UPDATE! Introducing a new voices layout for the Editor!

In this weeks update, we’ve completely changed the design on how the voices layout looks, on your Play.ht text-to-speech editor.

New Features:

  • New sleek, and compact design
  • Language Filter
  • Style-Support index
  • Quality indication
  • Gender Filter

New Sleek & Compact Design

Long gone is the old, and huge looking, screen covering layout of voices.

Introducing a brand new compact, and sleek looking window, which is simple, and does the job perfectly well!

Language Filter

drop down menu languages

Selecting different languages, or switching languages has never been easier with the new and improved language drop-down menu.

Choose from a growing library of 260+ natural sounding AI voices across 55+ languages to convert text to audio.

Style-Support Index & Quality Indication

Style-Support Index

A brand new feature to the voices layout, which lets you know before hand which voice can do what!

With the new Style Support Index, you’ll already have an idea of what you’re looking for in a voice before picking one.

With colorful annotations, you’ll know which Voiceover is a High Quality one, supports Multiple-Narration Styles, supports Breathing, and can add emphasis to words as well.

Gender Filter

Gender Filter

A small, yet important functionality has been added, which lets you filter voices via a drop down menu, based on either Male, or Female.