How To Upload Podcasts To Apple Broadcast to the world. A guide on how to upload podcasts to Apple.

By Hammad Syed in Voiceover

July 8, 2020 3 min read
How To Upload Podcasts To Apple

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Posting a podcast on iTunes is very straightforward. All you need to do is create an iTunes account, fill your podcast profile form and submit your RSS feed.

Here the exact steps in detail –

  1. Create an Apple iTunes account or if you already have one, just log in to Apple iTunes Connect. Once you log in, Apple will ask you for your RSS feed URL to submit your podcast.

2. Get your RSS feed URL by simply creating your podcast profile on You can even do this from any of the other podcast hosting services you might prefer.

A podcast profile is all the information about your podcast including name, description, category, cover image, etc. This information gets displayed in iTunes under which all your podcast episodes reside.

It’s a good idea to have your website link in the podcast profile so listeners of the podcast can visit your website.

3. Submit you RSS feed URL to iTunes and validate it.

Validation happens instantly and if there are any errors they will be shown to you.

4. Submit your podcast!

Once your RSS feed is validated you can then submit it for review. Be sure to scroll down and check the information about your episodes because this is the information that will be displayed to users on iTunes.

Once you’ve submitted your podcast Apple will review and make it live!

How iTunes knows about your podcast episodes

Apple reads the RSS URL that you submitted to know everything about your podcast and its episodes.

The RSS feed is simply a file that stores all the information about your audio files including Title, Description, Playing time, etc. in a structure that Apple and other podcasting platforms can read and understand.

When you add a new audio file (podcast episode) the RSS file gets updated (the podcast hosting service does this for you) and Apple (iTunes) then fetches the updates from the RSS file to make your new episode live.

When a user listens to your podcast, Apple fetches the audio file from where ever it’s being hosted and streams it to the user.

How to add a new podcast episode

If you are using to host your podcast then adding a new episode is easy peasy 🙂

  1. Just log in to the web dashboard and click the ‘Create New Audio’ button.

2. Select the option – Upload an Mp3 file

That’s it! Once you’ve uploaded the mp3 file of your podcast episode; will automatically add it to your RSS feed and soon it will be posted on iTunes as a new podcast episode.

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