Best AI Logo Generators: Free & Paid Apps

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February 15, 2024 13 min read
Best AI Logo Generators: Free & Paid Apps

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Digital branding in the AI days demands quick, efficient, and high-quality logo creation without breaking an entrepreneur’s budget.

With AI logo generators, a groundbreaking blend of artificial intelligence and creative design, redefining the way businesses and individuals craft their brand identities.

The year of 2024 has already witnessed a remarkable surge in AI-powered design tools, making professional logo creation accessible to everyone, from startups to established enterprises (all thanks to open-source AI and ChatGPT).

This article gives you insight into the best AI logo generators of 2024, exploring their unique features, pricing, and how they’re changing the landscape of AI logo design.

AI in logo creation

AI logo generators leverage sophisticated algorithms and machine learning to give their users different design options that stand out. These AI tools provide a seamless design experience, transforming basic ideas into unique, professional-looking logos.

From generating a perfect logo based on your company name to offering an extensive library of design elements, AI logo makers have become indispensable in the design process for creating a unique logo that truly represents your brand identity.

Leading the pack: top AI logo generators

Looka and Tailor Brands: pioneers in AI-generated logos

Leading the way in AI logo design are Looka and Tailor Brands, two companies at the forefront of creating logos with the help of artificial intelligence.

They provide extensive options to customize everything, including the logo’s color and the style of writing, ensuring that each logo is not only of high quality but also unique.

These apps are very easy to use, making it possible for anyone, even those who are new to designing, to create their own logos without any trouble.

From picking out the initial designs to adding the final touches, Looka and Tailor Brands simplify the entire process by combining ease of use with the advanced capabilities of AI.

Canva: beyond simple design tools

Canva is another tool that, while not exclusively focused on AI for logo making, incorporates artificial intelligence to upgrade its design features.

This makes it a great resource for beginners and small businesses who want access to design options that are on par with what professional designers can create.

Canva offers a huge selection of design templates, fonts, and layouts.

When these resources are paired with AI’s suggestions for design, users find it easier to make custom logos that perfectly match what their brand stands for.

This combination of tools and technology helps in creating logos that are not only appealing but also deeply connected to the brand’s identity.

AI art meets logo design: DALL-E and Logomaster

The integration of AI art generators like DALL-E into the logo design process has opened up new avenues for creativity.

Logomaster, also an AI-powered logo maker, simplifies the design experience, helping its users create professional logos that include advanced AI art and design elements.

Now let’s compare the top 9 AI logo generators of 2024.

Compare the best 9 AI logo generators in 2024

1. Looka

Looka leaps ahead by blending AI technology with what you like to come up with custom logos. It’s not just about logos; Looka goes the extra mile by offering designs for business cards and social media kits too.

If you’re starting a business and design isn’t your strong suit, Looka’s user-friendly platform can help you build a strong brand identity fast and without much hassle.


  • High level of customization for logos, business cards, and social media kits
  • Easy-to-use interface, ideal for beginners
  • Offers a brand kit for a cohesive brand identity


  • Higher pricing compared to some competitors for full branding packages
  • Limited design options without a premium plan

Pricing: Offers a free basic design preview; premium packages start from $20 for a single logo to $96 for the premium brand kit

2. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands packs a punch with its AI-powered tools that do everything from making logos to creating marketing materials and even designing websites.

It’s perfect for small businesses aiming to shine online. With minimal effort from you, it crafts branding solutions that feel personal.


  • Provides a comprehensive suite of branding tools including logos, presentations, and more
  • AI-driven design process tailored to your brand’s style and needs
  • Subscription includes a website builder and social media management tools


  • Monthly subscription required for the best features
  • Can become costly for ongoing access to design elements and updates

Pricing: Plans start at $9.99/month billed annually, with higher-tier plans offering more features

3. Canva

Canva is like a Swiss Army knife for design, offering a huge selection of templates for all kinds of graphic design needs, not just logos. Its ease of use has made it a favorite among both novices and seasoned designers.

While it’s not solely focused on AI for logos, its free and paid options cover a vast array of design tasks.


  • Versatile design tool with thousands of templates for logos and other graphics
  • User-friendly, suitable for beginners and professionals
  • Offers a wide range of free options


  • Not exclusively AI-focused for logo design
  • Premium features require a Canva Pro subscription

Pricing: Free version available; Canva Pro starts at $12.99/month or $119.99/year

4. Logomaster

Logomaster is an AI-driven logo generator that promises quick and effective logo design, particularly suited for startups and small businesses on a tight budget.

It simplifies the logo design process into a few easy steps, allowing users to generate logos that look professionally designed without any design skills or software knowledge.


  • AI-driven approach to creating professional logos quickly
  • Simple three-step process for logo creation
  • Affordable for startups and small businesses


  • Fewer customization options compared to more comprehensive platforms
  • Limited design styles may not suit all businesses

Pricing: Basic logo package starts at $20; more comprehensive packages are available


DALL-E by OpenAI takes a unique approach by using AI to generate art, which can include logos. This tool is ideal for those seeking highly creative and one-of-a-kind logos that stand out.

It’s particularly suited for brands looking for something unconventional and willing to experiment with the AI’s creative capabilities.


  • Generates unique logo designs using advanced AI art technology
  • Highly creative and unconventional design options
  • Integrates with other design tools for enhanced functionality


  • More suitable for creative and artistic logo needs rather than traditional corporate logos
  • Requires more input and tweaking for specific branding requirements

Pricing: Usage-based pricing; users need to purchase credits for operations

6. Shopify Logo Maker

Shopify Logo Maker is a free tool for Shopify users, making it an excellent option for eCommerce businesses built on the Shopify platform.

It generates logos based on user input about their brand, providing a streamlined solution for businesses looking to get up and running quickly with a new logo.


  • Free to use for Shopify customers, ideal for eCommerce businesses
  • Straightforward design process with instant logo options
  • Includes basic customization options for quick designs


  • Limited design flexibility compared to more advanced AI logo makers
  • Best suited for Shopify users; others might find it less beneficial

Pricing: Free for Shopify users

7. Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Maker integrates seamlessly with Wix’s website building platform, offering a straightforward solution for businesses to design logos and apply them directly to their Wix websites.

It combines AI technology with user inputs to produce logos that are both appealing and aligned with the brand’s identity.


  • Integrates with the Wix website builder for seamless design and application
  • Provides logo files in multiple formats including SVG and PNG
  • Offers social media logo files and full commercial rights to designs


  • Requires a Wix account, which might not suit non-Wix users
  • Some users may find customization options limiting compared to specialized logo makers

Pricing: Free low-res logos available; high-res logo packages start at $12.99.

8. Designhill Logo Maker

Designhill Logo Maker uses AI to generate a wide range of logo options based on a questionnaire about the user’s brand preferences.

It’s known for producing high-quality vector files, making it a go-to option for businesses looking for scalable logo designs that can be used across various mediums.


  • Offers a wide variety of design templates and icons
  • Interactive design process with AI questionnaire to tailor options to your brand
  • High-quality vector files available


  • Can be expensive for full access to all features and design files
  • Might offer too many choices, which can be overwhelming for some users

Pricing: Basic logos are free; premium plans with more features start at $65

9. Fiverr Logo Maker

Fiverr Logo Maker leverages the talent of Fiverr’s community of freelance graphic designers, combining it with AI to offer custom logo designs.

This platform is unique because it provides the creativity of human designers with the speed and efficiency of AI, offering a broad range of prices to fit every budget.


  • Utilizes professional designers’ templates to generate AI-driven logo options
  • Quick and efficient process with immediate logo suggestions
  • Prices vary by designer, allowing for flexibility based on budget


  • Dependent on the existing templates designed by Fiverr’s community, which may limit originality
  • Quality can vary significantly between different designer templates

Pricing: Varies by designer, with options starting as low as $5.

Each of these AI logo generators offers unique advantages and potential drawbacks, catering to a wide range of design needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize creativity, customization, or cost, there’s a tool designed to meet your specific branding requirements.

The advantages of using AI logo generators

Speed and Efficiency: AI logo creators significantly reduce the time required to design a logo, delivering unique designs and concepts in just a few minutes.

Customization Options: Extensive customization options ensure that every logo is tailored to the brand’s specific needs, making each design unique and professional.

Cost-Effectiveness: With pricing models that cater to various budgets, AI logo makers are a cost-effective alternative to hiring an expensive graphic designer.

Unique features for branding excellence

AI logo makers go beyond simple logo creation, offering a range of branding tools.

For example, you can create business cards, social media kits, and brand kits that include everything from letterheads to logo files in different formats like PNG and SVG.

This is great because it gives you everything you need for a strong brand identity, ready for both print and digital use.

The high-resolution options also ensure that your designs look sharp and professional no matter where they’re used.

Tailored for business success

Small businesses and startups find these AI-generated logos particularly useful. They help these smaller companies quickly establish a professional image.

With AI logo generators, it’s easier than ever to create a logo that not only captures the essence of your brand but also grabs people’s attention in a busy market.

This is a big advantage for any business looking to stand out and make a lasting impression.

Navigating pricing and plans

The best AI logo generators of 2024 offer transparent pricing plans to suit different needs.

From free logo designs with basic customization to premium plans that offer unlimited logo downloads and full access to branding materials, there’s an option for every budget.

Design skills not required

One of the most significant benefits of AI-powered logo makers is how accessible they are.

Regardless of anyone’s design experience, these tools guide users through the logo creation process, offering design tips and FAQs to assist in crafting the perfect logo.

The use of templates, AI-generated logo ideas, and the ability to tweak designs ensures that even people with minimal design skills can produce professional and unique logos.

The future of logo design

As AI technology continues to progress, we can expect AI logo generators to become even more sophisticated, offering greater customization, more intuitive design processes, and enhanced machine learning capabilities.

The blend of AI art and logo design is just the beginning. It’s paving the way for more innovative and creative design options.

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It’s great for making your podcasts more interesting, giving your YouTube videos an extra spark, making Zoom meetings feel more personal, or just sharing your brand’s story in a lively way.

PlayHT helps your message stand out because it sounds natural and easy to remember.

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Which AI tools let you design logos for free?

Canva and Shopify Logo Maker are great tools that let you design logos for free. Canva has many free templates and design elements that make it perfect for anyone wanting to create simple logos without spending money.

Shopify Logo Maker, which is free for Shopify users, is super easy to use and is a great choice for online stores looking to design their logos.

How can I make a logo using AI?

To make a logo with the help of AI, you can follow these easy steps:

Pick an AI Logo Maker: Choose from AI logo makers like Looka, Tailor Brands, or Canva.

Enter Your Business Name: Type in the name of your business and, if you like, add a tagline.

Describe Your Brand: Share with the AI what your brand is all about, including the style, values, and colors you prefer. This helps the AI understand what you’re looking for.

Check Out the Designs: The AI will show you several designs based on your description. Take a look at them.

Make It Yours: Choose your favorite design and tweak it if you need to. You can change colors, fonts, and how things are arranged to fit your brand perfectly.

Download It: When you’re happy with your logo, you can download it. Keep in mind, some services might ask for payment if you want a high-resolution or vector file of your logo.

Can AI help me change my logo?

Yes, AI logo makers can definitely help you tweak your existing logo. Just let the AI know what parts of your current logo you like and what you’re thinking of changing. The AI will offer suggestions to update your logo while keeping the parts you love.

Which logo maker is the best?

The “best” logo maker really depends on what you need. Things like your budget, how detailed you want your design to be, and how much control you want over the design process all matter.

That said, Looka and Canva are often favorites because they’re user-friendly, have lots of templates, and give you plenty of ways to customize your logo, making them great for both beginners and those with more design experience.

What does an AI logo generator do?

An AI Logo Generator is a cool tool that uses artificial intelligence to make logos. You just need to tell it a bit about your brand, like your business name, what you do, and the look you’re going for.

The AI then thinks about this info and shows you a bunch of logo options to choose from. These tools are a fast, smart, and budget-friendly way for anyone to create professional-looking logos, even if you’re not a design expert.

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