Meet PlayGPT

A Chrome plugin that makes ChatGPT speak to you in your favorite person's voice

PlayGPT is a Chrome browser plugin developed by PlayHT. Make ChatGPT read out what it has to say to you using our AI voices.

Text PlayGPT

How to get started with PlayGPT

Install PlayGPT plugin
PlayGPT is a simple Chrome extension. Go to the Chrome store and download the extension. Sign up for a free PlayHT account in the extension and head over to ChatGPT. You'll see a play/pause button popup on your page.
Ask ChatGPT something
Go ahead and generate a response from ChatGPT as you normally would. PlayGPT will automatically read out the response. Don't like the sound of the default voice? Click on the extension icon in the toolbar to discover a list of voices to choose from.
Hear ChatGPT speak
Once installed, PlayGPT will automatically start playing ChatGPT responses. Toggle auto-speaking on and off at any time with the green play/pause button.

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