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The best voices for your audience

Use our best in class Text to Speech voices to convert your articles to audio
Robert (en-US)
James (en-US)
Richard (en-US)
Patricia (en-US)
Elizabeth (en-US)
Linda (en-US)
Michael (en-US)
Matthew (en-US)
Samantha (en-US)
Lisa (en-US)
Harry (en-UK)
Isla (en-UK)
Hannah (en-UK)
Charlie (en-UK)
Kate (en-UK)
Joey (en-US)
Joanna (en-US)
Salli (en-US)
Brian (en-UK)
Emma (en-UK)
Amy (en-UK)
Raveena (en-India)
Nicole (en-Australian)
Russell (en-Australian)
Chloe (en-Australian)
Ethan (en-Australian)
Ava (en-Australian)
Jackson (en-Australian)
Isabela (pt-Brazilian)
Ricardo (pt-Brazilian)
Vitoria (pt-Brazilian)
Cristiano (pt-European)
Ines (pt-European)
Diego (es-Spanish - Castilian)
Laura (es-Spanish - Castilian)
Conchita (es-Spanish - Castilian)
Enrique (es-Spanish - Castilian)
And Many More Languages and Voices ...

A listening experience for your audience

Allow people to listen to your articles when they have reading difficulties, they are on the go or just multitasking.
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The world's top publications offer audio articles. Why not you?

Why create audio articles?


Your stories are now accessible to people with reading disablities such as blindess or dylexia. They are also accessible to people with "situational disabilities" such as in bright sunlight, commuting, exercising, etc. when reading is impossible. With audio people can simply listen to your content.

Dwell time for SEO

Our data shows that people who listen to articles spend on average 5x more time on the website. This increases the dwell time for your website which in turn improves your SEO ranking.


Converting your existing stories to audio is a great way to revive and repurpose your content. It gives you an opportunity to re-share, re-distribute and re-publish your articles again with your audience but this time with audio.

Start offering audio today

Our Wordpress plugin allows you to instantly create audio aritcles that users can start listening right away.

Bloggers & writers ❤️️ audio articles