Best AI Agents and APIs for Call Centers AI agents allow for personalized calls like never before. Here are the top AI agents that you need.

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May 22, 2024 10 min read
Best AI Agents and APIs for Call Centers

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If you operate a call center, you know how important it is to make a customer feel heard and valued. You also know how difficult that can be when an influx of calls start pouring in. What if you had an extra hand—or voice—to help out? That’s where AI agents and APIs come into play. AI agents are digital assistants that can answer customer inquiries just as well as human agents. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s take a closer look at the best AI agents and APIs for call centers so you can see what the data says for yourself.

What is a call center AI agent?

Imagine a bustling call center where every customer call is swiftly answered, every query is resolved efficiently, and customers leave happy and satisfied. This is the magic of AI agents at work! You may have called a customer support line before and heard an automated voice answer instead of a human agent. These pre-recorded interactive voice response (IVR) voice menus may have been able to offer options to route your call to a live agent or provide an answer to an FAQ but AI agents take it even further. AI agents are more than a chatbot or self-service feature, they are virtual helpers powered by artificial intelligence that can actively have a conversation with the caller and handle phone calls and customer interactions without human oversight. They are quite frankly, the future of call centers.

How AI call center agents work

So, what exactly is a call center AI agent? AI call center agents are like super-smart robots powered by advanced technologies like machine learning algorithms and natural language processing (NLP). When you make a call, these agents can understand and respond to your queries in real-time. They learn from vast amounts of customer data and improve their responses over time, making each interaction smoother and more accurate. AI agents not only enhance customer experience but also boost overall efficiency and productivity in call centers. It’s like having a team of superheroes working tirelessly to ensure every customer hangs up the phone with a smile.

The science behind AI Agents for call centers

Looking for a more technical breakdown of how these virtual assistants work? Here’s a simple way to think about it:

  1. Learning: AI agents are trained on vast amounts of call recordings and knowledge-base text data. This training helps them understand various ways people might ask questions or express issues.
  2. Understanding: When a caller reaches out, the AI uses NLP to understand the caller’s words and intent.
  3. Responding: Based on this understanding, the AI generates a relevant response using generative AI in a friendly and conversational manner. The AI agents are literally capable of conversations back and forth with customers.
  4. Improving: Over time, the AI gets better by learning from each interaction and even improves its own responses.

AI agents are the future of call centers

According to data, most call centers answer 80% of the calls they receive in under 20 seconds and the average cost per customer service call across various industries is $2.70 – $5.60. I know, when I read this I was shocked too. That’s a high cost and some customers still have to wait on hold or even worse – sometimes aren’t connected to an agent at all. What a nightmare. To make matters worse, 71% of customers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions, and 76% of them are frustrated when that’s not the service they receive.

If this sounds depressing, no worries because AI-powered virtual agents can help ensure every call is answered immediately and every customer receives personalized assistance, all at a lower cost for the company! In fact, it’s estimated that AI voice agents will become mainstream by the end of 2024.

How call centers can use AI agents

That research may seem far-fetched but I can ensure you it’s not. This is just a look at a use cases so you can see how call centers are already implementing AI agents to optimize and streamline their operations across the globe for customer acquisition and retention:

  • Inbound and outbound calls: AI agents can handle both incoming calls and make outgoing calls for tasks like appointment reminders completely autonomously and in such a conversational manner some callers won’t even know they aren’t talking to a human agent.
  • AI-Assisted conversations: While AI agents handles routine questions, sometimes AI agents pass complex issues to human agents with helpful summaries. This agent assist summary can help boost human agent performance.
  • Predictive analytics: AI can predict caller needs based on past interactions, enhancing customer relationships.
  • Quality assurance: Some AI agents can monitor calls for quality assurance, ensuring high standards of customer service.
  • SMS support: Some AI agents can engage with customers via SMS or social media, providing quick and efficient support.
  • Call routing: AI can predict and direct calls to the best-suited human agents when needed.

Benefits of using AI agents in call centers

By using AI agents, call centers can achieve new levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction. Some of the top benefits include: 

  • Automation: AI agents can handle routine tasks, freeing up human agents for more complex issues and calls and boosting agent productivity. 
  • Reduced wait times: Customers can get quicker responses since AI agents are always on call and can answer immediately to address customer needs. 
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: AI agents can provide personalized and efficient service, boosting customer satisfaction. I know that I’ve personally enjoyed conversations with AI agents. 
  • Data-driven Insights: Some AI agents can analyze customer interactions and metrics such as KPIs. For example, AI agents may be able to determine first-call resolution and average handling time, offer valuable insights, and metrics, and optimize workflows.
  • Cost efficiency: By automating tasks with AI agents, call centers can reduce operational costs.

How to choose the best AI agents and APIs

I actually tried out a ton of AI agents and APIs and these are the factors I considered when looking for the best AI-driven options and you should also take into consideration when looking for call center solutions:

  • Compatibility: I always ensure the AI solutions I choose integrate seamlessly with my existing call center software, including VoIP, Zendesk, or CRM systems.
  • Scalability: I select AI tools that can grow with my business and handle increasing call volumes like cloud-based solutions.
  • Customer experience: I look for AI agents that offer a natural conversational AI experience to retain customer engagement during the calls.
  • Pricing: I compare costs and choose solutions that offer the best value for my budget.
  • Vendor reputation: I opt for reputable vendors with positive reviews and proven success.
  • Features: I consider the specific features I need, such as call transcription, sentiment analysis, omnichannel support, call recording, predictive analytics, and real-time summaries.
  • Customization: I ensure the AI systems can be tailored to my unique business needs.

Best AI agents and APIs for call centers

Whether you’re a startup exploring AI solutions or a well-established company looking to enhance your customer support, there’s an AI tool out there to meet your needs. In fact, here are some of the best AI agents and APIs I have found for call centers:

Play AI

Step up your customer service game with Play AI, your virtual voice agent that handles inquiries from start to finish in a humanlike manner autonomously. With over 900 AI voice styles and support for more than 143 languages, it’s designed to ensure your company can serve a global customer base with ease. It even integrates with your CRM systems for personalized experiences.


Made by Google, this tool which supports over 30 languages and integrates with Google’s Vertex AI Agent Builder is fantastic for sprucing up your apps and websites with smart chat and conversational voice features. Whether you’re handling complex projects or everyday tasks, DialogFlow helps you engage customers in conversations that feel natural and helpful.

Ready to build voice-based applications that charm your customers? Vocode lets you craft systems for handling calls, joining Zoom meetings, and other tasks with ease using large language models (LLMs). It’s great for creating interactive voice responses that make customer service a breeze and keep people coming back for more.


Drag, drop, and design your way to brilliant chat and voice AI experiences. With Voiceflow, creating conversational agents is a piece of cake, helping you automate customer support or drive interactive projects without needing a coding degree.


Boost your customer service with Tenyx Voice – a virtual agent platform that learns and adapts, handling queries with increasing precision. It’s like having a smarter conversation with your customers every time, enhancing their satisfaction and building loyalty.

Why offers the best AI agents and API for call centers offers personalized AI voice agents that can answer calls automatically and conversate in a lifelike way with customers. In fact, the voices are so lifelike and attentive that the customer may never know they’re chatting with AI rather than a human agent. They even learn as the conversation continues so they can accurately respond to customer inquiries and problems without human oversight. is also super easy to set up. You can use the API and create custom agents or explore AI agent templates such as the front desk reception template that is as data-driven and analytical as Jonah Hill’s portrayal of Peter Brand in Moneyball, the e-commerce template inspired by the early years of Jeff Bezos which is dedicated to addressing customer needs for seamless shopping experience or even the healthcare practice template that offers the warm and diligent demeanor of Jennifer Aniston’s character Katherine in Just Go With It.

Empower your team to meet call center quotas and discover how to optimize customer interactions by trying’s AI agents today for free and elevating your contact center solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best AI for call centers?

The best AI for call centers is which offers conversational AI agents that can answer phones with the warmth and receptiveness of a human agent for a fraction of the cost.

How can AI be used in a call center?

AI can be used in a call center to automate routine inquiries, provide instant responses, assist human agents with real-time information, and analyze customer interactions for insights.

Will AI replace call center agents?

AI is unlikely to completely replace call center agents; instead, it will augment their roles by handling routine tasks and allowing humans to focus on complex customer needs.

What is the future of AI in contact centers?

The future of AI in contact centers is focused on increasing efficiency and personalization, using advanced analytics to understand customer behaviors and preferences, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Can artificial intelligence be used in call centers?

Yes, artificial intelligence can be used in call centers to streamline operations, improve customer service, and reduce response times through automation and data analysis.

Is ChatGPT an AI agent?

Yes, ChatGPT is considered an AI agent, as it is an artificial intelligence system designed specifically for the task of generating human-like text based on the input it receives.

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