Best Free Text to Speech Software Right Now Explore top free text-to-speech software options with diverse features and languages to suit your needs.

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March 28, 2023 11 min read
Best Free Text to Speech Software Right Now

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The state of technology is changing daily. This progress has led to people preferring to employ tools that make their tasks easier. One example of this is text-to-speech technology. These days, it is so well known that everyone recognizes its value.

Text-to-speech technology benefits individuals in a variety of ways. Anyone can listen to a book, email, text message, etc. with TTS software. With so many advanced features available these days, TTS tools can help you get the most out of your experience. Because there are numerous possibilities, you need to know which ones are the greatest.

Text-to-speech is one kind of assistive technology that makes tasks manageable for persons with disabilities. They can make the best use of text-to-speech conversion available. It is one of the factors driving the significant interest in free text-to-speech technologies.

There are a few aspects to take into account when deciding on TTS software. Features, cost, kind of interface, effectiveness, and other factors are among them. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re having trouble deciding on the ideal one. We’ve collected the perfect choices for you right here.

What Is Text-To-Speech Software?

Text-to-speech software converts the text into audio. Different TTS tools have different features regarding this technology. You can use whatever works for you. It is vital to comprehend everything about a particular software before selecting it. Or else you might not get what you expected from the tool.

You can either use free text-to-speech software or paid one. Both tools might vary in some aspects. But you won’t be dissatisfied with the quality of service. So, you can choose a tool that keeps your budget and preferences in priority.

TTS tools are designed to quickly detect written content in any format and transform it into an oral one. That is how they help many people in completing various types of work. Like, visually impaired individuals can employ text-to-speech technology to listen to a book.

The audio in text-to-speech devices is produced by AI voices. If it’s possible, you can also change them to suit your preferences. The user experience has improved overall as a result of the rise in AI voices.

What Are The Top Free Text-To-Speech Software?

Free Text-to-speech software applications are available in abundance. You might get overwhelmed while choosing a particular option. We have curated a list of the promising ones with detailed information about their features. So, read this list till the end to make the right decision.


Murf AI Icon

The most significant free text-to-speech software is Murf. This particular tool is brilliant in every manner. From features to efficiency, everything is up to the mark. The best part is it is free of cost.

People prefer using Murf over other options because of the high number of natural-sounding voices. It offers 120 female and male AI voices that fit perfectly in all types of content. In addition, voices in over 20 languages are available. French, Hindi, Italian, Arabic, German, and so on are a few.

Many users need customizable options in text-to-speech audio. Well, the good news is you can experience it in Murf. You can use many options to adjust the music to your preference. We can then conclude that nothing is superior to this.

Murf is a great choice if you are a content developer. The text can be converted to an audio file and included in your videos. In this manner, you may quickly produce several voiceovers.


Another free text-to-speech program that’s popular among content makers is called Descript. You may generate text-to-speech much more quickly and conveniently with this program.

With Descript, users can make changes to the content they’ve written or copied and pasted into the text box. It means you can edit as many times as you wish before finalizing the entire content. Well, it is beneficial for professionals working in different fields related to content creation.

This excellent TTS tool is suitable for video editing as well. People never experience any troubles because the features focus on offering a smooth procedure. For example, you don’t have to start the process again in the case of misspoken text in a video or audio. You can continue eradicating the mistakes simultaneously. That is how efficient and effective Descript is.


Speechify Icon

Are you searching for TTS software with flawless text detection? If so, don’t blink your eyes and choose Speechify. The main explanation for this is that it contains all of the features you would anticipate from a free text-to-speech program.

Speechify offers a great user interface and is quick, accurate, and efficient. Due to the simplicity of each process, even newcomers may utilize it. To begin, you have to read how to use it.

In Speechify, you can access numerous types of AI natural voices. Because natural voices improve the listening experience, they are preferable to fake ones. You can also choose the language in which you feel most at ease. This TTS tool is available for use in over 20 languages.


Listnr Icon

The next suitable text-to-speech software on the list is Listnr. With this software, you can create impressive podcasts or audio files within a few minutes. You can put the content on the platform to generate it into audio. Yes, it is that straightforward!

One unique thing about Listnr is its wide variety of AI-generated sounds. All of them seem pretty realistic. Plus, you can also make different adjustments to match your needs. For instance, you can add pauses before finalizing the audio. That is how you can improve the overall text-to-speech conversion.

Listinr has more than 600 AI-generated sounds and supports more than 100 languages. Therefore, more and more people (especially content creators, marketers, and bloggers) are attracted to this incredible tool.

Read Aloud

Read Aloud is a fantastic free text-to-speech tool for everyone. With the assistance of this TTS tool, you can smoothly transform content into an audio or video. You can therefore obtain as many audios as you like with the least amount of work. 

All file formats are supported by Read Aloud. These are PDF, EPUB, Google Docs, Amazon Kindle, and Google Play Books. You can enjoy listening to numerous ebooks or content without changing the tool.  

Read Aloud is also easy to use. You can learn how to use the features once you go through the instructions. Because this text-to-speech tool meets their demands, beginners have faith in it. Therefore, even if this is your first time using it, you shouldn’t worry about anything. 

Another thing that you might incline toward Read Aloud is that it also has customizable options. You can play, pause, resume, change the speed or pitch, and more with a click. All this makes this particular TTS software much better than others. 


Notevibes icon

Discussing free text-to-speech software is incomplete without Notevibes. This TTS tool has gained popularity within a short period. And it is all because of the advanced features it provides. Using Notevibes, you can get more than 225 AI realistic voices and 25 languages and accents. 

Notevibes makes customizing audio convenient because of various features. You can play, pause, add effects, and do more in the generated audio. That is why users prefer this tool as compared to others. If you also want something basic, Notevibes is an ideal option. You won’t be disappointed with the quality of service. 

Natural Reader

Natural Reader Text to Speech Icon
Natural Reader

Do you want a straightforward TTS tool with unique features? Well, Natural Reader is the right option for you. It has optical character recognition (OCR) technology that makes the text conversion task efficient and effective. The software supports almost all the documents like TXT, PDF, DOC, EPUB, etc. It allows the users not to fret about the document type and complete the entire procedure smoothly. 

In Natural Reader, there are some options to adjust the converted audio. Let’s say you have to hear some words spoken loudly. In this instance, you can select to highlight the words and let the software handle the rest. Once everything is done, you can return and listen to it in its entirety. It indicates that there won’t be any issues because of this. Apart from adding stress to some words, you can adjust the reading speed. While some people prefer it to be quick, others favor it to be slow. With this one, you can effortlessly address any situation. 

In short, Natural Reader is an essential TTS tool with plenty of features. Thus it is an excellent choice for you to try out. This one works well on both Android and iOS.  

TTS Reader

TTS Reader is a fantastic free text-to-speech software with everything you might need. In this software, you can convert the text into speech quickly on your Mac or PC. There are more than 30 female and male AI voices. Besides this, you can consider using a different language that is available with the tool. 

TTS Reader is the most beginner-friendly tool. There are no complex features that can confuse the users. You will see a text box once you get to the website. You can enter any content there that you wish to have converted to audio. You can also save the audio as files within seconds. 

This tool is pretty efficient in transforming the words into the correct pronunciation. So you won’t have to deal with any text-to-audio conversion issues. It is fantastic that you can get all these features free of cost. 


Fliki Icon

Fliki is growing day by day as people get to know about this fantastic free text-to-speech tool. The sounds are of exceptional quality. What kind of content you want to convert doesn’t matter. There will always be an astounding result. 

Users from all over the globe trust Fliki for text-to-audio conversion. It is a potent AI-driven TTS tool that no one can defeat in terms of features and quality. 

If you consider using Fliki, you don’t have to worry about languages and AI sounds, as there are plenty. The language options are 75, and the realistic sounds are 900. You can select them according to your wishes. 


Next, we have a brilliant recommendation, Lovo. It is a free text-to-speech tool with impressive features everybody needs. The most significant reason to select it is that it offers more than 180 realistic voices. Plus, there are 33 languages from which you can choose whatever suits your needs. 

As for the interface, it is beginner-friendly. Everything is already mentioned clearly on the application. You can follow the instructions and get started with the same. Content creators love this TTS tool because its features are designed according to their requirements. You can produce multiple audio files quickly and add them to videos or projects. All this makes these tasks much easier and more convenient. So you must keep it as an option and select it after researching. 

The Takeaway

We can conclude by saying that all free text-to-speech services are incredibly beneficial. To choose the best one, you must compare them based on their features. We hope that this extensive guide has given you more knowledge about the most widely used TTS tools. All that’s left to do is match your demands with the comparison. In this manner, you can choose the appropriate program fast. 


What Are The Pros Of Free Text-to-Speech Software?

The pros of free text-to-speech applications are plenty. There is no cost associated with using basic features. Several features make it manageable and quick to transform text into audio.

Is Every Text-to-speech Software Suitable For Beginners?

No, every text-to-speech software is not suitable for beginners. You have to find an option that matches your needs and preferences completely.

Does Free Text-to-Speech Software Support More Than One Language?

Yes, free text-to-speech software supports more than one language. Some examples are Murf, Speechify, Listnr, etc. You can use any of them to get some insights into the quality.

Is Text-to-Speech An Assistive Technology?

Yes, text-to-speech is an assistive technology that enables the reading of written materials for those with disabilities.

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