Best Air.AI Alternatives I compiled a list of the best Air.AI alternatives and reviewed features, pricing, and more

By Hammad Syed in Agents

June 26, 2024
Best Air.AI Alternatives

Conversational Voice AI, trained to speak your business.

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Play AI is the best alternative to Air.AI

We compared features, pricing, ease of building, training, and quality of the AI agents. Play AI is by far the best alternative to Air.AI.

Not Rated

  • Air.AI has 1 voice products
  • Most popular use case: Customer Service Automation
  • Top feature: Human-Like Conversational AI
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  • Play AI has 10 voice products
  • Most popular use case: AI Agents
  • Top feature: Conversational Voices
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About Air.AI is revolutionizing customer service and sales with its cutting-edge AI technology, designed to handle complex, human-like phone interactions seamlessly. Touted as the world’s first AI capable of engaging in prolonged phone conversations that mimic real human interactions, offers businesses the power to scale their operations instantly with access to 100,000 sales and customer service representatives at the tap of a button. These AI agents possess infinite memory and perfect recall, enabling them to provide consistent, accurate, and personalized service round-the-clock, every day of the year. With the ability to autonomously perform tasks across over 5,000 different applications, eliminates the need for traditional training, management, or motivation of human agents, thereby reducing overhead costs and enhancing operational efficiency.

The implications of’s technology extend beyond just manpower augmentation; it fundamentally transforms how businesses interact with their customers. By handling phone calls that can last anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes, the AI agents ensure that customer queries are not just answered but are dealt with in a manner that rivals, or even surpasses, human capability. This level of interaction, coupled with the AI’s ability to take autonomous actions, offers a seamless integration into existing business processes, ensuring that every customer interaction is optimized for satisfaction and efficiency. For businesses, this means not only improved customer service outcomes but also significant enhancements in scalability and operational agility.

Air.AI Snapshot

Founded 2019
CEO Caleb Maddix

Top Air.AI Features

  • Human-Like Conversational AI: is capable of having extended phone conversations (10-40 minutes) that sound like a real human, thanks to its advanced AI that can mimic natural human speech and tonality.
  • Infinite Memory and Perfect Recall: The AI has the ability to remember past interactions and recall details accurately, providing a seamless and personalized experience for each caller.
  • Autonomous Actions Across Applications: can autonomously perform tasks across over 5,000 applications, enabling it to handle a wide range of business processes without human intervention.
  • 24/7 Operation: The AI operates continuously, providing 24/7 service without the need for breaks or downtime, ensuring constant availability for customer interactions.
  • Multi-Call Handling: can manage multiple calls simultaneously, scaling its operations to meet the demands of high call volumes.
  • Advanced Logic Trees: Users can set up complex logic trees that guide the AI’s responses based on what the caller says, enabling highly customized and contextually relevant interactions.
  • Language Support: While primarily supporting English, can perform in other languages by using advanced mode and translating prompts, enhancing its versatility for global operations.
  • Spam and Scam Detection: The AI includes features to minimize the chances of calls being marked as spam or telemarketing, ensuring higher pickup rates and better engagement.
  • Integration with CRM Systems:: can integrate with customer relationship management systems to streamline data handling and ensure all interactions are logged and managed efficiently.
  • Voice Customization: Future updates will include a library of voices and the ability to clone voices, allowing businesses to tailor the AI’s voice to better match their brand.

Top Air.AI Use Cases

  • Customer Service Automation: can handle a wide range of customer service inquiries autonomously, providing answers to common questions, troubleshooting issues, and guiding customers through processes without the need for human intervention. This ensures 24/7 availability and reduces wait times for customers.
  • Lead Qualification and Follow-Up: The AI can engage potential leads in detailed conversations, qualify them based on predefined criteria, and follow up on initial inquiries. This helps sales teams focus on high-quality leads and improves the efficiency of lead management processes.
  • Appointment Scheduling and Reminders: can manage appointment bookings by interacting with clients, scheduling appointments directly into the business’s calendar system, and sending reminders to reduce no-show rates. This is particularly useful for medical practices, salons, and other service-based businesses.
  • Order Processing and Management: E-commerce and retail businesses can leverage to handle order processing over the phone, including taking orders, confirming details, and updating customers on their order status. This streamlines operations and enhances the customer experience.
  • Survey and Feedback Collection: can conduct surveys and collect feedback from customers through natural, conversational interactions. This provides businesses with valuable insights into customer satisfaction and areas for improvement.
  • Technical Support and Troubleshooting: Tech companies can use to provide first-level technical support, guiding users through troubleshooting steps and resolving common issues. This reduces the burden on human support agents and improves response times.
  • Billing and Payment Handling: can assist customers with billing inquiries, process payments, and manage subscription renewals, ensuring a smooth and efficient handling of financial transactions.
  • HR and Employee Interaction: Businesses can use for HR purposes, such as answering employee queries about policies, scheduling interviews, and managing routine HR tasks, freeing up HR personnel to focus on more complex issues.
  • Event Registration and Management: For businesses and organizations hosting events, can manage event registrations, provide information to attendees, and handle post-event follow-ups, ensuring a seamless experience for participants.
  • Real Estate Inquiries and Scheduling: Real estate agents can utilize to handle property inquiries, schedule viewings, and provide information about listings, improving the efficiency of client interactions and property management.

Best Air.AI Alternatives

#1 Alternative

Play AI

Play AI is the leader in AI Agents. Automate your business with AI Agents that can even take actions.

Founded in 2016

When you review all features, pricing, and user reviews, Play AI is the best alternative to Air.AI. Try Play AI for free today.

About Play AI

Play AI is one of the best AI Agent platforms in the market. Play AI was recently launched and sits on top of the years of industry leadership from Play HT. Play, as it is now being branded as, pioneered conversational AI.

AI Agents was naturally the next step in its progression to lead the new era of AI agents. The Play mission is to democratize the creation of engaging conversational AI and voice experiences, ensuring that every business, developer, and hobbyist can easily access and utilize these advanced tools... Learn more about Play AI

Sample Play AI Agents

Play AI Pricing

Subscription plans range from $0 to $99

Play AI Top Features

  • Conversational Voices
  • Explainer Voice
  • Local Accents
  • Character Voices
  • Narrative Voices
  • Children Voices
  • Emotions
  • Training Voices

Top Play AI Use Cases

  • AI Agents
  • IVR Systems
  • Call Centers
  • Character Voice Generator

All Play AI Products

  • Ultra realistic AI voices
  • Premium AI Voices
  • Voice Cloning
  • Text to voice editor
  • Pronunciations and Phonetic
  • Audio Widgets
  • AI Podcasts
  • Team Access
  • Female AI Voice Generator Online
  • Male AI Voice Generator Online

Who Uses Play AI


Sameday AI

An innovative solution for home service businesses that answers phone calls promptly and in a way that customers prefer.

Founded in 2021

About Sameday AI

Sameday AI is as effective as your best salesperson. It doesn’t merely respond to customers; like your top sales representative, Sameday AI identifies customer needs and provides tailored solutions that accommodate your schedule, connect with available technicians, and cater to the specific preferences of your service business.

Service businesses often pay four times more to generate leads compared to most other local businesses. To tackle this challenge, Sameday AI operates continuously, enabling the forwarding of overflow and after-hour calls directly to the AI, which can promptly address new customers’ questions and offer the earliest available appointment. Sameday AI never misses a call, never forgets to follow up, and always shows up for work... Learn more about Sameday AI

Sample Sameday AI Agents

Sameday AI Pricing

Subscription plans range from $0 to $559

Sameday AI Top Features

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Proactive Sales Automation
  • Integration with Existing Systems
  • High Scalability:
  • Improved Accuracy and Consistency
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Customizable AI
  • Security and Privacy

Top Sameday AI Use Cases

  • Handling After-Hours Calls
  • Managing High Call Volumes
  • Sales and Lead Conversion
  • Proactive Customer Follow-Ups
  • Integration with Existing Systems
  • Improving Customer Experience
  • Cost Reduction
  • Data-Driven Insights

All Sameday AI Products

  • AI Agent

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CBSI Holdings

Part of the FirstMeridian Group, backed by world-renowned investors, we aim to build a premier HR platform offering comprehensive end-to-end human resources solutions that transform people processes.

Founded in 1972

About CBSI Holdings

As part of the FirstMeridian Group, established by world-renowned investors, their mission is to create a premier HR platform that offers comprehensive human resources solutions and transforms people processes... Learn more about CBSI Holdings

CBSI Holdings Top Features

  • 24/7 Live Answering
  • Virtual Receptionist Services
  • Order Taking
  • Customizable Call Handling
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Highly-Trained Operators
  • Veteran-Owned Business:

Top CBSI Holdings Use Cases

  • Customer Support
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Order Taking and Processing
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Lead Capture and Qualification
  • Overflow Call Handling
  • Emergency Response Handling
  • After-Hours Support:
  • Bilingual Support

All CBSI Holdings Products

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VoiceNation offers 24/7 live answering, emergency dispatching, and after-hours responses among other features, ensuring seamless communication for businesses.

Founded in 2002

About VoiceNation

VoiceNation stands out as a premier provider of virtual receptionist services, delivering 24/7 live answering, emergency dispatching, after-hours support, and more... Learn more about VoiceNation

Sample VoiceNation Agents

VoiceNation Pricing

Subscription plans range from $0 to $925

VoiceNation Top Features

  • 24/7 Answering Service
  • Bilingual Answering
  • Custom Call Handling
  • Instant Message Delivery
  • CRM Integration and Appointment Scheduling
  • Order Processing

Top VoiceNation Use Cases

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Lead Capture and Qualification
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Order Processing
  • Bilingual Support
  • Event Registration and Management

All VoiceNation Products

  • AI Agent

Who Uses VoiceNation


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Loman AI

Loman AI is an AI phone agent and receptionist for restaurants that answers calls like a human. It takes orders, books reservations, & more, allowing staff to focus on other tasks.

Founded in 2011

About Loman AI

Loman AI ensures that restaurants never miss a call by providing an AI phone agent that handles all incoming calls, takes orders, answers questions, books reservations, and more. This advanced AI phone assistant functions as an efficient receptionist, seamlessly managing 100% of calls just like a human, but at a fraction of the cost. This allows restaurant staff to focus on other important tasks.

Loman AI serves as an always-on answering service for restaurants, efficiently taking phone orders. It is well-versed in the restaurant’s menu, capable of handling complex inquiries, and can seamlessly push orders to the point of sale system, allowing staff to concentrate on in-restaurant duties... Learn more about Loman AI

Sample Loman AI Agents

Loman AI Top Features

  • 24/7 Call Handling
  • Order Taking and Processing
  • Reservation Management
  • Menu Inquiries
  • Catering Requests
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Human-Like Interaction
  • Scalability

Top Loman AI Use Cases

  • Order Taking and Processing
  • Reservation Management
  • Menu Inquiries
  • Catering Requests
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Cost Reduction
  • Handling High Call Volumes
  • Improving Customer Experience

All Loman AI Products

  • AI Agent

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Calldesk automates repetitive customer service calls with AI voice agents, enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction while freeing up human agents for more valuable interactions.

Founded in 2015

About Calldesk.AI

Calldesk has revolutionized customer service for businesses by leveraging AI-powered voice agents.

Automate repetitive customer service calls with AI-powered voice agents, allowing your teams to focus on high-touch interactions and improve customer satisfaction. By digitizing inbound phone calls, simple requests can be processed without involving human agents, thus increasing productivity. Automation helps divide the cost of handling calls and manage conversations either partially or end-to-end, making it easier to absorb call spikes with 24/7 voice agent support... Learn more about Calldesk.AI

Sample Calldesk.AI Agents

Calldesk.AI Top Features

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Quick Deployment
  • Cost Efficiency
  • High Understanding Rate
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Supervision
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Pre-Optimized Use Cases
  • Seamless Handover to Human Agents

Top Calldesk.AI Use Cases

  • Caller Identification
  • Natural Language IVR
  • Demand Prequalification
  • FAQ Handling
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Customer File Follow-Up
  • Insurance Claim Processing
  • Repayment Simulation
  • Support Ticket Creation
  • Call Spike Management

All Calldesk.AI Products

  • AI Agent

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Micro GPT

Micro GPT is a lightweight version of GPT tailored for resource-constrained environments and specific applications.

About Micro GPT

Micro GPT is a versatile AI agent built on the advanced GPT 3.5 Turbo and GPT 4 architectures. It’s designed to handle a variety of everyday tasks by understanding and generating natural language, trained on extensive datasets for optimal performance. This makes Micro GPT an excellent tool for automating routine but essential tasks, thus boosting productivity and efficiency in daily operations.

One of the standout features of Micro GPT is its capability to manage time-consuming tasks like scheduling appointments, sorting emails, and creating reports. For example, it can draft an email from just a few keywords or set up a week’s worth of meetings in mere minutes. It can also pull together information from various documents to create concise summaries, speeding up data consumption and accessibility... Learn more about Micro GPT

Micro GPT Top Features

  • Custom GPTs
  • GPT Consulting

Top Micro GPT Use Cases

  • Customer Support Automation
  • Data and Systems Analysis
  • Financial and Market Analysis
  • Risk and Compliance Management
  • Operations Optimization
  • Healthcare Applications

All Micro GPT Products

  • Ai Agent

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Synthflow AI

Synthflow is an AI platform focused on creating synthetic data for training machine learning models.

Founded in 2023

About Synthflow AI

Synthflow AI is pioneering the future of conversational AI, enabling businesses and creators to leverage advanced voice technology. Their platform, accessible at, is designed to transform how clients interact with their audiences through customized, AI-driven voice responses. This enables a seamless integration of realistic voice functionalities into applications, significantly enhancing user engagement and experience.

With Synthflow AI, clients have access to a broad selection of customizable voices suitable for various applications, from customer service bots and dynamic marketing campaigns to educational content and interactive gaming. Their extensive voice library allows clients to perfectly match voiceovers to the specific needs of their audience, adapting effortlessly to both local and global markets... Learn more about Synthflow AI

Sample Synthflow AI Agents

Synthflow AI Pricing

Subscription plans range from $1 to $900

Synthflow AI Top Features

  • No-Code Interface
  • Text to Speech
  • Customizable AI Voice Assistants
  • Stage Recognition
  • Real-Time Voice Assistant
  • Integration Capabilities

Top Synthflow AI Use Cases

  • Customer Suppor
  • Sales and Lead Generation
  • Personalized User Experiences
  • Accessibility Services
  • Real-Time Interactions in Various Languages
  • Voice-Enabled Applications

All Synthflow AI Products

  • Changelog

Who Uses Synthflow AI


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EVE Calls


Eve Calls provides voice AI agents for businesses and startups, generative AI for enterprises, debt collection AI agents, and government AI agents for municipalities.

Founded in 2016

About EVE Calls

Eve Calls offers a suite of services including voice AI agents for small to mid-sized businesses and startups, generative AI and customized solutions for enterprises, debt collection AI agents for debt collectors, and government AI agents for municipalities... Learn more about EVE Calls

Sample EVE Calls Agents

EVE Calls Top Features

  • Natural Voice Interaction
  • Multilingual Capabilities
  • High Capacity Handling
  • Integration Flexibility
  • Advanced Call Routing
  • Security and Compliance
  • Voice Activity Detection
  • Detailed Analytics and Reporting
  • Customizable Scripts and Personalization
  • Proactive Customer Engagement

Top EVE Calls Use Cases

  • Customer Support Automation
  • Appointment Scheduling and Reminders
  • Debt Collection
  • Lead Qualification and Sales
  • Order Processing and Customer Inquiries
  • Surveys and Feedback Collection
  • Multilingual Customer Service
  • Proactive Customer Engagement
  • Call Routing and Transfers
  • Marketing Campaigns

All EVE Calls Products

  • AI Agent

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Arini is an AI receptionist that efficiently answers phone calls and schedules appointments, alleviating the workload of receptionists and ensuring all calls are professionally managed.

Founded in 2024

About Arini.AI

Arini is an AI receptionist that handles phone calls and schedules appointments. Many dental appointments are booked over the phone by busy receptionists who often put patients on hold and miss a third of incoming calls.

The AI Receptionist for Dentists

Arini is an AI receptionist specifically designed for dentists, capable of answering every call, scheduling appointments, and driving revenue... Learn more about Arini.AI

Sample Arini.AI Agents

Arini.AI Top Features

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Human-Like Conversations
  • Advanced Scheduling Capabilities
  • Multilingual Support
  • Integration with Practice Management Software
  • Cost-Effective
  • Customizable Call Handling
  • SMS Capabilities
  • HIPAA Compliant

Top Arini.AI Use Cases

  • 24/7 Call Answering
  • Appointment Scheduling and Management
  • Patient Intake and Information Gathering
  • Multilingual Communication
  • Cost Reduction for Call Management
  • Enhanced Patient Engagement
  • Integration with Existing Systems
  • Handling High Call Volumes
  • HIPAA-Compliant Data Handling

All Arini.AI Products

  • AI Agent

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Voiceplug AI

Voiceplug AI empower businesses to lead in Voice Commerce with custom Voice AI solutions, allowing customers to use natural voice as the preferred interface.

Founded in 2020

About Voiceplug AI

VOICEplug. ai empower businesses to lead in Voice Commerce by providing custom Voice AI solutions, enabling their customers to use natural voice as the preferred interface... Learn more about Voiceplug AI

Sample Voiceplug AI Agents

Voiceplug AI Top Features

  • Natural Language Ordering
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Multichannel Integration
  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Error Reduction
  • Upselling and Cross-Selling
  • Scalability
  • Accessibility Features
  • Silent Ordering Option
  • Enhanced Customer Experience

Top Voiceplug AI Use Cases

  • Phone Ordering
  • Drive-Thru Ordering
  • Web and Mobile Ordering
  • Reducing Labor Costs
  • Upselling and Cross-Selling
  • Handling Multiple Orders Simultaneously
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Silent Ordering
  • Accessibility
  • Reducing Communication Errors

All Voiceplug AI Products

  • VOICEplug Phone AI
  • VOICEplug Drive-Thru AI
  • VOICEplug Web & Mobile AI

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