Custom Pronunciation, Now with!

By Hammad Syed in Info

November 30, 2020 3 min read
Custom Pronunciation, Now with!

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The world we live in is huge, consisting of over 190+ countries, and over 7.8 billion people. It’s a fact that not all of them speak the same language, and each of them have a different pronunciation.

In a world where new words are coined every single day, and where most of us get our knowledge from Urban Dictionary, it’s natural to have the need for custom pronunciation, especially when you’re looking to convert your text to speech online.

Take the word “GIF” for example. It’s been a debate for CENTURIES, just kidding, but you get the gist wink wink.

We at understand your pain, which made our developers add this special something for you. A new addition, a new feature! 

Introducing Custom Pronunciations, with Text-to-Speech.

How it Works

If you’ve logged in within the last week, you must have noticed something new!

That’s right, it’s the Pronunciations feature. 

On popular demand, we’ve added this to your dashboards with our weekly updates

You’ve already used custom pronunciations in your text-to-speech editor before, so this should be easy.

Say a big NO to typing in your custom pronunciations for the same word again and again, and embrace your new friendly neighborhood tab, on your dashboard — Pronunciations.

All this new feature does is — saves your words (words with custom pronunciation) on the database, which makes it easier for you, the next time you use them.

Still hard to understand? Well, no worries! We’re here to show you.

Here’s a simple step-by-step explanation on how to do it!

How to add your Custom Pronunciation

  • Head over to your dashboard, and click on the Pronunciations tab.
  • In your Pronunciations window, click on Add pronunciation to add your word.
  • Finally, add your Word, and it’s pronunciation beside it, then click on Save.

Once done, your new word, with it’s custom pronunciation will be added to the database for your future use, and it’ll look something like this.

Note : If you wish to remove a word from the database, simply click on the “minus(-) sign“, and hit save again.

You’re all set!

Now, go back to your text-to-speech editor, where you’ve typed your content with the word, and try playing it.

Tadddaaaaa! There you have it! Easy peasy lemon squeezy! And so much more efficient than before! 

Gone are the days where you had to tirelessly change the pronunciation of one word everywhere in the editor. What’s worse? You had to repeat it all over again, when you changed the voice you wished to use. 

Best part? Now, you can change the text to speech voice as many times as you like, but the pronunciation? IT NEVER CHANGES!! 

We hope you like our latest update, and it’s made your text-to-speech experience, a little simpler and more exciting.

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Hammad Syed

Hammad Syed

Hammad Syed holds a Bachelor of Engineering - BE, Electrical, Electronics and Communications and is one of the leading voices in the AI voice revolution. He is the co-founder and CEO of PlayHT, now known as PlayAI.

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