iMovie Voiceover With Text to Speech Voices Learn how to add an iMovie voiceover.

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September 7, 2020 3 min read
iMovie Voiceover With Text to Speech Voices

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So you have created a video in iMovie but it doesn’t have a voice yet and you are looking for the easiest way to add a voiceover to iMovie without recording it yourself or paying hundreds of dollars to voice actors.

You’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we’ll show you how to create realistic voice-over audio from text using Text to Speech voices from Microsoft Azure, Amazon Polly and Google Wavenet and add it as a voice-over to your iMovie video.

1. Write down the voice-over content as text

Write text in any text editor

The first thing you need to is to write down the copy of the voice-over audio as text. That’s because we’ll be converting this text to audio using an AI voice. Just open any text editor and write down the text to convert to audio and play it in the video.

In this example I have written down the script in my Notes app.

2. Paste the text in’s Text-to-Audio editor Dashboard

Head over to’s Dashboard to convert your text into human-like speech.

Once you are in the dashboard, click on the “Create new audio” button and you’ll see 3 options to create audio. Select the “From Text” option to create audio from text.

You’ll now see a Text to Speech editor where you can paste in the text and convert it to voice-over audio which you can then download as an MP3 file.

Paste text in Text to Speech editor

3. Select an AI voice for your video

The first thing you’ll probably want to do after pasting the text is to select the perfect ai voice for your voiceover.

Here is a complete list of all the languages and voices you can choose from – Voices

4. Edit text and preview the audio

Use the ‘play icon’ on the left of any sentence to listen to it. If you wish to listen to the complete text, use the “Listen” button on the top bar.

Edit text and preview the audio

When you preview the audio, you might find something that needs editing. Here’s how you can edit the text to reflect the changes in the audio –

  1. Set custom pause durations on commas, periods, between paragraphs, etc to add the right pauses in the voiceover audio.
  2. Highlight words and set custom pronunciations – Maybe there’s a name or an abbreviation in the text that’s not being pronounced correctly in the audio. Simply highlight the word and add a way to pronounce it correctly.
  3. Change the tone of voice – If you wish to add a more dynamic tone to the voice or maybe you want to emphasize certain parts of the text then you can change the tone. You can also tweak the rate and pitch of the voice to whatever suits your needs.

5. Convert text to audio

Once you have finalized the audio, go ahead and convert it by clicking the Convert button on the top.

Once the audio is converted, it will be available as an MP3 file.

Go ahead and download the MP3 file.

6. Add voiceover to iMovie

Now simply import the audio file in iMovie and align it with the video. Make edits if needed, preview the video and finalize your video!

Importing mp3 in iMovie

There you go! You’ve just used some of the best Text to Speech voices to create and add a voice-over to iMovie videos without recording the audio yourself or hiring voice actors.

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