The Best AI Detectors

By Hammad Syed in TTS

April 13, 2024 12 min read
The Best AI Detectors

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Today, the internet is full of interesting stuff to check out. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, making content is super simple now.

Chatbots such as ChatGPT or Bard can write AI content that seems real, giving us many options. But with all this AI stuff out there, we also need good detectors to check if things are trustworthy when we need them to be.

So, let’s jump in and explore what AI detectors are all about, what they do, why they’re so important, and the best AI detectors available.

Top AI tools for spotting fake content:

  1. Originality.AI: Uses smart technology and big databases to check if content is genuine.
  2. GLTR: Helps creators find fake stuff in various types of content.
  3. Copyleaks: Protects ideas by finding copies of text, images, and files.
  4. Undetectable AI: Detects tricky fake content accurately and quickly.
  5. Sapling: Teaches how to create real content to earn trust.
  6. GPTZero: Helps find small fakes in writing using smart language tech.
  7. Winston AI: Helps keep content honest by finding and fixing problems.
  8. Content at Scale: Balances making lots of content while keeping it real.
  9. Crossplag: Keeps content consistent across different forms and places.

What are AI detectors?

First things first, let’s understand what AI detectors are all about. These detectors, also called AI detection tools, are like the detectives of the internet.

Their job is to check out content and figure out if it’s legit or not. They use fancy algorithms and machine learning models (like GPT-3 and GPT-4) to analyze stuff and see if it’s real or AI-written text.

These AI models are super important because they help keep things honest online, making sure that what you’re reading or watching is the real deal, not some fake stuff made by AI.

They use top-notch language models from OpenAI and other smart folks to make sure only the best, most truthful content gets to you.

Benefits of using a content detector

Ensuring originality

Content detectors are crucial for ensuring that your work is genuinely yours. They sniff out any copied content and distinguish between human-written and AI-generated text.

This is essential for safeguarding your content against plagiarism and ensuring that you stay on the right side of copyright laws.

With the best AI content detector at your disposal, you can rest assured that your content is as original as it gets.

Saving time

Who doesn’t want more time, right? Content detectors, including plagiarism checkers, are here to save the day.

They speed up the process of checking your docs, freeing up valuable time for other tasks, like AI writing or content creation.

Instead of spending hours sifting through your content, these tools can do it in a fraction of the time. Plus, many of them seamlessly integrate into your workflow, making your life even easier.

Boosting credibility

Credibility is everything in the world of content creation. It’s what sets you apart from the rest.

Using a content detector can significantly enhance your credibility. It shows your audience that you’re serious about delivering authentic human-written content.

When your audience knows that your content has been rigorously vetted, they’re more likely to trust you. And trust is the foundation of any successful online presence.

Minimizing risks

The internet can be a tricky place, especially when it comes to content creation. That’s where content detectors come in handy.

They act as your first line of defense against potential risks, such as publishing plagiarized or manipulated AI-generated text, especially if you get other people to write for your website.

By using plagiarism checkers and other detection tools, you can mitigate these risks and safeguard your reputation.

Improving SEO performance

Let’s talk about climbing the ranks in search engine rankings. SEO is key to getting your content noticed online. And original, high-quality content is the name of the game. Content detectors play a crucial role in this.

They ensure that your content is fresh, relevant, and free from plagiarism—all factors that search engines love.

By using the best AI content detector, you can supercharge your SEO efforts and increase your chances of ranking higher in search results.

The best AI detector tools

1. Originality.AI

Originality.AI is a super smart tool that can spot plagiarism in your work and make sure it’s all original. How does it do that? Well, it uses really clever algorithms and tricks to check your content thoroughly.

It looks for any parts that seem like they’ve been copied from somewhere else without permission.

And the best part? It’s really easy to use! That’s why lots of teachers, writers, and businesses love using Originality.AI.


  • Highly accurate plagiarism detection ensures content integrity
  • User-friendly interface simplifies navigation and usage for educators, content creators, and businesses
  • Customizable functionality allows users to tailor settings to their specific needs
  • Suitable for educators, content creators, and businesses looking to maintain the authenticity of their human-written text


  • Pricing might be higher compared to some competitors, potentially limiting accessibility
  • Limited language support for non-English content could be a drawback for users with diverse linguistic needs

Pricing: Subscription models start at $14.95 per month with a pay-as-you-go option available at $30 for 3000 credits

2. GLTR (Giant Language Model Test Room)

GLTR is a fantastic tool for content creators. It helps you find any copied parts in your work and makes sure everything is genuine.

Plus, it’s super easy to use and works well with other tools you might already have. Whether you’re a blogger, journalist, or SEO specialist, GLTR has your back in keeping your content honest and original.


  • Offers comprehensive detection capabilities across various formats and platforms, including detection of ai-generated content
  • Seamless integration with popular tools and platforms like LinkedIn enhances usability
  • Empowers content creators with advanced functionalities, aiding in the prevention of plagiarism and promoting originality
  • It’s free to use


  • Limited customization options compared to some competitors might restrict tailored usage

Pricing: Free to use

3. Copyleaks

Copyleaks AI checks your writing for any plagiarism. It’s great at spotting copied content, whether it’s in essays or on web pages. It’s very accurate and works well with other tools you might use.

Using Copyleaks means you can detect copied content. It doesn’t matter if you’re a writer, teacher, or a business owner, Copyleaks is there to make sure what you’re reading is original.


  • Utilizes cutting-edge AI technology for accurate plagiarism detection across multiple content formats, including machine-generated content
  • Offers a wide range of integration capabilities with different platforms and systems, enhancing functionality
  • Provides peace of mind for content creators and businesses


  • Occasional false positives reported by some users might impact user trust and confidence

Pricing: Starts at $7.99/mo for up to 1,200 credits

4. Undetectable AI

Undetectable AI is an AI text classifier that’s great at spotting sneaky ways people might try to manipulate content.

It uses advanced algorithms to stay ahead of cunning tactics, making sure the content you consume is genuine and trustworthy.


  • Advanced algorithms effectively detect sophisticated forms of content manipulation and rewriting
  • Stays ahead of evolving techniques, ensuring content integrity and security for users
  • Suitable for users concerned about detectors work with emerging threats in the digital landscape


  • Limited user feedback or case studies compared to some competitors might raise questions about functionality and effectiveness

Pricing: Free AI detection checker available, with flexible premium plans starting at $10/mo based on volume

5. Sapling

Sapling is all about making sure your content stays authentic. It uses advanced AI to detect any attempts to manipulate content, ensuring everything you create or read is genuine and original.

Whether you’re a blogger, journalist, or running a business, Sapling helps you build trust and credibility with your audience by keeping your content authentic.


  • Makes sure your writing is easy to understand and feels natural
  • Uses smart computer programs to catch sneaky tricks people might use to change what they’re saying
  • Helps bloggers, journalists, and businesses keep their writing real


  • It might not do as many fancy things as some other options out there, so it could be a bit limited

Pricing: Free plan available with pro plans starting at $25/mo

6. GPTZero

GPTZero is a real powerhouse in AI content detection. This ChatGPT detector uses advanced language skills to spot any anomalies or copying in your work.

GPTZero helps content creators like you make sure everything you produce or consume is genuine and original, unlocking the full potential of language AI.


  • Can spot when someone’s copying or changing stuff they’ve read before
  • Identifies subtle instances of plagiarism and manipulation
  • Enhances content authenticity and readability
  • Suitable for content creators and businesses


  • You might need to know a bit about computers to use all its cool features, which could be tricky for some folks

Pricing: Basic plan starts at $10/mo, premium at $16/mo, and professional at $23/mo

7. Winston AI

Winston AI is another great tool for maintaining content integrity. It gives you customizable settings and integration options tailored to your needs, whether you’re a blogger, journalist, or business owner.

With Winston AI, you can be sure your content stays genuine and trustworthy across all platforms.


  • Comprehensive detection and mitigation capabilities
  • Ensures content integrity and authenticity
  • Suitable for content creators, marketers, and businesses
  • Customizable settings and integration options


  • It might not let you change as many things as some other options, so it could be a bit limited

Pricing: Free version available; essential plan at $12 per month, and advanced plan at $19/mo

8. Content at Scale

Content at Scale is perfect for managing large volumes of content while still keeping everything authentic and original.

This scale AI detector uses AI algorithms to verify content and strike the right balance between quality and quantity.

Whether you’re managing a blog, website, or social media, Content at Scale helps you maintain consistency and quality in your content production.


  • Robust content verification mechanisms
  • Ensures authenticity and originality at scale with large datasets
  • Suitable for managing blogs, websites, and social media
  • Helps maintain quality and consistency across content formats


  • May not offer as extensive customization options as some competitors

Pricing: Offers a $15 trial for new users, with flexible premium plans starting at $499/mo up to $1499/mo for users with higher usage

9. Crossplag

Finally, let’s talk about Crossplag. It’s all about making sure your content stays consistent across different platforms.

Crossplag helps you bridge any gaps in your content, ensuring it remains coherent and cohesive no matter where it’s published.

With Crossplag, you can trust that your content reflects your brand identity and resonates with your audience, maintaining trust and credibility.


  • Identifies content inconsistencies across different platforms and formats
  • Ensures content coherence and cohesion
  • Suitable for maintaining brand identity and consistency
  • Helps build trust with the audience


  • May require integration with additional tools for comprehensive detection

Pricing: Offers a free trial with credits; with a subscription-based model upon account creation

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Frequently asked questions

How do AI detectors like Copyleaks differ from free AI tools?

When it comes to checking for copied content, AI detectors like Copyleaks stand out because they’re super precise.
Free AI tools might catch some plagiarism, but they’re not as thorough or accurate. Copyleaks is top-notch, used by lots of people and companies who need to protect their work, like you do.

Can AI detectors like Winston AI be integrated with APIs or Chrome extensions?

Absolutely! Winston AI and similar detectors are designed to be super versatile. They can team up with APIs and Chrome extensions to make spotting plagiarism a breeze.

With APIs, you can smoothly blend plagiarism checks into your existing setups. And thanks to Chrome extensions, you can do it all right from your browser.

How do AI detectors like Sapling handle different writing styles, including French?

Sapling’s got some serious skills when it comes to understanding all sorts of writing styles, even French! It’s trained on loads of different writing styles and languages, so it’s like a multilingual writing expert.

Whether it’s English, French, or any other language, you can count on Sapling. It’s great at sniffing out any weird stuff in your writing, no matter how you put it together.

What are the primary use cases for AI writing detectors like GPT-2?

GPT-2 and similar detectors are multitaskers. They’re handy for lots of things, like making sure your writing is original and spotting any sneaky plagiarism.

Plus, they can help you understand how your writing sounds and how easy it is to read. Basically, they’re here to help you be the best writer you can be.

How do AI detectors like Content at Scale address scalability challenges?

Content at Scale is all about keeping up with the big leagues. It’s equipped with smart tech that can handle massive amounts of content without breaking a sweat.

So, whether you’ve got a little or a lot to check, it’s got you covered. With Content at Scale, you can keep churning out quality content without worrying about things getting out of hand.

What factors contribute to the perplexity of AI writing detectors such as Jasper?

Jasper’s perplexity comes from lots of different factors. Things like how complicated its language skills are, the kinds of writing it’s learned from, and the fancy algorithms it uses all play a part.

Plus, it’s also looking at how readable your writing is and whether it needs any polishing up. Jasper’s always learning and getting better at spotting anything funky in your writing, so you can trust it to do a great job.

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