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Simply edit text and create high quality Voice Over audio for your videos, blog posts, podcasts, books and almost anything using 100+ voices.
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Everything you need to create Voice Over audio 👇

No more hunting for voice over actors. No more waiting for days. Just paste your text, select a voice and create a voice over audio instantly.
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Save Time

Unlike waiting for delivery when working with voice actors, you can instantly create audio with

Commercial Rights

The audio you create is yours, and yours alone. We give you full Commercial Rights with no extra fees.

Broadcast Rights

Just like you have full Commercial Rights, you also full Broadcast Rights. Use the audio for whatever you like - podcasts, audio books, audio articles, etc!

Unlimited Revisions

Edit the text, change the emotion, set the tone - get creative! Do as many revisions you want before you creating the perfect Voice over audio.

Sample Voice Overs

A Book Summary Voice Over
A Product Preview Voice Over
An Educational Lesson Voice Over
A Product explainatory Voice Over
Card image cap
The Iconic Apple Commercial
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The Red Tribe Podcast

Realistic Voices

Select from over 100+ realistic voices that are expressive and convey the message with the perfection of a human voice.

Custom Pronunciations

Take fine control over pronunciation and change how certain words should be pronounced. These can include your company name, slang, etc.

Set Tones

Set the right tone of your Voice Over audio by changing just a few attributes of the voice.
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The best voices for your audience

We've integrated the best of the best voices to give your Voice Over audio realistic and human like voices
Robert (en-US)
James (en-US)
Richard (en-US)
Patricia (en-US)
Elizabeth (en-US)
Linda (en-US)
Michael (en-US)
Matthew (en-US)
Samantha (en-US)
Lisa (en-US)
Harry (en-UK)
Isla (en-UK)
Hannah (en-UK)
Charlie (en-UK)
Kate (en-UK)
Joey (en-US)
Joanna (en-US)
Salli (en-US)
Brian (en-UK)
Emma (en-UK)
Amy (en-UK)
Raveena (en-India)
Geraint (en-Welsh)
Nicole (en-Australian)
Russell (en-Australian)
Chloe (en-Australian)
Ethan (en-Australian)
Ava (en-Australian)
Jackson (en-Australian)
Isabela (pt-Brazilian)
Ricardo (pt-Brazilian)
Vitoria (pt-Brazilian)
Cristiano (pt-European)
Ines (pt-European)
Diego (es-Spanish - Castilian)
Laura (es-Spanish - Castilian)
Conchita (es-Spanish - Castilian)
Enrique (es-Spanish - Castilian)
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