The Best AI Voice Cloning Software Right Now! The best AI voice cloning software reviewed & ranked by price & features.

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March 28, 2023 8 min read
The Best AI Voice Cloning Software Right Now!

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Times have changed drastically due to advancements in technology. Artificial Intelligence is changing everything in a better way. You won’t believe it, but it is now possible to transform your voice into an AI voice. Well, it is all because of the creation of various AI voice cloning tools.

Voice cloning technology has now become popular because of many reasons. Almost all companies, organizations, and startups are adopting human-like voices in their apps. It further enhances the experience of the users. That is how they attract more customers within a short period.

AI Voice cloning tools are helpful when it comes to generating your AI voice. You can use it in presentations, podcasts, videos, etc., and that too pretty instantly. However, you might get confused while picking a particular software. Numerous options are available, all varying in features and quality.

Now, you don’t need to worry as we have prepared this article to discuss the best tools. You can make a detailed comparison and match your needs to select one. This way, it won’t be challenging to discover what suits your needs well.

Let’s dive right into the brilliant AI voice cloning tools to use this year.

What Is Voice Cloning Software?

Voice cloning tools use Artificial Intelligence to transform your human voice into a cloned voice. The primary purpose of doing this is that you can use your cloned voice for podcasts, videos, audiobooks, etc. This way, you can save time and effort as you don’t need to record everything yourself. The software will brilliantly do its job. You can enter the text or content you want to convert to speech. That’s it!

These tools differ in features and other areas. It is always better to check everything before making a suitable choice. You can make comparisons, match your needs, try out some features for quality checks, and more to make this task easier. Also, don’t forget to consider your budget because some of them are paid. 

Almost all voice software applications are excellent at cloning—however, some lack sound quality. You can try some free options to make the right choice.

What Are Best AI Voice Cloning Tools?

The list of the best voice cloning software includes many options. Every software has some good points and some bad points. After considering all these things, it won’t be that challenging to find a perfect one. Here are some of the brilliant tools you can use-

Play AI

If you are searching for a perfect voice cloning software, you can choose Well, this software is outstanding in every aspect. The most significant benefit of using it is less processing time. You can generate your cloning voice within a few hours. The quality remains as good as other tools. also provides an impressive text-to-speech editor. It produces numerous words in your AI voice in one go. After that, you can select and save the files for different purposes. API integration helps users to customize the files according to their needs. 

Exceptional voice quality with Play.htConsent recording required before receiving cloned voice
Easily change voice styles with built-in options
Unlimited text-to-speech capabilities

Murf AI

Murf AI Icon

One of the best AI voice cloning software is Murf AI. There are numerous reasons why people select this tool over others. This software has everything users require to transform their human voice into a digital one. Its AI system is considered to be highly powerful, and you can realize it after using it.

You can customize your AI voice by adding some effects, changing the speed, adjusting the pitch and tone, and more. These things allow the users to make necessary changes according to their preferences. That is how one can create high-quality audio instantly.

Another significant feature of Murf AI is the availability of more than twenty languages. These are readymade voices. You can choose the language from the list to add to anything. Moreover, this software also allows users to add the transformed voice to videos. Then, you can edit them with all the features available.

This software is effective at voice cloning because the quality is impressive. You won’t even feel that it is an AI-generated voice. So it is a pretty good option for you.


In-built editing tools for seamless speech generation
English language only for voice cloning
Human-like voices without any artificial quality
Lengthy processing time
Beginner-friendly interface for easy use
Enhanced data security measures for user privacy


Voice.AI is another amazing voice cloning software available. With this tool, you can do many more things regarding voice cloning. The most unique feature is that it includes many cloned voices of celebrities apart from generating your own AI voice. 

This tool is also well-known for its user interface. As a beginner, it is challenging to get used to a particular software. Fortunately,  you won’t face difficulties while using Voice.AI. You can learn the steps and get started with it. 

If we talk about sound quality, you won’t be disappointed. You can generate human-like voice cloning with its high-powered technology. 

Perfect voice cloning with reliable outcomesLimited voice editing options
Access to 15,000 user-generated voices
Integration with Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, and more
Free voice changer feature


You can also consider Descript to use for voice cloning. It provides numerous features to the users, which makes it much popular. Many content creators use this software because the lengthy voice procedure is easy to follow. Also, it is powerful enough to perform various tasks effectively and efficiently.  

Readymade cloned voices are also available with this tool. Apart from human voices, you can also use cartoon characters’ voices. It is pretty fantastic. 

Descript has a unique AI writing feature as well. It allows users to modify and enhance the text before processing the final result. You can make necessary adjustments in the same conveniently. 

Businesses prefer this AI voice cloning software as people can collaborate and share ideas. 

Realistic human-like voices with AI voice cloningLimited unique editing options, potential for improvement with upgrades
All the features are available without additional charges
Descript offers easy collaboration capabilities


The next voice cloning software in the list is Resemble.AI. This tool has a brilliant performance and plenty of unique features. The Artificial Intelligence system in it is excellent at doing its job. That is why the sound quality is always perfect. 

Resemble.AI can help produce the voice clone in just twelve minutes. As a result, you can save some time for other tasks. 

Beginners also benefit from this particular software because it has an integrated web recorder. This recorder ensures proper recording, no matter what device you use. All these features make it a viable option. 

Quick voice cloning in just 12 minutes with Resemble.AILimited customization options for voice clones
Convenient web recorder for direct recording from any deviceIt might not provide high-quality voice recordings
API integration for combining with other services

Lovo AI

Businesses and companies in gaming, advertising, or related fields prefer Lovo AI over other options. The voice clones it generates are impressive to add to games and advertisements. Moreover, you can find ready-made voice clubs in four hundred languages and styles. 

Human-like voices are also a plus point if you wish to select this software. You can utilize some sound effects as well to enhance your project. They are available in abundance.  

Lovo AI ensures impressive sound quality for all voice clonesVoice cloning is not automatic; requires manual demand
Supports a wide range of languages for diverse needs
Unique audio effects available to enhance your work

Eleven Labs

Eleven Labs

Last but not least, we have Eleven Labs. It also comes in the list of the best voice-cloning software. You can quickly produce high-quality voice clones by using the available features. Simultaneously, you can edit them if necessary.  

The creation process is straightforward in Eleven Labs. And the plus point is its speed and accuracy. You might be surprised after experiencing all these features.  

Obtain high-quality voice clones convenientlyBackground noise can affect the quality of voice cloning
Eleven Labs offers numerous language options for excellent results

The Takeaway

Voice cloning technology is beneficial for many reasons. But when it comes to using it ideally, many people don’t know which software to use. 

You can consider the above-mentioned options, compare them, and match your needs. All of them have some pros and cons. So, understand everything thoroughly to avoid mistakes while selecting one. 


Is Voice Cloning Worth It?

Yes, voice cloning is worth it because you can add the final audio to podcasts, ebooks, videos, and more.

Do You Need To Pay A Fee For Voice Cloning?

You might or might not need to pay a fee for generating voice clones. It all depends on the type of software you are using.

Can You Use Celebrity Voice Clones Too?

Yes, you can use celebrity voice clones, too, by using the best voice cloning software. Some include, Lovo.AI, and Resemble.AI.

Is AI Voice Sound Unrealistic?

No, AI voices don’t always sound unrealistic. You have to pick the right software to get perfect outcomes.

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