Run PlayHT On Your Infrastructure

Get blazing fast latency, enterprise grade security & uncapped access to speech generation.


Ultra-low Latency
Generate speech under 150ms
Deploy our models on the same infrastructure as your servers and get a latency that’s unbeatable by any other speech provider. Our models can generate the first speech token in under 50ms. You can expect a sub 100ms latency for your applications.
Deploy with Ease
Scalable deployments with auto-scaling
With auto-scaling in place, you’ll have full control on how many instances you want to run. Our voice models just need under a minute to load and get running on a new instance.
Security & Privacy
Protect your data
Keep all your data protected. No data is shared with PlayHT for any purpose. Text prompts, voice cloning audio data or generated audio are all kept private in your environment.
Save Cost
Scale without worrying about cost
PlayHT is built for scale and cost effectiveness. We are constantly making our models lighter and more efficient so they can be run on cheaper GPUs and eventually on CPUs. Running PlayHT on-premise will be the most cost effective voice solution for your company.

Get started with PlayHT On-Premise