Best CBSI Holdings Alternatives I compiled a list of the best CBSI Holdings alternatives and reviewed features, pricing, and more

By Hammad Syed in Agents

June 27, 2024
Best CBSI Holdings Alternatives

Conversational Voice AI, trained to speak your business.

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Play AI is the best alternative to CBSI Holdings

We compared features, pricing, ease of building, training, and quality of the AI agents. Play AI is by far the best alternative to CBSI Holdings.

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  • Most popular use case: Customer Support
  • Top feature: 24/7 Live Answering
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  • Play AI has 10 voice products
  • Most popular use case: AI Agents
  • Top feature: Conversational Voices
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About CBSI Holdings

As part of the FirstMeridian Group, established by world-renowned investors, their mission is to create a premier HR platform that offers comprehensive human resources solutions and transforms people processes.

CBSI Holdings Snapshot

Founded 1972
CEO Lou Suter

Top CBSI Holdings Features

  • 24/7 Live Answering: CBSI provides round-the-clock answering services, ensuring that businesses never miss a call and can provide continuous support to their clients.
  • Virtual Receptionist Services: CBSI offers virtual receptionist services that include call patching, message taking, and providing basic customer service or help desk support. This service is designed to handle routine inquiries efficiently and professionally.
  • Order Taking: The service includes order-taking capabilities, making it easier for businesses to process customer orders over the phone, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
  • Customizable Call Handling: Businesses can customize how calls are answered and handled, including scripting and call routing, to ensure that every interaction aligns with their specific needs and standards.
  • Affordable Pricing: CBSI offers competitive pricing starting at $35/month for 30 minutes of on-phone time, making their services accessible to small businesses and startups.
  • Highly-Trained Operators: The operators at CBSI are highly trained to provide excellent customer service, ensuring that every call is handled with professionalism and care.
  • Veteran-Owned Business:: CBSI is a veteran-owned, American-operated business, which emphasizes its commitment to quality and reliability.

Top CBSI Holdings Use Cases

  • Customer Support: Businesses can utilize CBSI's 24/7 live answering services to provide continuous customer support. This ensures that customer inquiries are addressed promptly, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Virtual Receptionist: CBSI acts as a virtual receptionist for businesses, handling incoming calls, taking messages, and providing basic information to callers. This is particularly useful for small businesses that cannot afford a full-time receptionist but still need professional call handling.
  • Order Taking and Processing: Retailers and e-commerce businesses can benefit from CBSI's order-taking services. This allows customers to place orders over the phone, ensuring that sales opportunities are not missed even when online systems are down.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Medical practices, salons, and other appointment-based businesses can use CBSI to manage their appointment scheduling. This helps in reducing no-shows and ensuring that appointment slots are efficiently utilized.
  • Lead Capture and Qualification: CBSI helps businesses capture and qualify leads through initial phone interactions. This is crucial for sales teams to follow up on high-quality leads and improve conversion rates.
  • Overflow Call Handling: During peak times or when in-house staff are unavailable, CBSI can handle the overflow call volume. This ensures that no calls are missed, and customer service standards are maintained even during busy periods.
  • Emergency Response Handling: For businesses in industries like healthcare or utilities, CBSI provides emergency response handling, ensuring that urgent calls are prioritized and managed effectively.
  • After-Hours Support:: Businesses that need to provide support outside regular business hours can rely on CBSI to handle after-hours calls, ensuring that customers always have access to assistance when needed.
  • Bilingual Support: CBSI offers bilingual answering services, catering to businesses with a diverse customer base. This ensures that non-English speaking customers receive the same level of service and support.

Best CBSI Holdings Alternatives

#1 Alternative

Play AI

Play AI is the leader in AI Agents. Automate your business with AI Agents that can even take actions.

Founded in 2016

When you review all features, pricing, and user reviews, Play AI is the best alternative to CBSI Holdings. Try Play AI for free today.

About Play AI

Play AI is one of the best AI Agent platforms in the market. Play AI was recently launched and sits on top of the years of industry leadership from Play HT. Play, as it is now being branded as, pioneered conversational AI.

AI Agents was naturally the next step in its progression to lead the new era of AI agents. The Play mission is to democratize the creation of engaging conversational AI and voice experiences, ensuring that every business, developer, and hobbyist can easily access and utilize these advanced tools... Learn more about Play AI

Sample Play AI Agents

Play AI Pricing

Subscription plans range from $0 to $99

Play AI Top Features

  • Conversational Voices
  • Explainer Voice
  • Local Accents
  • Character Voices
  • Narrative Voices
  • Children Voices
  • Emotions
  • Training Voices

Top Play AI Use Cases

  • AI Agents
  • IVR Systems
  • Call Centers
  • Character Voice Generator

All Play AI Products

  • Ultra realistic AI voices
  • Premium AI Voices
  • Voice Cloning
  • Text to voice editor
  • Pronunciations and Phonetic
  • Audio Widgets
  • AI Podcasts
  • Team Access
  • Female AI Voice Generator Online
  • Male AI Voice Generator Online

Who Uses Play AI


Invicta AI

Invictoa AI is a comprehensive AI solution provider for businesses looking to integrate advanced AI technologies.

Founded in 2023

About Invicta AI

Invicta AI is a sophisticated AI platform that simplifies the creation and management of AI agents, making it easy for users to connect data sources, utilize ready-made templates, form AI teams, and automate a variety of tasks.

With Invicta AI, companies can effortlessly create marketing content that stays true to their brand, deliver AI-driven customer support, analyze documents for key insights, develop unique AI personas, and automate large-scale content creation... Learn more about Invicta AI

Invicta AI Pricing

Subscription plans range from $0 to $297

Invicta AI Top Features

  • AI Autopilot and Customization
  • Embeddings and Widgets
  • CSV Uploads and Cloning
  • Seamless Integration
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Invicta AI Pro Subscription

Top Invicta AI Use Cases

  • AI Customer Support Rep
  • AI Back-office Operations Manager
  • AI BDR

All Invicta AI Products

  • Ai Agent

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VoiceNation offers 24/7 live answering, emergency dispatching, and after-hours responses among other features, ensuring seamless communication for businesses.

Founded in 2002

About VoiceNation

VoiceNation stands out as a premier provider of virtual receptionist services, delivering 24/7 live answering, emergency dispatching, after-hours support, and more... Learn more about VoiceNation

Sample VoiceNation Agents

VoiceNation Pricing

Subscription plans range from $0 to $925

VoiceNation Top Features

  • 24/7 Answering Service
  • Bilingual Answering
  • Custom Call Handling
  • Instant Message Delivery
  • CRM Integration and Appointment Scheduling
  • Order Processing

Top VoiceNation Use Cases

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Lead Capture and Qualification
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Order Processing
  • Bilingual Support
  • Event Registration and Management

All VoiceNation Products

  • AI Agent

Who Uses VoiceNation


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Voiceflow is a collaborative platform for designing, prototyping, and launching voice and chat applications.

Founded in 2019

About Voiceflow

Voiceflow is a comprehensive platform designed for teams to create, develop, and launch chat and voice AI experiences at scale. This tool streamlines the integration of sophisticated conversational interfaces across various channels, making it an essential asset for any team looking to enhance their communication capabilities.

With its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, Voiceflow allows even those without technical expertise to design and manage AI-driven interactions. Team members can collaborate in real time, no matter their location, to craft seamless AI agents capable of automating customer service, driving interactive media projects, and supporting e-commerce transactions... Learn more about Voiceflow

Voiceflow Pricing

Subscription plans range from $0 to $625

Voiceflow Top Features

  • Collaborative Design Platform
  • Flexible Workflow Builder
  • Advanced Integration Capabilities
  • Multimodal Support
  • Scalable Knowledge Base
  • High-Fidelity Prototyping and Testing
  • Customizable with Code

Top Voiceflow Use Cases

  • Customer Support Automatio
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems
  • Voice-Enabled Applications
  • Healthcare Applications
  • Educational Tools
  • E-commerce Integrations
  • Personal Assistants

All Voiceflow Products

  • Ai Agent

Who Uses Voiceflow


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Fini AI


Fini AI is an AI platform focused on financial analysis and decision-making support for businesses.

Founded in 2022

About Fini AI

Fini AI revolutionizes customer support by deploying a sophisticated AI agent capable of resolving 70% of customer inquiries. This boosts efficiency, reduces costs, and enhances customer satisfaction. Fully integrated with your company’s private data, the AI agent operates around the clock, efficiently managing queries on platforms like Zendesk, Slack, and Discord.

You can tailor every aspect of your AI agent with Fini AI, from its tone and personality to the specific questions it can answer. This level of customization ensures that your AI agent not only fits seamlessly with your brand but also addresses your customer service needs effectively... Learn more about Fini AI

Fini AI Top Features

  • Configure Tones and Pronunciations
  • Seamless Human Routing
  • Multi-channel Approach
  • Learning with Feedback

Top Fini AI Use Cases

  • E-Commerce
  • Fintech

All Fini AI Products

  • Ai Agent

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Godmode is a powerful AI tool designed to enhance productivity and efficiency through intelligent automation.

Founded in 2023

About Godmode

Godmode is a web platform that taps into the automation capabilities of AutoGPT and BabyAGI, designed to make sophisticated AI technologies accessible to a wide audience. As these AI agents are in the early stages, they quickly adapt and evolve, promising more advanced features and broader applicability over time. Godmode supports GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, allowing users to leverage some of the most advanced AI models available today.

This platform enables users to automate tasks, generate dynamic content, and develop complex algorithms without requiring deep technical expertise. The interface is straightforward, catering to both beginners and experienced users. By offering tools that simplify the integration of AI into everyday tasks, Godmode provides practical solutions that save time and enhance productivity... Learn more about Godmode

Godmode Top Features

  • Autonomous Task Completion
  • Advanced Research and Analysis
  • Creative and Design Assistance
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Interaction
  • Scalability and Continuous Learning
  • Versatility Across Various Industries

Top Godmode Use Cases

  • Automated Research and Analysis
  • Creative Content Generation
  • Complex Task Automation
  • Customer Service and Engagement
  • Healthcare Applications
  • Finance and Investment Analysis
  • Educational Tools

All Godmode Products

  • Ai Agent

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AimeReception is a Multimodal AI-powered virtual receptionist that automates various reception tasks using advanced computer vision, natural language processing, speech processing, and data mining technologies.

Founded in 2013

About AimeReception

AimeReception is a virtual receptionist software based on Multimodal AI, enabling the creation of virtual characters (avatars) that can see, listen, understand, and talk with users. This advanced technology builds virtual humans to automate various tasks at reception desks, such as welcoming visitors, providing meeting room guidance, and floor information. It also remembers customer faces and automatically directs them to the correct meeting rooms, acting as a virtual office staff to streamline daily reception tasks.

AimeReception offers a range of features, including welcoming visitors, introducing company information, connecting to administrators when needed, allowing customers to book appointments directly, checking time attendance through facial recognition, performing customer data statistics, recording reception areas, integrating third-party services, and continuously updating its knowledge to enhance intelligence... Learn more about AimeReception

Sample AimeReception Agents

AimeReception Top Features

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Human-Like Interactions
  • Comprehensive Task Automation
  • Facial Recognition
  • Voice User Interface
  • Meeting Room Integration
  • Multilingual Support
  • Customizable Workflows
  • Automatic Door Control
  • Data Analytics and Reporting

Top AimeReception Use Cases

  • Customer Service
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Technical Support
  • Sales and Lead Qualification
  • Event Registration and Management
  • Multilingual Customer Support
  • Healthcare Patient Interaction
  • E-commerce Customer Interaction

All AimeReception Products

  • AimeTalk
  • AimeReception
  • AimeHotel
  • AimeMasking
  • Aime AIShop
  • AimeGPT

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Baby AGI

Baby AGI is a streamlined AI solution aimed at small businesses and startups for automating routine tasks.

Founded in April, 2023

About Baby AGI

BabyAGI is an AI-powered task management system that enhances project management and productivity using OpenAI and Pinecone APIs. Designed for seamless integration into various industries, BabyAGI streamlines the creation, prioritization, and execution of tasks, ensuring smooth project operations whether you’re handling complex workflows or daily activities.

The platform uses intelligent algorithms to sort tasks by urgency and relevance. For example, if a critical client request arrives amidst routine checks, BabyAGI promptly reorders the task list to focus on pressing matters. This dynamic prioritization not only saves valuable time but also keeps key projects in the foreground... Learn more about Baby AGI

Baby AGI Top Features

  • Task Automation
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Integration with AI Technologies
  • Customization and Extension
  • Open Source and Community-Driven

Top Baby AGI Use Cases

  • Automated Task Management
  • Research Assistance
  • Customizable Interaction
  • Integration with AI Models
  • Educational Tool

All Baby AGI Products

  • Ai Agent

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4.9’s medical voice assistants provide patients with a variety of automated self-service options when contacting healthcare providers.

Founded in 2018

About Talkie.AI’s medical voice assistants provide patients with a variety of automated self-service options when contacting healthcare providers.

Are patients tired of waiting on hold or leaving voicemails to communicate with their preferred healthcare provider? They can now say goodbye to traditional methods and welcome the future of patient interaction with the AI Voice Intelligent Intake system... Learn more about Talkie.AI

Sample Talkie.AI Agents

Talkie.AI Top Features

  • 24/7 Call Automation
  • Intelligent Front Door and Call Steering
  • Personalized Patient Interactions
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Automated Data Collection
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance
  • Customizable Solutions
  • Patient Engagement and Retention

Top Talkie.AI Use Cases

  • Appointment Scheduling and Management
  • Prescription Refill Requests
  • Answering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Patient Data Collection and Intake
  • Intelligent Call Routing
  • Automated Appointment Reminders and Follow-Ups
  • Patient Engagement and Activation
  • Multilingual Support for Diverse Patient Populations

All Talkie.AI Products

  • AI Agent

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DialogFlow is Google's natural language understanding tool used for building conversational interfaces such as chatbots.

Founded in October, 2017

About DialogFlow

DialogFlow, developed by Google, is designed to enhance natural language processing, making it easy to add conversational user interfaces to mobile apps, websites, devices, bots, and interactive voice response systems.

The platform is available in two versions: DialogFlow CX for complex, large-scale enterprise solutions, and DialogFlow ES for straightforward, everyday conversational applications. This allows users to choose the edition that best fits their project’s needs in terms of complexity and scale... Learn more about DialogFlow

DialogFlow Top Features

  • Generative AI agent
  • Visual Flow Builder
  • Omnichannel Implementation
  • State-based Data Models
  • End-to-End Management

Top DialogFlow Use Cases

  • Voicebots for customer service
  • Chatbots for B2C conversations

All DialogFlow Products

  • Ai Agent

Who Uses DialogFlow


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Bland is an advanced platform for AI phone calling. Easily send or receive phone calls with a programmable voice agent.

Founded in 2023

About Bland.AI

Bland is an AI phone calling platform that leverages its API to seamlessly send and receive phone calls using a programmable voice agent.

With less than 10 lines of code, users can send their first phone call using the advanced features provided by Bland. The system includes live call transfers, allowing calls to be transferred to a human when predefined conditions are met. Through live context integration, APIs can inject real-time data into phone calls, enhancing the interaction. Users can select from a library of human-like voices or create a voice clone for more personalized communication... Learn more about Bland.AI

Sample Bland.AI Agents

Bland.AI Top Features

  • Sub-Second Latency
  • Human-Like Voice
  • Live Call Transfers
  • Context Awareness
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Scalability and Performance
  • Personalization Options
  • Real-Time Data Injection

Top Bland.AI Use Cases

  • Customer Support
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Lead Qualification and Sales
  • Order Processing and Tracking
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Replacement
  • Survey and Feedback Collection
  • Emergency Notifications and Alerts

All Bland.AI Products

  • AI Agent

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