#1 Text to Speech app for busy Professionals

Learn faster by listening to anything on the web from articles, news, blog posts
to pdfs with natural human-like Text to Speech

Listen with Text to Speech

Learn from any article, blog post or document by instantly converting it to audio and listening to it.

Our natural sounding Text to Speech voices enable you to grasp more than 90% information that you listen, allowing you to consume information more efficiently and productively.

Whether you are working, commuting, exercising or just doing errands, never again miss out an opportunity to learn when reading is not possible.

Create your playlist

Collect articles from your favorite websites and add them to your playlist that you can listen to while driving or commuting.

You can also download the articles on your device to listen offline or save your Internet data.

Listen to any article

Next time you come across an article that you would like to listen, simply tap the Share icon and you will find a 'Listen on Play' option. This will add the article to your listening playist in the Play.ht app

You can listen to articles from your mobile browser or other apps like Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard, etc. Just look for the Share icon and you will find a 'Listen on Play' option.

Listen at your pace

A speed control option allows you to set your listening speed to consume more information or carefully absorb and understand what you are listening to.

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Play.ht is the best Text to Speech app that enables busy professionals, students and people with reading difficulties to consume information in a more accessible way.

The app is designed to help you be productive and learn faster by giving you the ability to instantly convert any text to audio and listen to it effeciently.