The Ultimate Guide to Setup Twitch TTS (Text to Speech)

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March 28, 2023 10 min read
The Ultimate Guide to Setup Twitch TTS (Text to Speech)

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Millions of content creators use Twitch to interact with their followers creatively. Once you get live, the audience can send you messages through the chat feature. You can reply to them using your voice. 

But if you want the audience to use their voice to engage, you must enable Twitch TTS. There are specific steps to set it up. After the successful setup, the viewers can write down their text to convert it into audio notes. That is how you can listen to their voice and follow up accordingly. 

Text-to-speech in Twitch has helped many content creators make their live streams more engaging and exciting. They also gained many followers because of this. Apart from that, it also improves the chances of getting donations. That is why every content creator wishes to enable this feature for better interaction with their audience. No worries! We have discussed every step in this comprehensive guide. 

The entire process of setting up Twitch TTS seems a bit complex to beginners. But in fact, it is straightforward. 

What Is Twitch?

Twitch is a well-known live streaming platform through which content creators stream various content. It can be gaming or related to art, cooking, music, or talk shows. The audience can choose the content they like to watch and interact with the creators using chat or TTS. 

Twitch provides various advanced features to the creators to boost their growth. The text-to-speech technology is the most significant one that helps achieve the same. As people can engage with voice notes, there is a high possibility that they might give donations to the creators they love. 

But there is one thing you should know. This platform doesn’t allow TTS unless you enable it. There are plentiful methods to set it up, and all of them are easy to comprehend for newbies. You might see the growth results after a few days of successful Twitch TTS setup. 

Many people seem confused about whether they should enable text-to-speech on Twitch. If you are also in a dilemma, you must know that it always gives positive results. Twitch TTS allows the audience to convert their text to voice within seconds. This way, the creator can quickly respond to their questions or any other statement. With this, the interaction between both parties improves, leading to better growth. So, it might also help you grow your audience and increase profits.

As discussed above, setting up text-to-speech in Twitch is straightforward. You can accomplish it in a few steps. Let’s now discuss them in brief. 

What Are The Steps To Set Up Twitch TTS?

Twitch text-to-speech technology is well-known for various reasons. It allows both viewers and creators to create a strong interaction. This strong interaction helps creators to boost their channel and profits. On the contrary, the audience feels satisfied after getting their question answered by their favorite creators. 

To set up Twitch TTS, you must have a text-to-speech tool extension. The process is impossible without it because the platform doesn’t have an in-built feature. You can use any TTS software, depending on your requirements. Some of the most popular ones are Streamlabs OBS, Nightbot, SpeechChat, Deepbots, and StreamElements. All these work well with Twitch. 

Here, we will discuss the steps regarding Streamlabs OBS, StreamElements, and SpeechChat.

Set Up Twitch TTS Using Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs is one of the best text-to-speech extensions for enabling Twitch TTS. It is beginner-friendly, as all the steps are easy to comprehend. Moreover, it offers all the required features for an enhanced TTS experience. They are as follows-

  • Get the extension: On, the company’s official website, you can look up Streamlabs OBS. It may be downloaded and installed on a PC or laptop.  
  • Open your Twitch account and log in: If you don’t have one, you can create one. You can directly login if you have previously. 
  • Search Alert Box option: The next step is to search for the “Alert Box” option. You can find it after clicking on “Themes.”
  • Choose the type of alert: Once you open the Alert Box, you might get different alert types. These include donations, bits, subscribers, etc. You can select anyone that suits your requirements well.  
  • Turn on text-to-speech: There is a separate option to allow TTS- “Open Text To Speech.” You can click on it to proceed to the following step. 
  • Make necessary adjustments: Many content creators prefer adjusting the converted version. You can customize the final audio, like volume, language, AI voice, safety and security, etc. 
  • Copy the URL: The last step is to copy the Twitch widget URL and paste it into the Streamlabs software. Now, you can listen to the chats of the viewers from your livestream. If you have set up some other notification alerts, you might also listen to them. 

That’s all, you aren’t required to do anything additional. Your Twitch TTS will work once you complete all the steps. Never be afraid to seek online guidance from experts if you are having problems. There are online forums where you can find every solution. 

Set Up Twitch TTS Using StreamElements

Another significant text-to-speech tool for Twitch TTS is StreamElements. This tool is well-known for its high-quality text-to-audio conversion. Plus, connecting it with Twitch can offer you many advanced options. Here are the steps to follow-

  • Download the StreamElements software: The first step is downloading the StreamElements application. You can find the extension on their website. 
  • Create your account: You can sign up on the StreamElements software by adding a few details. It hardly takes a minute. 
  • Search for My Overlays option: Now navigate to the “Streaming Tools” menu and look for the “My Overlays” option. Click it to go to the next stage. 
  • Set up the alerts: You can edit the alerts from “Alert Overlay” by clicking “Edit.” Now, you can select the alerts you wish to receive during the livestream. Some popular ones are subs, tips, and cheers. 
  • Enable Text-to-speech: After setting up the alerts, you can scroll down to “TTS Settings.” You can enable text-to-speech here. 
  • Adjust according to your needs: StreamElements also offers diverse audio adjustment options. These include reducing or increasing the volume, choosing the preferable language, using the correct sound, etc. You can use whatever works best for you. 
  • Copy the URL: The last step is to copy the URL. You can paste it on Twitch to finish the process. 

Setting up Twitch TTS with StreamElements is the best way to make your streaming much more fun. As you know, the process doesn’t involve complexities. So you can choose this software without any hesitancy.

Set Up Twitch TTS Using SpeechChat

SpeechChat has become widely popular these days. One of the reasons is that it supports Twitch TTS. With SpeechChat, you can use AI-generated realistic voices for text-to-speech. And you don’t have to pay a single penny to access these features.  Gamers who livestream use speech the most because it eradicates disruptions. You can set up Twitch TTS by using SpeechChat by following these steps-

  • Open the SpeechChat website: Go to the SpeechChat website. You can discover all the features on the site itself.
  • Sign up: You can sign up on the SpeechChat site by entering your details. If you are already a user, you can easily proceed. 
  • Connect your Twitch account: This step is important as you have to integrate your Twitch account. Skipping this step can disrupt the entire process. You can easily find “Platforms” on the menu. From there, you can choose Twitch to connect to it. 
  • Enable text-to-speech: You can quickly enable Twitch TTS by clicking “Control Panel.” This option is available on the “SpeechChat” tab.   
  • Start your live streaming: Now, it is time to check whether Twitch TTS is working correctly. Go to your Twitch account and start live streaming. Then, you can test everything to your satisfaction. 

SpeechChat connection with Twitch is always flawless. The overall procedure is quick and designed for beginners. Well, this software beats many TTS tools. Still, you can make your decision wisely. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Twitch TTS? 

Text-to-speech Twitch is a technology that many people aren’t familiar with. Every content creator should know the benefits of using it to boost their growth. Here are some of the benefits of using this technology-

Create Interactive Livestreams

Content creators need to make their live streams interactive by using different methods. A perfect method to do this is by enabling the Text-to-speech option. Even though you have to use a third-party application, it is worth the endeavor. 

Twitch TTS makes the interaction between the streamer and the audience convenient. The streamer can focus on the content they are showing, and the audience can get the responses quickly. The emotional bond builds, leading to more interactive livestreams. Both parties feel satisfied once the stream is over. 

Improve Accessibility

Another benefit of using Twitch TTS is that it enhances accessibility. It is difficult for people with disabilities (such as dyslexia, visual impairment, etc.) to read the text. They therefore experience a sense of exclusion when viewing a live feed. Nevertheless, text-to-speech technology is now open to them. 

Once you enable Twitch TTS, people can easily send you voice messages through their system. This way, your livestream can become more accessible to everyone. The audience might also increase as they learn about text-to-speech integration.  

Apart from this, Twitch TTS allows non-native speakers to interact with the streamer. As you know, various text-to-speech platforms offer a variety of languages. People can use their preferred one and communicate with the content creator easily. More participation from the audience means more chances of donations. Therefore, Twitch TTS is a lot more beneficial than you think. 

Customization Options Are Available

Customizing audio in text-to-speech software is now possible. There are diverse AI voices on the software—streamers usually like natural-sounding AI voices to enhance their experience. You can also opt for this to enjoy a brilliant livestream. 

You can adjust the generated audio’s volume in addition to selecting the voice. Another thing you can change to suit your comfort level is speed. Certain text-to-speech software lets users customize the audio with different sound effects. By doing this, you can increase the viewers’ enjoyment of the livestream. They might even reward you with donations if they find your material to be amazing. 

The Takeaway

Twitch TTS is perfect for engaging the audience and getting enough donations on live streams. It is getting prominent as more people become aware of it. 

All things considered, Twitch TTS has a lot to offer content producers and their fans. If you also wish to achieve your growth goals, you should always set it up. Setting up Twitch TTS is also convenient and easy to understand. 

To finish the process, just adhere to the previously mentioned instructions. Make sure you thoroughly read and put them into practice. Thus, you can steer clear of errors.


Why Should You Set Up Twitch TTS? 

You should set up Twitch TTS because it provides many benefits to content creators. It may add excitement and interactivity to your live broadcasts. You can interact with people with disabilities as well, and you have the option to personalize the audio to your taste.

Does Enabling Twitch TTS Increase Donations?

Yes, enabling Twitch TTS increases donations. As you engage with a wider audience, you have adequate chances of attracting them. If they love your content, they will surely donate.

What Are The Best TTS Extensions For Twitch TTS?

The best TTS extensions for Twitch TTS are Streamlabs, Nightbot, Deepbots, SpeechChat, and StreamElements. You can pick one after matching your requirements.

Is Twitch TTS Free And Safe?

Yes, Twitch TTS is free and safe to use. There are outstanding settings for privacy and security.

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