Create realistic Voice Over audio for your

Simply edit text and create high quality Voice Over audio for your videos, blog posts, podcasts, books and almost anything using 100+ voices.
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600,000 words

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What's included in the offer

  • 600,000 words for creating realistic audio
  • Life Time validity of words
  • Powerful SSML Text-to-Voice editor
  • 1 Click convert your articles to audio
  • Embed audio on any website
  • Download audio files
  • Fully customizable HTML5 audio player
  • Analytics dashboard
  • 50 Languages
  • 130+ Voices

Everything you need to create Voice Over audio 👇

No more hunting for voice over actors. No more waiting for days. Just paste your text, select a voice and create a voice over audio instantly.

Save Time

Unlike waiting for delivery when working with real voice actors, you can instantly create audio with

Unlimited Revisions

Edit the text, change the emotion, set the tone - get creative! Do as many revisions you want before you creating the perfect audio.

Commercial Rights

The audio you create is yours, and yours alone. We give you full Commercial Rights without charging any extra fees.

Broadcast Rights

Just like you have full Commercial Rights, you also full Broadcast Rights. Use the audio for whatever you like - podcasts, audio books, audio articles, etc!

30 day refund No mic required Cancel anytime

Used by thousands of creative professionals

Voice Overs created
Minutes of audio

Sample Voice Overs

Card image cap
The Iconic Apple Commercial
Card image cap
A Voice Over for the Screenflow App
Card image cap
The Red Tribe Podcast
Card image cap
Voice message to customers

Solutions & Use Cases

Create and use audio for anything you want. Here are some of the things our customers create and use audio for.

Audio Articles

Create audio versions of your articles and blog posts and make them available along side your written content. Boost user engagement, increase accessibility and improve your Time on Page metric.

eLearning Material

Convert any learning material to audio and offer students more ways to learn. Many students are auditory learners and providing audio can significantly hlep them in absorbing information.


Easily create audiobooks by copy pasting or uploading written books or documents for 1/10th of the price you would pay for human narrators.

YouTube Videos

Create Voice Overs for your YouTube videos in the most efficient way possible! Simply paste text, select a voice, choose a narration style and create the audio.

Product Demos

Create Voice Overs for your product demos, updates, and presentations. Some of our voices are perfectly suited to create audio for product videos.


Create audio for your podcasts! Just paste the text of the episode or fetch the text from a URL - it can also be an article or blog post, and publish it to podcasting platforms such as iTunes and Spotify.

Medium Audio Stories

Are you Medium writer? You can easily convert your Medium stories to audio and embed them in your stories. We have a dedicated plugin to help you add audio to your Medium stories.

Wordpress Audio Blog

Convert your Wordpress blog posts to audio and provide a complete listening experience to your audience. Use our official Worpdress plugin to create and manage all your audio blogs posts from your Wordpress admin.


Make your website and it's contents more accessible to people with reading disabilities such as dyslexia and poor vision.

Audio Courses

Upsell and add more value to your courses by offering audio as an alternative for consuming course information.

Audio Newsletter Emails

Create and embed audio in your newsletters that people can listen to.

News Stories

Create audio of your news stories on the fly so your audience are able to read or listen in time as news happens.

The most realistic AI voices to narrate your content

We constantly add new languages and voices. Sign up and get notified when new voices are added!

A Dashboard to create, distribute and manage all your Audio Files in one place

Save time and efforts with our easy to use tools that provide all the necassary functionalities for not only creating audio but host, embed and track audio - all in one place.

A Powerful Text Editor to help you create expressive realistic Audio

Use the power of SSML to add a Human element to your audio. Set the tone, add emotions, emphasize sentences and do more with our powerful Text to Voice editor.

Used and ❤ī¸ by 6000+ creative individuals and businesses across different industries

30 day refund No mic required Cancel anytime

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about this deal and more

How does this Deal work?

This deal gives you an exclusive opportunity to purchase a huge number of words at a very disounted price. The words have a life time validity and last until you use them. It also gives you a Life Time access to our existing products including all the features and updates we might add in the future.

What is the refund policy of this Life Time Deal?

We have a 30 days refund policy. Depending on the number of words you have used, you can get a full or partial refund if you cancel within 30 days of purchasing the deal.
If you have used less then 10% of the words and cancel within 30 days of purchasing the deal, you can get a full refund. Otherwise, we will charge you for the number of words you have used and do a partial refund.

How many words does it cost to create 1 Voice Over audio?

You will be charged as many words as there are in the text that you convert to audio.

Do my words expire if I don't use them right away?

No, your words are valid for life, and they remain in your account until you use them.

Do I get charged for audio downloads of my files?

No, we don't charge you when users download or listen to your audio files. We only charge you for the audio files you create, not for listening to them.
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