Best Arini.AI Alternatives I compiled a list of the best Arini.AI alternatives and reviewed features, pricing, and more

By Hammad Syed in Agents

June 28, 2024
Best Arini.AI Alternatives

Conversational Voice AI, trained to speak your business.

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Play AI is the best alternative to Arini.AI

We compared features, pricing, ease of building, training, and quality of the AI agents. Play AI is by far the best alternative to Arini.AI.

Not Rated

  • Arini.AI has 1 voice products
  • Most popular use case: 24/7 Call Answering
  • Top feature: 24/7 Availability
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  • Play AI has 10 voice products
  • Most popular use case: AI Agents
  • Top feature: Conversational Voices
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About Arini.AI

Arini is an AI receptionist that handles phone calls and schedules appointments. Many dental appointments are booked over the phone by busy receptionists who often put patients on hold and miss a third of incoming calls.

The AI Receptionist for Dentists

Arini is an AI receptionist specifically designed for dentists, capable of answering every call, scheduling appointments, and driving revenue.

How Arini Works:

Arini enhances production and reduces costs in three simple steps. First, it integrates with your practice management software through a one-click process. Next, calls from any phone system are forwarded to your Arini number. Finally, the AI is customized to handle calls just the way you like it.

Arini for Dentists:

Arini offers a new way for dentists to handle phone calls by customizing and monitoring calls. It delivers human-like conversations, ensuring a 5-star patient experience right out of the box. Additionally, it supports SMS to keep the conversation going after the phone call and is multilingual, allowing patients to connect in their preferred language. Arini seamlessly integrates with various practice management software and phone providers, effortlessly filling your calendar.

Security & Compliance:

Arini is 100% HIPAA compliant, ensuring that you own your data and that security practices are top-notch. It follows best-in-class security protocols and maintains HIPAA BAAs with all partners. The system is continuously monitored using SecureFrame, adhering to the principles of least privilege and role-based permissions for data access. For more details, you can check out the Trust Center.

Arini.AI Snapshot

Founded 2024
CEO Rami Rustom

Top Arini.AI Features

  • 24/7 Availability: provides round-the-clock answering services, ensuring that no call is missed and offering continuous support for dental practices.
  • Human-Like Conversations: The AI is designed to have natural, human-like conversations, providing a high-quality patient experience and maintaining professionalism in every interaction.
  • Advanced Scheduling Capabilities: handles all aspects of scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellations, ensuring that appointments are managed efficiently and accurately.
  • Multilingual Support: The AI can communicate with patients in their preferred language, enhancing accessibility and improving patient satisfaction.
  • Integration with Practice Management Software: seamlessly integrates with existing practice management systems, allowing for easy implementation and ensuring that all data is synchronized.
  • Cost-Effective: It is five times cheaper than traditional call centers, providing significant cost savings while maintaining high service standards.
  • Customizable Call Handling: Users can teach the AI about their practice protocols, allowing for tailored interactions that align with the specific needs of the dental office.
  • SMS Capabilities: The AI can continue conversations via SMS after the initial phone call, providing additional communication channels for patient engagement.
  • HIPAA Compliant: follows strict security practices and is fully HIPAA compliant, ensuring that all patient data is handled securely.

Top Arini.AI Use Cases

  • 24/7 Call Answering: ensures that all incoming calls are answered promptly, regardless of the time of day. This continuous availability helps dental practices provide superior customer service and never miss a potential patient inquiry.
  • Appointment Scheduling and Management: handles scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellations of appointments, reducing the administrative burden on office staff and ensuring that appointment slots are efficiently utilized.
  • Patient Intake and Information Gathering: The AI receptionist can collect detailed patient information during the initial call, streamlining the intake process and ensuring that all necessary information is gathered accurately.
  • Multilingual Communication: can communicate with patients in their preferred language, which is particularly useful in areas with diverse populations. This feature enhances patient comfort and satisfaction by providing service in their native language.
  • Cost Reduction for Call Management: By automating the call answering and scheduling processes, significantly reduces the need for additional administrative staff, leading to substantial cost savings for dental practices.
  • Enhanced Patient Engagement: With its ability to continue conversations via SMS, keeps patients engaged and informed, providing reminders and follow-up information as needed.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: seamlessly integrates with the practice's existing management software, ensuring that all patient data is synchronized and up-to-date without requiring manual entry.
  • Handling High Call Volumes: During busy periods, can manage high call volumes effectively, ensuring that all patient inquiries are addressed promptly and no calls are missed.
  • HIPAA-Compliant Data Handling: ensures that all patient information is handled in compliance with HIPAA regulations, providing peace of mind regarding data security and privacy.

Best Arini.AI Alternatives

#1 Alternative

Play AI

Play AI is the leader in AI Agents. Automate your business with AI Agents that can even take actions.

Founded in 2016

When you review all features, pricing, and user reviews, Play AI is the best alternative to Arini.AI. Try Play AI for free today.

About Play AI

Play AI is one of the best AI Agent platforms in the market. Play AI was recently launched and sits on top of the years of industry leadership from Play HT. Play, as it is now being branded as, pioneered conversational AI.

AI Agents was naturally the next step in its progression to lead the new era of AI agents. The Play mission is to democratize the creation of engaging conversational AI and voice experiences, ensuring that every business, developer, and hobbyist can easily access and utilize these advanced tools... Learn more about Play AI

Sample Play AI Agents

Play AI Pricing

Subscription plans range from $0 to $99

Play AI Top Features

  • Conversational Voices
  • Explainer Voice
  • Local Accents
  • Character Voices
  • Narrative Voices
  • Children Voices
  • Emotions
  • Training Voices

Top Play AI Use Cases

  • AI Agents
  • IVR Systems
  • Call Centers
  • Character Voice Generator

All Play AI Products

  • Ultra realistic AI voices
  • Premium AI Voices
  • Voice Cloning
  • Text to voice editor
  • Pronunciations and Phonetic
  • Audio Widgets
  • AI Podcasts
  • Team Access
  • Female AI Voice Generator Online
  • Male AI Voice Generator Online

Who Uses Play AI




Hyperbound is a simulated AI sales roleplay platform that converts ICP descriptions into interactive AI buyers in under 2 minutes, accelerating sales team onboarding by 50%.

Founded in 2023

About Hyperbound

Hyperbound is a simulated AI sales roleplay platform that transforms ICP descriptions into interactive AI buyers in under 2 minutes. It accelerates sales team onboarding by 50% and enhances conversions on cold, warm, and discovery calls... Learn more about Hyperbound

Sample Hyperbound Agents

Hyperbound Top Features

  • Realistic Buyer Personas
  • Comprehensive Role-Playing Scenarios
  • Dynamic Feedback and Coaching
  • Customization
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Scenario Builder
  • Scalability
  • Onboarding Acceleration

Top Hyperbound Use Cases

  • Sales Training and Upskilling
  • Onboarding New Sales Reps
  • Cold Calling Practice
  • Discovery Call Training
  • Handling Objections
  • Sales Coaching and Feedback
  • Performance Analytics
  • Custom Scenario Creation

All Hyperbound Products

  • Ai Agent

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Fetch AI

Fetch AI is a decentralized platform using AI for optimizing and automating complex systems in industries like supply chain and energy

Founded in 2019

About Fetch AI

Fetch AI is developing a platform that catalyzes the creation of an AI-enabled decentralized digital economy. Central to Fetch AI’s ecosystem are agents—programs capable of making autonomous decisions for individuals, businesses, and devices. These agents are crafted to be adaptable, tackling complex challenges across diverse fields.

Agents can significantly improve supply chain logistics by optimizing routes and managing inventory, maintain secure and precise record-keeping systems, execute large-scale computational tasks, and facilitate efficient transactions and negotiations. Their ability to adapt makes them invaluable across various sectors of the decentralized economy... Learn more about Fetch AI

Fetch AI Top Features

  • AI Agents
  • Agentverse
  • AI Engine
  • DeltaV
  • Network
  • Open Network

Top Fetch AI Use Cases

  • Decentralized Financial Services
  • Smart Logistics and Supply Chain Management:
  • Energy Distribution and Management
  • Smart Cities and IoT
  • Healthcare Services
  • Travel and Hospitality

All Fetch AI Products

  • AI Engine
  • Agent Services
  • Search and Discovery
  • Analytics
  • Agent IoT Gateway
  • Fetch Hosting
  • Open Network

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MoneyPenny offers personalized call answering services that seamlessly integrate with your business, ensuring calls are handled as if by your own team.

Founded in 2000

About MoneyPenny

MoneyPenny truly personalizes how they answer calls. With a team of dedicated professionals enhanced by advanced technology, they understand your business and customers inside out, allowing them to answer calls as if they are part of your team. Their Virtual Receptionists are so skilled that callers will believe they are speaking directly with you.

They are the only provider who can genuinely claim to be a seamless extension of you and your team. Not only do they offer experienced personnel who work as if they are based within your business, but their proprietary technology enables them to answer calls with the same confidence and knowledge as you. Additionally, their Virtual Receptionist Service integrates seamlessly with all your favorite software... Learn more about MoneyPenny

MoneyPenny Top Features

  • 24/7 Call Answering
  • Personalized Service
  • Bespoke Call Handling Software
  • Real-Time Availability
  • Omnichannel Support
  • Advanced Call Recognition
  • CRM Integration
  • Free Trial and Flexible Plans

Top MoneyPenny Use Cases

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Appointment Scheduling and Management
  • Handling High Call Volumes
  • Personalized Customer Interaction
  • Lead Qualification and CRM Integration
  • VIP Call Handling and Spam Filtering
  • Omnichannel Communication
  • Enhanced Professional Image

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LEX Reception offers more than just 24/7 answering services for lawyers. It helps save time by handling calls, scheduling appointments, and processing payments around the clock.

Founded in 2011

About LexReception

LEX Reception goes beyond a standard 24/7 answering service for lawyers by saving time on call handling, scheduling appointments, and processing payments around the clock... Learn more about LexReception

Sample LexReception Agents

LexReception Top Features

  • 24/7 Client Reception and Support
  • Legal Intake Services
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Lead Capture and Qualification
  • Bilingual Support
  • Custom Call Handling
  • Integration with Legal Software
  • Live Chat Support

Top LexReception Use Cases

  • 24/7 Live Answering
  • Customized Call Handling
  • Legal Intake Specialists:
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Bilingual Services
  • Lead Capture and Qualification
  • Live Chat Support
  • Document Sending and Management
  • Mobile App Access

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MyOutDesk is a leading provider of virtual assistant services, offering specialized support to industries such as healthcare, real estate, legal, and IT.

Founded in 2008

About MyOutDesk

MyOutDesk is a top-tier virtual assistant provider, offering a diverse range of services to industries such as healthcare, real estate, legal, and IT. Since its inception in 2008, the company has supported over 6,500 clients across the globe. MyOutDesk is renowned for its cost-effective and scalable virtual staffing solutions that assist businesses in improving their operations, optimizing processes, and achieving their goals... Learn more about MyOutDesk

MyOutDesk Pricing

Subscription plans range from $1 to $1

MyOutDesk Top Features

  • Industry-Specific Expertise
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Comprehensive Training and Support
  • Standardized Work Environment
  • Advanced Tools and Integration
  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • Enhanced Productivity

Top MyOutDesk Use Cases

  • Real Estate Assistance
  • Customer Support and Call Handling
  • Lead Generation and Follow-Up
  • Administrative and Backend Tasks
  • Marketing and Social Media Management
  • Healthcare Administration

All MyOutDesk Products

  • AI Agent

Who Uses MyOutDesk


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Gabbyville, an award-winning provider, offers friendly, energetic, and efficient live bilingual virtual receptionist services to keep your business running smoothly at a fraction of the cost.

Founded in 2013

About Gabbyville

Gabbyville is an award-winning provider of friendly, energetic, and efficient live bilingual virtual receptionist services, ensuring your business operates smoothly at a fraction of the cost... Learn more about Gabbyville

Sample Gabbyville Agents

Gabbyville Pricing

Subscription plans range from $1 to $600

Gabbyville Top Features

  • 24/7 Live Answering
  • Bilingual Receptionists
  • Custom Call Handling
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Detailed Message Taking
  • Call Routing and Outbound Calling
  • Real-Time Status Updates
  • Spam Call Blocking
  • Multi-Conferencing
  • High-Quality Call Service

Top Gabbyville Use Cases

  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Lead Capture and Qualification
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Overflow Call Handling
  • Bilingual Support
  • Order Processing
  • Virtual Receptionist for Small Businesses
  • Message Taking and Delivery
  • Real Estate and Property Management

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AnswerFirst is the ideal partner for managing 24/7, after-hours, overflow, special projects, and any other situations requiring live answering combined with superior customer service.

Founded in 1998

About AnswerFirst

With over 20 years of experience, AnswerFirst’s talent and technology can cater to exclusive needs, delivering the precise results that companies require. This results in building lasting, productive, and profitable relationships with customers.

Maximize Business Opportunities with Live Answering Services

AnswerFirst’s live answering service and inbound call center solutions are designed to help businesses maximize opportunities and prepare for the unexpected. By answering calls, emails, web chats, social media inquiries, and SMS messages 24/7, AnswerFirst ensures businesses are always available to their customers... Learn more about AnswerFirst

AnswerFirst Top Features

  • 24/7 Live Answering
  • Customizable Call Handling
  • Bilingual Receptionists
  • Live Call Transferring
  • Overflow Call Handling
  • Message Taking
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Full Legal Intake
  • Integrated Software Solutions

Top AnswerFirst Use Cases

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Lead Capture and Qualification
  • Overflow Call Handling
  • Bilingual Support
  • Order Processing
  • Message Taking and Relay
  • Virtual Receptionist Services
  • Emergency Response Handling

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Experience our 24/7 live answering service with 100% US-based receptionists. Enjoy flexible call handling and affordable pricing.

Founded in 1990

About Patlive

Experience 24/7 live answering service with 100% US-based receptionists, offering flexible call handling and affordable pricing... Learn more about Patlive

Patlive Pricing

Subscription plans range from $205 to $825

Patlive Top Features

  • 24/7 Answering Service
  • Professional Virtual Receptionists
  • Custom Call Handling
  • Bilingual Services
  • Instant Message Delivery
  • CRM Integration
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Order Processing
  • Lead Qualification

Top Patlive Use Cases

  • 24/7 Live Answering
  • Professional Receptionists
  • Customizable Call Scripts
  • Bilingual Support
  • CRM Integration
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Lead Capture and Qualification
  • Instant Message Delivery
  • Order Processing and Payment Collection

All Patlive Products

  • AI Agent

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DialogFlow is Google's natural language understanding tool used for building conversational interfaces such as chatbots.

Founded in October, 2017

About DialogFlow

DialogFlow, developed by Google, is designed to enhance natural language processing, making it easy to add conversational user interfaces to mobile apps, websites, devices, bots, and interactive voice response systems.

The platform is available in two versions: DialogFlow CX for complex, large-scale enterprise solutions, and DialogFlow ES for straightforward, everyday conversational applications. This allows users to choose the edition that best fits their project’s needs in terms of complexity and scale... Learn more about DialogFlow

DialogFlow Top Features

  • Generative AI agent
  • Visual Flow Builder
  • Omnichannel Implementation
  • State-based Data Models
  • End-to-End Management

Top DialogFlow Use Cases

  • Voicebots for customer service
  • Chatbots for B2C conversations

All DialogFlow Products

  • Ai Agent

Who Uses DialogFlow


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Answering AI helps you impress your customers with a dedicated, always-available phone agent that handles calls 24/7, ensuring no call goes unanswered.


Answering AI’s new enhanced model features a lifelike tone and prosody, designed to sound like a real phone receptionist. The AI phone receptionist can send links via text (US only) or WhatsApp, ensuring quick and efficient interactions. The technology automatically detects the caller’s language and switches immediately.

One of the major benefits of having an AI agent answering the phone for your business is that it is always available. The AI receptionist never sleeps and can handle multiple calls simultaneously, making it affordable for all businesses by saving costs while keeping the business phone always available. It delights customers by providing instant responses, ensuring an exceptional experience for every caller... Learn more about Pricing

Subscription plans range from $199 to $199 Top Features

  • Advanced AI technology
  • Lifelike interactions
  • Easily customizable

Top Use Cases

  • Customer Service Enhancement
  • Lead Capture and Qualification
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Integration with Existing Systems

All Products

  • Ai Agent

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