AI News Reporter Voice Generator

Create News-Like Audio with Newscaster AI Voices

Create AI voice overs that are optimized for reading news, making announcements, updates and sport commentaries using PlayHT’s high quality Text to Speech Newscaster AI Voices.

Explore voices that sound like a news reporter
Use PlayHT’s news anchor text to speech voices to create announcements, news reports and sport commentaries. Our Ai Voice Generator is the perfect choice for generating voice overs that sound realistic, engaging and human-like.

How to start using AI News Reporter Voice Generator

Here’s how you can start using Newscaster voices on our application
  • 1
    Sign up for free and go to PlayHT’s voice generator studio
  • 2
    Open PlayHT’s text to voice editor
  • 3
    Select English language
  • 4
    Filter voices by Newscaster voice style
  • 5
    Select the Newscaster voice you like
  • 6
    Type, paste or import the text you want to convert to speech.
  • 7
    Preview your audio
  • 8
    Export the audio and download as an MP3 or WAV file.
Newscaster Illustration

Where can you use PlayHT’s AI News Reporter Voices?

Voice Overs for News Videos
A lot of youtube videos report news and events that happen. Adding a TTS news anchor voice is the best way to make your video more engaging. Our voices sound incredibly realistic and your audience will not know if they are computer generated or real humans.
For Making Announcements
Most of the time having a real person record voice overs for announcements is not practical. The announcements are usually dynamic and depend on other variables. Hence, using an AI Voice Generator like PlayHT can be a perfect solution to create announcements in an affordable and scalable way.
Sports Commentator Text to Speech
Are you creating sports videos that require a commentator’s voice? You usually need a very dynamic and engaging voice for sport commentaries - a voice that can casually chat and give out facts when the game is slow and bursts out with excitement when something happens . Here are a few voices that can be well suited for sport commentaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, AI voices can be a perfect choice for creating newscaster text to speech voice overs because they are cheap, fast and sound exactly like a news reporter.
The voice can be generated instantly. Just type your text script and hit the convert button!
Yes, you can. Our paid plans offer you the commercial rights to use the generated voice overs in commercial projects without having to worry about copyright issues.
Yes, our newscaster voices can be a perfect choice for creating breaking news stories.
Costs a fraction of the price compared to hiring a real news anchor. Please check out our pricing.