Best Voice Changer for Discord You Should Try Out We have reviewed the best voice changer for Discord. see our top picks

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March 28, 2023 10 min read
Best Voice Changer for Discord You Should Try Out

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Discord is the top-rated game chat service available. Though several apps are similar to Discord, if you are fond of playing games, Discord is your one-stop solution. It is a widely used chat service for most of the games. The platform has text as well as voice chat features, and the ice breaker between them is voice changer feature.

There are many reasons behind the popularity of this feature; a few use it to conceal their privacy, whereas others do it for fun. Discord Voice Changing software is a great tool no matter what your reason behind using the tool is. If you, too, are looking to change your voice while using Discord to play games, we have got your needs covered. Read on to explore the best voice changer tools for Discord.

Best Voice Changer Tools For Discord

Below, we list the seven best voice changer tools compatible with Discord to use for your benefit.

AV Voice Changer Software

The software is of professional grade and boasts incredible features to make voice changing easy and fun. You can not only use the software in real-time to change voice with different services, but it also enables recording morphed voices and editing it in waveforms to make it appear more natural. With AV software, you can easily modify the different characteristics of the voice. 

You can modify it into any type of voice of your choice. That said, you can alter the voice recorded into something more masculine, more feminine, higher, lower, older, younger, etc. You get the software available in three different versions: Basics, Gold, and Diamond. 

Boasts an advanced technology of virtual drivers. The plans are on the expensive end. 
Enables recording of morphed voice and editing in the waveform. 


The MorphVox is a free-to-use tool that will help add effects to your audio and change its voice to something you choose. It has a few in-built voices and sound effects to make your voice sound like a robot, man, child, woman, and many more.

‍The software initially analyzes your voice to apply the most optimal changes and make it natural to the extent possible. 

However, since the tool is free to use, a few things could be improved. To list a few of them, firstly, it displays ads in between, and secondly, the software has only two voices available. Another major drawback is that setting up the software is challenging compared to similar options. However, the tool is a great option if you can set it up right. 

Provides optimal changes and effects to your voice.Its use requires some learning curve. 
Contains plenty of sound effects and voices. The setup is complex. 
It enables a high level of customization to fine-tune your voice. 


Voicemod is the most popular and the best choice of voice changer program that can be easily used on Discord. The platform offers numerous voice effects for you to choose one to modify your voice and is also very easy to use. Besides Discord, Voicemod can be easily used with other services as well, like Skype, Google Chat, PubG, and many more. 

The effects added by Voicemod are more natural to listen to as compared to the other voice changer apps. Some of the widely used voice mods are Cathedral, The Cave, etc. There are numerous mod options to choose from, and get started with using them as soon as you install them. 

The effects created sound natural.Some of the effects available don’t work as expected. 
Has tons of different voice options available. 
It is compatible with several voice chat service apps like Skype, Fortnite, Mumble, etc


ClownFish is another free voice changer app for Windows that anyone can use to change their voice while using Discord. You can install the app in your system, and then, on any application that uses the microphone, you can modify your voice. That said, besides Discord, the app can be used with Skype, TeamSpeak, Mumble, etc. 

The number of voice mods offered by this application doesn’t match the number of voice mods offered by similar applications, but the results are excellent. The available effects include female, Atari, male, radio, and many more. This can be your choice of app if you are looking for a decent application to change your voice for free. 

Compatible with several apps like Mumble, Skype, TeamSpeak, etc. The interface needs to be updated. 
It is easy to set up and use. 
Contains a good collection of voice effects. 

Voice Changer With Effects

If you wish to have a good app that can change your voice and offers a plethora of effect options, for Android devices, this is the one you can go with. You can record your voice on the app and can also apply several crazy effects of your choice. That said, with this app, convert your voice to make it sound like that of a monster or like a woman. 

With the software, you can also upload a pre-recorded voice and modify it as per your liking. The features offered are easy to use and are listed on the dashboard for easy access. It is considered one of the best applications to use with Discord mobile. 

Boasts a vast range of crazy effects. The interface could be more neat. 
Easy to use interface to record your voice and also modify it quickly.
Allows the creation of an image with different sounds.


Voicemeeter is an excellent fit for those with technical knowledge of mixing audio. It is one of the best choices to be used with Discord for changing and modifying voices as per liking. The features of this app are more than the other options listed on this list, and it even lets a user create effects of their choice. 

It is one of the most remarkable features as it lets you create effects as per your choice. Be informed that the software is not for beginners and requires some learning to get started with using it. However, the app offers the utmost flexibility, and if you have some knowledge of audio mixing, it offers unmatched results. 

It can easily create custom effects. The app is not for beginners and boasts a steep learning curve. 
Best for advanced users and offers some great features as compared to other tools. 
Supports different interfaces like ASIO, MME, KS, DX, and more. 

Voxal Voice Changer 

Last but not least, the Voxal voice changer is a good app on our list supported by Discord. It brings several robust voice-changing features for anyone to modify their voice easily. With the application, you can record your voice in real-time or customize a pre-recorded voice. 

The app can also be used in real-time while using Discord, meaning that the voice will be modified instantly without delays while you talk on Discord. The effects library is vast, with options like alien, robot, boy, girl, and many more. The app also supports all voice chat services, like TeamSpeak, Skype, Google Chat,, and more.

Allows recording and modifying voice in real-time. It doesn’t support exporting voices in mp3 format. 
Consists of a solid collection of voice-changing features. 
Compatible with all popular voice chat services. 

How To Select the Best Discord Voice Changer Tool?

Choosing the best Discord voice changer can improve your online experience, whether you’re gaming, chatting with friends, or just having fun. Here’s how to make the best decision:


Make sure that the voice changer you select is compatible with your computer’s operating system. Discord voice changers should be compatible with both Mac and Windows. To avoid technical concerns, double-check compatibility.


Consider your budget thoroughly. While there are free choices, paid voice changers generally provide more excellent capabilities and personalization. Find a happy medium between your wants and your finances. Avoid extremely low-cost solutions because they may lack essential features and quality.

Voice Effects

Look for a voice changer that includes a number of different voice effects. These can include features like changing the gender of your voice, making robotic voices, replicating animal noises, and so on. The more options you have, the more you can experiment and have fun with your voice.


You should be able to customize the speech effects with a good voice changer. This means you can fine-tune parameters to produce one-of-a-kind and customized voice alterations to fit your personality or the situation.

Utilization Ease

Choose a voice changer with an easy-to-use interface. Complex software can be frustrating, so select one that is simple to use. While using Discord, such tools help you to easily swap between multiple voices easily.

Reviews and suggestions

Read user reviews and seek suggestions from friends or online communities before making your final decision. Real-world experiences might help you assess a voice changer’s performance and dependability.

By considering these variables, you will be well-equipped with the knowledge needed to choose the best Discord voice changer for your needs and improve your online interactions.

Functionalities Of Modern Voice-Changing Apps

Today, the voice changing apps available come with many features that suit every user’s whim. No matter the device you use, iOS, Android, or Windows, you will find a voice changer app that will cater to all your requirements. You will also find some free and paid options with extra features. 

There are a few aspects that you should check in a voice-changing app before using it to modify the voices. 

  • The application should offer numerous sound effects. You can look for some widely used effects like robotic, male, female, baby, etc. 
  • If the option is paid software, the price should be reasonable. Compare the pricing packages with a few other options to ensure your choice is charging optimally. 
  • If you will need to change your voice in real-time, choose an app that offers this feature. Not all voice-changing applications offer this functionality. 
  • For a more personalized experience, choose an app that lets you create your filters. 

The Takeaway

Voice changers tools are both entertaining and functional. Call center employees might use them to modify their voices. Also, Gamers may use them to conceal their identities while playing online games. They are also compatible with chat apps such as Discord and Skype.

Even if you don’t need them for anything serious, these tools can be a fun way to pass the time, and you can use them to impress your online pals.

Regarding our suggestions, VoiceMod is a good choice if you want a voice changer that works with chat apps and gaming platforms. Voxal Voice Changer is a good alternative if you need a tool for robust audio editing and voice change that doesn’t consume too much of your computer’s power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Use Of Voice Modulation Programs Legal?

Yes, voice modulation tools are generally acceptable for legal use. However, you must ensure not to use them to harass others or for illegal uses. Such acts may lead to serious legal repercussions.

Who Can Use Voice Modulation Tools Regularly?

The two main user groups that voice modulation tools primarily serve are as follows.

Gamers: These tools are famous in the gaming community and are used particularly by those who want to remain anonymous while broadcasting their gameplay.

Call Center Professionals: Professionals working in call centers who want to change their voices to serve particular functions or improve their audibility when communicating online.

Additionally, some people also use these tools only for fun.

Can Voice Modulation Software Change Or Mimic Other Accents?

The capacity of voice modulation software to modify or simulate accents is dependent on the functionality provided by the tool in question. While specific programs may be able to change or conceal accents, getting this result can be difficult and may not be consistent across other applications.

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