Text to Speech WAV Converter

Use our online Text to Speech converter to generate audio in high-quality WAV format. Create realistic AI voiceovers for your projects in 60+ languages and download the audio files in WAV format.

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How to convert Text to Speech and download in WAV audio format?

1. Type or paste your text

Open PlayHT’s online Text to Speech converter and type or paste your text script. You can also import text from URLs.

2. Select an Ai Voice in your language

Now select one of the AI voices in your preferred language. PlayHT has over 800+ voices to choose from in 60+ languages.

3. Select WAV format

Select WAV as your output audio format for the text to speech conversion from the menu. You can also select a sample rate of 16KHz, 24KHz or 48KHz for your audio.

4. Listen to your text before converting

Before converting your text to audio, you can preview what the speech sounds like by clicking on the speaker icon in your text to speech editor.

5. Convert your text into audio

Now that you are happy with the audio you can go ahead and click the ‘Convert to Speech’ button to generate the audio file in WAV format.

6. Download the audio file in WAV format

It takes a couple of minutes for the speech synthesis to transform your text in to audio. Once the WAV audio file is ready you can click the Download icon to export the file to your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, PlayHT’s Text to Speech online software can help you create TTS voiceovers in WAV format. PlayHT supports WAV and MP3 audio formats with 8KHz, 16KHz, 24KHz and 48KHz sample rates for your audio files.
We offer a limited free version which you can use to convert your text to WAV audio. With the free version you get 12,500 free character credits that you can convert to audio. You will have to buy more character credit to convert more text. Please check out our pricing to purchase a plan.
Yes, of course. You can download your synthesized WAV files any number of times and use it in your videos, presentations, podcasts and other projects. The audio files you generate are yours so you have all the rights to download and use them as you wish.
Depending on the amount of text you convert the generated WAV file size can vary between 5 MB to 50 MB. Since WAV is a loss-less format, the file size is generally larger then MP3.
We support 4 sample rates at the moment - 8KHz, 16KHz, 24KHz and 48Khz.
Other than WAV format PlayHT supports MP3 for its Text to Speech conversions.
It usually takes a couple of minutes to generate the WAV audio file once you click the ‘Convert to Speech’ button. But it also depends on the amount of text you are converting to audio. For smaller scripts of text less than thousand words the conversion is almost instant. For text size greater then five thousand words the conversion might take a couple of minutes.
There are numerous advantages to using WAV format for your Text to Speech audio files with the primary advantage being high audio quality. Unlike MP3 format, WAV is a lossless format which means it preserves the audio quality. WAV file sizes are usually larger than MP3 but the that’s the tradeoff for higher audio quality.