Best Bland.AI Alternatives I compiled a list of the best Bland.AI alternatives and reviewed features, pricing, and more

By Hammad Syed in Agents

July 2, 2024
Best Bland.AI Alternatives

Conversational Voice AI, trained to speak your business.

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Play AI is the best alternative to Bland.AI

We compared features, pricing, ease of building, training, and quality of the AI agents. Play AI is by far the best alternative to Bland.AI.


  • Bland.AI has 1 voice products
  • Most popular use case: Customer Support
  • Top feature: Sub-Second Latency
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  • Play AI has 10 voice products
  • Most popular use case: AI Agents
  • Top feature: Conversational Voices
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About Bland.AI


Bland is an AI phone calling platform that leverages its API to seamlessly send and receive phone calls using a programmable voice agent.

With less than 10 lines of code, users can send their first phone call using the advanced features provided by Bland. The system includes live call transfers, allowing calls to be transferred to a human when predefined conditions are met. Through live context integration, APIs can inject real-time data into phone calls, enhancing the interaction. Users can select from a library of human-like voices or create a voice clone for more personalized communication.

Bland offers enterprise-grade capabilities for scaling, including fine-tuning features that train an AI phone agent on existing calls to improve performance and build guardrails against hallucination. Custom tools enable the phone agent to access external APIs during calls, allowing access to customer records, knowledge bases, and performing actions like scheduling appointments. Dedicated infrastructure ensures reliability by partitioning an enterprise’s infrastructure from the general API, even during high-volume moments.

Bland maintains high standards with features such as call monitoring, prompt filtering, rate limits for scaling, and periodic audits to ensure trust and safety. They actively restrict the calls they support to ensure their AI phone call technology continues to benefit consumers, businesses, and society as a whole.

Bland.AI Snapshot

Founded 2023
CEO Brian Bell

Top Bland.AI Features

  • Sub-Second Latency: ensures extremely fast response times with sub-second latency, making interactions with the AI feel natural and immediate, matching human speed and quality​
  • Human-Like Voice: Utilizing advanced natural language processing (NLP) and text-to-speech technologies, produces voices that mimic real human speech patterns and intonations, creating an authentic and seamless conversational experience​
  • Live Call Transfers: The system supports live call transfers to human agents whenever necessary, ensuring that complex or multilingual queries are handled efficiently without any interruptions​
  • Context Awareness:’s voice assistants can gather and utilize information from previous interactions, providing personalized and contextually relevant responses. This enhances the customer experience by making conversations more tailored and effective​
  • Integration Capabilities: The platform can easily integrate with various CRM systems, such as Salesforce and HubSpot, and other tools through its open API and Zapier integration. This enables businesses to streamline operations and automate tasks effortlessly
  • Scalability and Performance: is designed to handle high volumes of calls without compromising on performance. It scales efficiently to meet the demands of growing businesses, ensuring that customer service remains uninterrupted and effective even during peak times
  • Personalization Options: Businesses can create custom voice clones and set up tailored call routing based on customer characteristics or previous interactions. This level of personalization ensures that each customer interaction feels unique and customized​
  • Real-Time Data Injection: The platform allows for live data injection during calls, enabling the AI to provide real-time, accurate information based on specific customer data, thereby enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of each interaction

Top Bland.AI Use Cases

  • Customer Support: Handling high volumes of customer inquiries and support requests can be challenging and resource-intensive.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Businesses need an efficient way to manage appointment bookings, cancellations, and rescheduling.
  • Lead Qualification and Sales: Sales teams require a streamlined process to qualify leads and follow up on sales inquiries.
  • Order Processing and Tracking: Customers frequently inquire about order status, shipping details, and returns.
  • Multi-Language Support: Businesses serving a diverse customer base need to handle inquiries in multiple languages.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Replacement: Traditional IVR systems can be frustrating for customers due to rigid menus and long wait times.
  • Survey and Feedback Collection: Gathering customer feedback and conducting surveys can be time-consuming.
  • Emergency Notifications and Alerts: Timely dissemination of critical information during emergencies is crucial for businesses.

Best Bland.AI Alternatives

#1 Alternative

Play AI

Play AI is the leader in AI Agents. Automate your business with AI Agents that can even take actions.

Founded in 2016

When you review all features, pricing, and user reviews, Play AI is the best alternative to Bland.AI. Try Play AI for free today.

About Play AI

Play AI is one of the best AI Agent platforms in the market. Play AI was recently launched and sits on top of the years of industry leadership from Play HT. Play, as it is now being branded as, pioneered conversational AI.

AI Agents was naturally the next step in its progression to lead the new era of AI agents. The Play mission is to democratize the creation of engaging conversational AI and voice experiences, ensuring that every business, developer, and hobbyist can easily access and utilize these advanced tools... Learn more about Play AI

Sample Play AI Agents

Play AI Pricing

Subscription plans range from $0 to $99

Play AI Top Features

  • Conversational Voices
  • Explainer Voice
  • Local Accents
  • Character Voices
  • Narrative Voices
  • Children Voices
  • Emotions
  • Training Voices

Top Play AI Use Cases

  • AI Agents
  • IVR Systems
  • Call Centers
  • Character Voice Generator

All Play AI Products

  • Ultra realistic AI voices
  • Premium AI Voices
  • Voice Cloning
  • Text to voice editor
  • Pronunciations and Phonetic
  • Audio Widgets
  • AI Podcasts
  • Team Access
  • Female AI Voice Generator Online
  • Male AI Voice Generator Online

Who Uses Play AI



Ruby virtual receptionists offers human-driven virtual receptionist and live chat services, providing small businesses across the US with the tools to excel in every interaction.

Founded in 2003

About Ruby

Every interaction presents an opportunity to excel. Seize these moments with Ruby’s human-centric virtual receptionist and live chat services, trusted by small businesses across the US.

Maximize your customer engagement opportunities with Ruby’s trusted support solutions... Learn more about Ruby

Sample Ruby Agents

Ruby Pricing

Subscription plans range from $1 to $680

Ruby Top Features

  • 24/7 Live Answering
  • Bilingual Services
  • Customizable Call Handling
  • Integrated Live Chat
  • Robocall Filtering
  • Mobile App
  • HIPAA Compliance

Top Ruby Use Cases

  • Small Business Support
  • Legal Firms
  • Healthcare Services
  • Real Estate
  • Lead Capture and Qualification
  • Appointment Scheduling and Management
  • Outbound Calling and Customer Follow-Up

All Ruby Products

  • AI Agent

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DialZara automates inbound phone calls with lifelike AI, answering calls 24/7, delivering instant summaries, and integrating with over 6000 applications through Zapier for powerful post-call workflows.

About Dialzara

Dialzara’s AI phone answering service for businesses ensures that no call goes unanswered, with an AI receptionist that truly understands the business. Research shows that 60% of customers prefer to call local businesses after finding them online, yet 62% of these calls go unanswered, and only 20% of callers leave a voicemail, resulting in numerous lost opportunities for businesses.

Dialzara’s voice AI enables businesses to scale their phone intake processes cost-effectively, handling varying call volumes without the need for proportional increases in staff or resources. This technology ensures operational efficiency and cost savings while providing a superior client experience. The AI receptionist offers consistent, swift, and error-free interactions, personalizing responses based on client input to enhance trust and satisfaction levels... Learn more about Dialzara

Sample Dialzara Agents

Dialzara Pricing

Subscription plans range from $29 to $199

Dialzara Top Features

  • 24/7 Call Answering
  • Lifelike AI Voices
  • Instant Notifications
  • Powerful Integrations
  • Automated Message Taking
  • Call Screening and Routing
  • Appointment Booking
  • Scalability and Efficiency

Top Dialzara Use Cases

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Lead Qualification
  • Order Processing and Status Updates
  • Message Taking and Transcription
  • Seamless Call Routing
  • Customer Feedback Collection
  • Integration with Business Applications

All Dialzara Products

  • AI Agent

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Hyperbound is a simulated AI sales roleplay platform that converts ICP descriptions into interactive AI buyers in under 2 minutes, accelerating sales team onboarding by 50%.

Founded in 2023

About Hyperbound

Hyperbound is a simulated AI sales roleplay platform that transforms ICP descriptions into interactive AI buyers in under 2 minutes. It accelerates sales team onboarding by 50% and enhances conversions on cold, warm, and discovery calls... Learn more about Hyperbound

Sample Hyperbound Agents

Hyperbound Top Features

  • Realistic Buyer Personas
  • Comprehensive Role-Playing Scenarios
  • Dynamic Feedback and Coaching
  • Customization
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Scenario Builder
  • Scalability
  • Onboarding Acceleration

Top Hyperbound Use Cases

  • Sales Training and Upskilling
  • Onboarding New Sales Reps
  • Cold Calling Practice
  • Discovery Call Training
  • Handling Objections
  • Sales Coaching and Feedback
  • Performance Analytics
  • Custom Scenario Creation

All Hyperbound Products

  • Ai Agent

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Phonely.AI creates lifelike AI receptionists to enhance customer support, increase patient appointments, and eliminate hold times.

Founded in 2023

About Phonely.AI

Phonely’s mission is to build technology that enhances customer support, enables doctors to see more patients, and ensures that no one is ever put on hold again. They achieve this by developing lifelike AI receptionists that can answer phones, schedule appointments, and provide world-class support to your customers.

Phonely provides comprehensive call management solutions, ensuring businesses never miss a call and eliminate lost revenue. As an AI receptionist, Phonely answers phones like a human, without ever forgetting information, having a bad day, or needing sleep... Learn more about Phonely.AI

Sample Phonely.AI Agents

Phonely.AI Pricing

Subscription plans range from $0 to $499

Phonely.AI Top Features

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Human-Like Conversations
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Customizable Call Handling
  • Real-Time Integrations
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Cost-Effective
  • Automated Follow-Ups
  • Voice Customization

Top Phonely.AI Use Cases

  • 24/7 Call Answering for Dental Practices
  • Appointment Scheduling and Management
  • Patient Intake and Information Gathering
  • Automated Follow-Ups and Reminders
  • Emergency Call Handling
  • Cost-Effective Call Management
  • Multilingual Support
  • Integration with Practice Management Software
  • Data Security and Compliance
  • Personalized Patient Experience

All Phonely.AI Products

  • AI Answering Services

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Vocode is a development platform for building and deploying voice and conversational AI applications.

Founded in 2023

About Vocode

Vocode provides a comprehensive set of tools and frameworks that enable developers to build various voice-based applications using large language models (LLMs). With Vocode, you can create systems where LLMs manage phone calls, function as personal assistants, or participate in Zoom meetings.

Additionally, the platform allows for the development of voice-activated systems for smart homes, interactive customer support bots, and real-time language translation services. Vocode’s user-friendly interface simplifies the process of integrating and scaling these voice solutions to meet specific needs... Learn more about Vocode

Vocode Pricing

Subscription plans range from $0 to $25

Vocode Top Features

  • Real-Time Conversation Orchestration
  • Multilingual Capability
  • Customizable AI Agents
  • Ultra-Realistic Voices
  • Integration with Leading STT, TTS, and LLM Providers
  • Cross-Platform Support
  • Open Source Development
  • Comprehensive API and SDK Support

Top Vocode Use Cases

  • Automated Customer Support
  • Outbound Notification Calls
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems

All Vocode Products

  • Ai Agent

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AutoGPT is an AI automation tool that leverages GPT technology for business process optimization.

Founded in March, 2023

About AutoGPT AI

AutoGPT operates as an autonomous AI agent, efficiently handling tasks you delegate without requiring your direct involvement. This advanced technology offers the convenience of AI utilization, even for those without any programming skills. It’s designed to be user-friendly, providing a seamless way for users of all backgrounds to interact with and manage AI across various platforms and applications.

AutoGPT excels in automating routine tasks, processing data, and interacting with users through its natural language understanding capabilities. The system is intuitive, enabling easy setup and management to perform a broad array of functions—from sorting emails and scheduling appointments to generating detailed reports... Learn more about AutoGPT AI

AutoGPT AI Pricing

Subscription plans range from $6 to $60

AutoGPT AI Top Features

  • Data Integration
  • Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Autonomous Operation
  • Versatile Application
  • Customization and Scalability
  • SEO Optimization

Top AutoGPT AI Use Cases

  • Marketing Personalization
  • Content Generation
  • SEO Enhancement
  • Efficient Workflow
  • Dynamic Content Updates

All AutoGPT AI Products

  • Ai Agent

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E42 is an AI-driven enterprise automation platform that streamlines workflows and enhances productivity.

Founded in 2012

About E42

E42 is a leading global platform that harnesses AI and NLP technologies, enabling users to create no-code AI co-workers. These AI co-workers are designed to automate complex tasks across various business functions such as customer support, HR, and data management, improving efficiency and streamlining operations.

The platform’s intuitive no-code interface allows anyone within an organization to easily build and deploy AI co-workers, regardless of their technical background. Thanks to its advanced natural language processing capabilities, these AI agents can understand and respond to commands in everyday language, making them highly effective for tasks that require human-like interaction... Learn more about E42

Sample E42 Agents

E42 Top Features

  • Generative AI and Customization
  • Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)
  • Flexible Deployment Options
  • Cognitive Process Automation (CPA)
  • Security and Compliance
  • Continuous Learning and Adaptation

Top E42 Use Cases

  • Customer Service Automation
  • Human Resources and Talent Management
  • Fraud Detection in BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance)
  • Healthcare Assistance
  • Legal and Compliance Automation
  • Retail and E-commerce Optimization

All E42 Products

  • Ai Agent

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Loman AI

Loman AI is an AI phone agent and receptionist for restaurants that answers calls like a human. It takes orders, books reservations, & more, allowing staff to focus on other tasks.

Founded in 2011

About Loman AI

Loman AI ensures that restaurants never miss a call by providing an AI phone agent that handles all incoming calls, takes orders, answers questions, books reservations, and more. This advanced AI phone assistant functions as an efficient receptionist, seamlessly managing 100% of calls just like a human, but at a fraction of the cost. This allows restaurant staff to focus on other important tasks.

Loman AI serves as an always-on answering service for restaurants, efficiently taking phone orders. It is well-versed in the restaurant’s menu, capable of handling complex inquiries, and can seamlessly push orders to the point of sale system, allowing staff to concentrate on in-restaurant duties... Learn more about Loman AI

Sample Loman AI Agents

Loman AI Top Features

  • 24/7 Call Handling
  • Order Taking and Processing
  • Reservation Management
  • Menu Inquiries
  • Catering Requests
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Human-Like Interaction
  • Scalability

Top Loman AI Use Cases

  • Order Taking and Processing
  • Reservation Management
  • Menu Inquiries
  • Catering Requests
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Cost Reduction
  • Handling High Call Volumes
  • Improving Customer Experience

All Loman AI Products

  • AI Agent

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Sameday AI

An innovative solution for home service businesses that answers phone calls promptly and in a way that customers prefer.

Founded in 2021

About Sameday AI

Sameday AI is as effective as your best salesperson. It doesn’t merely respond to customers; like your top sales representative, Sameday AI identifies customer needs and provides tailored solutions that accommodate your schedule, connect with available technicians, and cater to the specific preferences of your service business.

Service businesses often pay four times more to generate leads compared to most other local businesses. To tackle this challenge, Sameday AI operates continuously, enabling the forwarding of overflow and after-hour calls directly to the AI, which can promptly address new customers’ questions and offer the earliest available appointment. Sameday AI never misses a call, never forgets to follow up, and always shows up for work... Learn more about Sameday AI

Sample Sameday AI Agents

Sameday AI Pricing

Subscription plans range from $0 to $559

Sameday AI Top Features

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Proactive Sales Automation
  • Integration with Existing Systems
  • High Scalability:
  • Improved Accuracy and Consistency
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Customizable AI
  • Security and Privacy

Top Sameday AI Use Cases

  • Handling After-Hours Calls
  • Managing High Call Volumes
  • Sales and Lead Conversion
  • Proactive Customer Follow-Ups
  • Integration with Existing Systems
  • Improving Customer Experience
  • Cost Reduction
  • Data-Driven Insights

All Sameday AI Products

  • AI Agent

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D-ID is an AI company specializing in generating synthetic media, including deepfake technology and animated avatars.

Founded in 2017

About D-ID

The Natural User Interface (NUI) by D-ID is designed to transform how we interact with the digital environment. This interface allows for direct communication with technology through intuitive, face-to-face conversations, eliminating the need for typing or clicking. NUI focuses on understanding and responding to user needs directly and efficiently, making digital interactions simpler and more natural.

The NUI platform utilizes advanced AI to interpret human expressions and verbal cues accurately, enabling responsive and relevant interactions as if you’re speaking to another human. This technology is particularly beneficial in sectors like healthcare, where patients can discuss symptoms with a virtual medical assistant, and in retail, where shoppers receive personalized advice from virtual shopping advisors... Learn more about D-ID

Sample D-ID Agents

D-ID Pricing

Subscription plans range from $0 to $198

D-ID Top Features

  • Personalized Videos
  • Fast & Cost-efficient
  • At the Touch of a Button
  • Scale from Anywhere
  • All in One Place
  • Instant Explainer Videos

Top D-ID Use Cases

  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Corporate Communications and Training
  • E-commerce
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Accessibility Across Languages

All D-ID Products

  • Creative Reality™ Studio
  • AI Agents
  • Mobile App
  • API
  • Chat.D-ID

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