access your character’s voice using PlayHT’s API

PlayHT offers a realtime voice generation API to create dynamic voice overs for your characters within a game, cartoon or an interactive application. You can also create character voices dynamically using PlayHT’s API.
Here’s how you can access your cloned voice through PlayHT’s voice generation API
  • 1
    Sign up on PlayHT to create an account
  • 2
    Acquire your secret key from PlayHT’s online dashboard to access the API
  • 3
    Pass your character’s voice name along with the text to the API and get the rendered voiceover as an audio stream or an audio file.
Check PlayHT’s voice generation & voice cloning API on Github >

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Learn all about creating and using voices of your characters with PlayHT

Creating a character’s voice is instant. All we require is a few seconds of audio of a voice that you want your character to sound like. PlayHT will then create the voice and add it your account for you to use.
The best way to do a deep character voice on PlayHT is to find a short audio clip that has a deep and gravely voice, and use it as a reference guide clip to generate a similar sounding deep voice, which you can then use as your character’s voice.
PlayHT assumes you have the right to the voices you create using our Instant Voice cloning feature. Based on that, PlayHT gives you all the copyrights and commercial rights to the voices you create for your characters. You can use the voices in your projects without having to worry about legal or copyright issues.
Yes, PlayHT offers a very realistic voice cloning feature that can be used to imitate any character’s voice. All you have to do is find an audio clip with character the character’s voice you want to imitate and upload the file to PlayHT’s Instant Voice Cloning feature. The resulting voice will be a perfect imitation of the character’s voice.
Yes, PlayHT offers a diverse library of voices for various use cases. Some of these voices are perfect to be used for characters. The voices can also be used across languages and accents.
There is no limit to the number of character voices you can create on PlayHT.
You can get started for free but please check our pricing page, the number of voice clones you’ll be creating for your characters will give you an idea about the cost.

Why is PlayHT the best AI Voice Character Generator

Expressive speech synthesis
Characters require expressive speech that can capture the emotions in the dialogue. Our TTS is contextually aware of the meaning of the text and adjusts the intonation perfectly according to it.
Multiple re-takes
You can do multiple retakes of the same text and generate audio any number of times. Each audio generation will be unique. You can then find the best one for your needs and export it.
Built for creators
PlayHT was built for creators including game developers, animators, voice artists and audio-video engineers. We’ve built a tool that is easy to use yet powerful enough to generate realistic voiceovers.
Instant character voice
Creating character voices is instant and doesn’t require any time or effort. All you have to do is upload a few seconds of audio of a voice and PlayHT will create a similar voice for your character.
Advanced script editor
Our rich-text editor speeds up vocal performance workflows, allowing for real-time editing and quick generation of lines without spending day in post
Voice directability (coming soon)
Use fine-grained controls to direct the voice and make the perfect delivery. Use features like pitch, speed and emphasis to really drive the emotion from speech.
Voice and Data Security
Voice cloning is an emergent technology and we're leading the industry with our state-of-the-art machine learning model. Security compliance is more important than ever when you're dealing with someone's cloned voice. We have taken numerous steps to secure your voiceprint, the voice clone, as well as the outputs to ensure that we treat your identity with the care it deserves. We've all watched Terminator and we know what activating SkyNet looks like!

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