Deepfake AI Voice : Top Software Recommendations Looking for the best deepfake AI voice generator for realistic voices? See our curated list

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March 28, 2023 10 min read
Deepfake AI Voice : Top Software Recommendations

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Have you always wanted to speak in someone else’s voice? Maybe sound like a celebrity or an influencer? Or sing exactly like your favorite artist? Well, now it is possible with the voice cloning technology. This technology is acquiring much attention because it is valuable in many ways. People use deep fake voices for podcasts, voiceovers, videos, audiobooks, and memes. This way, they enhance the overall quality of the content, resulting in more audience.

Earlier, the deep fake voice was just a concept. Now, it has become an integral part of content creation. That is why more and more deep fake ai voice generators are being created. These tools are brilliant in transforming your voice into someone else’s within a few seconds.

There is a diverse range of deep fake voice generators. But to find the best one, you will have to do some research. All your research will help you understand the features of every tool and how to best use them to your advantage. More importantly, it can show you the quality of the audio they produce, and which tool will work best for you. It is the most crucial thing to consider before choosing any tool.

Well, we can make your task of choosing slightly easier. Let’s talk about the most popular deep fake voice generators without wasting more time.

What Is a Deep Fake AI Voice Generator?

A deep fake voice generator is a tool that clones a voice with the help of artificial technology. The users have to provide an audio or a recording of the clone’s voice to produce similar results. It is always better to add more samples to have a brilliant outcome. You can then use the generated audio for various purposes. These include adding it to audiobooks, videos, presentations, memes, and more.

As mentioned before, there are plenty of options regarding these tools. You must consider researching in detail to find a suitable generator. Every voice cloning tool varies in features, quality, service, speed, and customer support. While some may be better than others, it is important to read customer reviews that might give you some insights into the quality of the tool. Also, don’t forget to make sure the tool meets your requirements.

While deep fake voice generators are valuable, many individuals misuse the technology for their benefit. It gives rise to innumerable fraudulent activities. As a direct result, the crime rate has increased significantly in the past few years. You need to be aware of these criminal activities and use the tools correctly, and not for illegal reasons. Otherwise, you will have to deal with severe consequences. Additionally, you should also keep the privacy settings up to the mark, so that nobody can misuse your data in the wrong manner.

What Are The Most Popular Deep Fake Voice Generators?

The reason behind a smooth tool experience is choosing the right option. A lot of times, people get confused during the process. Confusion is pretty common in this case. However, you can eliminate it by gathering relevant information about every option. Here, we have prepared a list of the most popular deep fake voice generators you can consider selecting.

Play AI is another impressive voice cloning tool that you can select. It is unique in many aspects. You can create voice clones for different types of content, be it podcasts, audiobooks, videos, presentations, etc. This tool always generates AI voices similar to the original ones, leaving no need to worry about the audio quality. offers brilliant audio editing features as well. You can even add background music to the deep fake voice. Other options include sound effects and pauses that you can customize according to your requirements. The outcome will be flawless once you properly use everything. Sign up for here

If we talk about its user interface, it is made for beginners. Everything is evident in the software. You can access and use as many features as you want. Another thing you might like about it is that it supports various languages, and accents. It allows users more freedom to create astonishing voice clones.

Choose any language from a wide variety of options The premium plans are pretty expensive 
It has a beginner-friendly and interactive user interface You might not like the limited AI voices  
The free version allows 2500 words every month 
Audio editing options like background music, sound effects, etc., are available 
The text-to-speech editor is also present 
All the AI voices are high-quality and premium 

Resemble AI

Resemble AI is a highly effective AI deep voice generator tool. The most unique thing is that you don’t have to submit loads of data for voice cloning. Only a five-minute audio is all you need to proceed further. Besides this, you can utilize your recordings to generate a similar AI. A recorder is available too for on-the-spot recording. It might help you save time and effort while making content, and you can boost your content creation with this software.

By using this brilliant software, you can edit the audio as per your requirements. Voice modulation, emotion control, sound effects, style control, etc., are some of the editing features. You can also select the language of your choice from the available ones. They are more than sixty. All these things make this tool more effective and efficient in voice cloning.

Resemble AI has a fantastic user-friendly interface that beginners can use without issues. You can easily understand how to create numerous deep fake voices with the mentioned features. The interface plays a crucial role in the overall experience. So you must consider getting enough information about it before making your decision.

Excellent user interface for beginnersThe free version only offers a two-minute audio 
Customizable options for generating deep fake voice 
Brilliant audio editing options like voice modulation, style control, sound effects, emotion control, and moreThe premium plan is expensive  
More than sixty diverse languages are available to use Voice cloning needs approval, and it creates problems 
It has both speech-to-speech and text-to-speech modes It is more suitable for businesses than for professionals 
Five minutes of data is enough for the AI to clone a voice 


Fakeyou Icon

FakeYou is one of the best voice cloning app. It offers sufficient features for high-quality output. You can create deep fake voices of politicians, cartoons, celebrities, influencers, etc. And all of them are pretty realistic that you won’t be disappointed.

FakeYou performs well even if you add a few seconds of audio data because it has a powerful AI. After generating the audio, you can also customize the same with suitable options. The most significant ones are the type of voice and audio speed. That is why many content creators select it over other voice cloning tools.

Different processing options are available like text-to-speech, voice-to-voice, upload the file, and lip syncIf you want more languages, you must opt for another software
You can quickly clone audio of politicians, celebrities, cartoon characters, etc., along with yoursThere is a lack of advanced features 
It offers impressive audio customization options The final audio might not be as high-quality as you expect 
It is entirely free of cost Additional services are missing
You can download the final audio and share them 


The next fantastic AI voice cloning tool is Lovo. It offers exciting features with high-quality deep fake voice creation. You might be stunned by the results as they always turn out to be outstanding.

Lovo claims their AI generator can create hyper realistic voices, which is true. The advanced features available to users can assist in enhancing the final audio. These include numerous language support, play or pause, pronunciation editors, audio speed control, and various AI natural-sounding voices. You can use whatever you like to make the best out of it.

This text-to-speech software is also well-known for its highly interactive user interface. The users never experience any issues or problems while using it. Moreover, the unique options make everything ideal for beginners. That is why it is a must-try for audio enthusiasts or content creators.

Not every deep fake voice tool provides flawless results. However, when it comes to Lovo, you won’t regret using it. The creators did an excellent job integrating the right technology into the software.

You can get a high-quality cloned voice from this tool You cannot download the audio file in a free version
Numerous languages allow users to choose their preferred oneThe free version doesn’t offer enough features 
The tool is highly effective and efficient 
Customizable options are available for the users 
The user interface is built according to beginners’ needs 


Do you want every audio feature in just one tool? Then, Descript is the right option for you. It provides everything, including voice cloning, podcast editing, speech-to-speech, audio editing, screen recording, and more.

Descript is perfect at voice cloning because of its advanced AI technology. There won’t be any problems or hindrances as it is highly efficient at doing this work. All you have to do is submit the audio data you wish to clone. You can use professional features to improve the quality of the generated audio.

Exciting audio editing options for better results The premium plans might not suit your budget as they are pretty expensive 
Professional features to save time and effort You can only access limited overdub words 
Fast and effective voice cloning technology improves the overall user experience 
The free version is also available with considerable features if you don’t have sufficient budget 
The interface is straightforward to understand for beginners 

The Takeaway

In this digital age, people want to consume the best content. It is only possible when creators use the latest technology and make it accessible to everyone. Deep fake voice generators are beneficial for different purposes, especially content creation. That is why you should consider using them.

Selecting a suitable deep fake voice tool is overwhelming, as various options exist. But you can analyze their pros and cons, compare them, and identify your needs to pick the best one. We hope the above information helped you in some ways.


What Are The Benefits Of Using Deep Fake Voice Generators?

The benefits of using deep fake voice generators are numerous. You can clone your or anyone’s voice in seconds. Additionally, you can edit these audios to add to your digital content. It saves a lot of time and effort.

Are Deep Fake Voice Generators Free Or Paid?

Deep fake voice generators can either be paid or free. Some voice cloning tools also offer both versions. You can select according to your budget.

How To Clone Your Voice Using AI Software?

You can clone your voice using AI software in simple steps. Whatever tool you have chosen, you can follow its instructions. The only thing you require is the audio data that you wish to clone.

Is Using Deep Fake Voices Illegal?

Yes, using deep fake voices is illegal if you haven’t taken the creator’s consent. So, before using anyone’s voice for your content, get their permission.

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