AI for Customer Service AI agents can take your customer service operations to new heights. Read this essential guide.

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June 17, 2024 11 min read
AI for Customer Service

Conversational Voice AI, trained to speak your business.

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We’re all familiar with the issues of customer support; long wait times, rudeness, canned phrases, and more. Luckily, artificial intelligence is transforming this frustrating aspect of companies. As someone who has used AI for customer service and seen its impact firsthand, I’m here to reveal AI can level up the service industry. In this article, I will walk you through what AI in customer service entails, from what it is to how it’s reshaping customer support systems everywhere.

What is AI for customer service?

You may be wondering, “How can someone use AI for customer service? Isn’t it necessary to have another human on the other end of the phone?” I know I definitely had this question in mind at first, so let’s take a look. Simply put; by utilizing artificial technologies, AI can boost, automate, and simplify customer support. Instead of customers being passed from caller to caller, or struggling to find the information they need, businesses are transforming customer interactions by using AI to quicken and even further personalize the experience.

How AI works for customer service

AI allows us to create personalized experiences without the obstacles that come with purely human resources. These experiences can include chatbots answering customer questions in real time to automated ticketing systems classifying customer requests for employees. By combining machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and automated workflows, these AI systems continually learn from customer interactions to improve their actions. Whatever it involves, AI can make customer service smooth and effortless (and much less bothersome) by solving problems before they pop up.

The future of customer service with conversational AI

Imagine a world where your customer service experience is not merely a routine exchange but a dynamic conversation. Conversational AI makes your dream a reality! Unlike generative AI, such as large language models like ChatGPT, which relies on a fixed knowledge base and gives generic answers, conversational AI is like an intelligent, 24/7-available pal that learns as it chats, picking up nuances from each interaction and tailoring its responses to suit the customer’s needs. With conversational AI, customer service becomes not just faster and more efficient, but also more fun and personalized.

Exceptional service lies in the true understanding and addressing of customer needs, as well as ensuring that every interaction adds value to every customer experience. AI assistants help businesses do just that by leveraging customer data to deliver attentive service. Think of it like having a genius assistant that anticipates and responds to customer needs around the clock!

How AI can help customer service

AI allows businesses to handle customer interactions more effectively and seamlessly in many ways and use cases. These are just some of the AI-based methods I integrated into my company’s customer support:

  • Chatbots: I have used AI-powered chatbots to handle inquiries via messaging apps, websites, and social media, provide quick responses to FAQs, address customers from around the globe 24/7, and overall engage customers in meaningful conversations.
  • Automated routing: AI directs queries to the most appropriate customer service teams and agents, optimizing the handling process, quickly resolving customer issues, making it easier for businesses to handle influxes of inquiries, and ultimately increasing flexibility.
  • Real-time assistance: AI tools offer real-time support to both customers and support agents, ensuring that information is timely, clear, and relevant, by being available around the clock and anticipating inquiries beforehand.
  • Personalization: By analyzing customers’ purchase history, browsing behavior, or previous interactions, AI tailors experiences to individual preferences, enhancing customer satisfaction. It makes personalized service recommendations, anticipates needs, and recognizes tones of voice to respond personally, which increases the potential for additional sales!
  • Translation services: Instead of being blocked by language barriers, AI-powered translation enables always-available, accurate translation of communications, allowing businesses to adequately serve clients from different backgrounds without delay or miscommunication.
  • Summarization tools: Lengthy customer feedback can be a drag to read; AI can summarize them into concise points, helping customer service representatives quickly grasp customers’ main concerns without sifting through large amounts of text. These summaries help create FAQ sections, give customers quick access to information, and improve time management.
  • Email management and auto-responses: AI can prioritize incoming emails based on urgency and content, as well as generate automatic responses to common inquiries. This reduces repetition, informs customers of expected response times, and ensures that customers receive timely replies, especially during high-volume periods or off-hours.
  • Quality assurance monitoring: AI tools monitor all customer service interactions in real-time to ensure quality standards are met, thereby reducing the risk of customers being upset. These tools also track key performance indicators, provide feedback to agents, and suggest improvements, helping maintain high service standards across all touchpoints.

Benefits of using AI for customer service

You may be wondering if this transformative change to your business would be worth it; I can assure you, it is. Here are just a few benefits of AI assistants:

  1. Enhanced efficiency: AI technology dramatically reduces the time spent on repetitive tasks and handling customer queries with unmatched speed, allowing human agents at the contact center to focus on more complex and rewarding customer issues, reducing wait times, and boosting customer satisfaction.
  2. Scalability: AI systems can manage surges in workload and customer queries without the need for proportional increases of customer service agents. This can help your business save money, be more flexible, and overall have better agent productivity.
  3. 24/7 availability: AI-powered systems never take lunch breaks or naps! They provide constant support and ensure that customer needs are met at all times, 24/7, only increasing customer contentment and loyalty.
  4. Cost-effectiveness: By taking charge of routine tasks, such as answering FAQs or responding to emails, AI helps reduce operational costs, optimize resources, and improve the overall efficiency of service operations, all the while providing consistent and accurate high-quality support.

What to look for in an AI customer service platform

Are you wondering what you should look for in choosing an AI-powered customer service platform? No worries! I recommend considering the following key features to improve your customer’s journey:

  1. Personalization capabilities: We don’t want your customers getting answers completely unfit for their needs. The platform should offer powerful data analytics to craft personalized customer experiences tailored to individual preferences, desires, and history.
  2. Integration and compatibility: Your customer support should be available across all your websites. Ensure the platform can seamlessly mix with your existing systems and supports omnichannel communication for a unified experience, no matter how many applications your customers work through.
  3. Scalability and reliability: The AI solution should be able to scale according to business needs and remain reliable under varying operational demands, whether it be high influxes of customer needs or during more off times.
  4. User-friendly interface: Both customers and agents should find the platform easy to use to ensure smooth operation; we want everyone, even those who aren’t tech-savvy, to feel comfortable in interacting with your company.
  5. Support and updates: Prioritize platforms that offer around-the-clock support teams and regular updates to keep up with AI advancements and industry demands (your customers and company need to be ‘in the know’).
  6. Sentiment analysis: Some AI customer service platforms can evaluate the emotions behind customer communications, allowing businesses to adjust responses when necessary. This can preemptively diffuse customer problems, help anticipate future questions, and lead to empathetic interactions.
  7. Predictive analytics: Some AI customer service platforms can analyze past interactions, enabling them to predict future customer needs and leading to more proactive service delivery that strengthens your business’ bond with customers.
  8. Actionable insights: Choose a system that provides insights into customer behavior, frequently raised questions, and agent performance. These insights will help your company enhance service quality and efficiency with data-driven solutions.
  9. Pricing: Find an AI system with pricing that works for you; many offer tiered plans, monthly/annual subscriptions, usage-based pricing, and more.

Top AI platforms for customer service

Now, that I’ve filled you in on the top features to look for in a customer service AI platform, I also want to share my top picks with you. Here are some of the very best AI platforms for customer service so you can benefit from AI automation:


Play AI operates like a virtual call center with AI customer service representatives that never rest. Play AI can efficiently handle customer inquiries across a range of industries with precision. Your clients call and one of Play AI’s 900 AI voices can answer the phone and handle the complete customer interaction from start to finish. Have a global customer base? No worries. Play AI is compatible with 143 languages. It also integrates with existing CRM systems for personalized experiences, improving data consistency and customer tracking.


Imagine having an ultra-smart assistant that doesn’t just help you out but actually takes tasks off your plate completely. That’s AutoGPT for you. Think of it as having a personal butler who’s at your beck and call—whether you need to sort emails, schedule meetings, or whip up detailed reports, AutoGPT handles it all with a touch of AI magic. It’s perfect for those who want the power of AI without needing a PhD in tech. Businesses can use it to streamline processes like customer service by automating routine inquiries and data handling and letting human agents focus on more complex customer needs. It’s smart, it’s intuitive, and it’s ready to make your life a whole lot easier.


Godmode is your gateway to using some of the latest AI models, like GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, to supercharge your tasks. Whether you’re a small business owner automating customer queries, a developer crafting user-friendly interfaces, or an educator creating a responsive learning environment, Godmode can help. It makes integrating AI into your daily workflow easier than ever, enhancing productivity and letting you focus on what truly matters. As it evolves, expect it to pack even more powerful features.


Jarvis is not just a tool; it’s your AI copilot, seamlessly integrating into your digital life across MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. Need real-time chat translations? Jarvis has your back. Drowning in emails? Let Jarvis sort them out. It also offers tailored features for developers like automated code reviews and Jira integration, boosting productivity across the board. Whether you’re in customer service, management, or any field that demands efficiency, Jarvis adapts to enhance your work quality and save you time on repetitive tasks. Think of Jarvis as your go-to digital assistant.

Micro GPT

Micro GPT is designed to tackle those time-consuming tasks you dread, like scheduling and email management, and turns them into a breeze. Micro GPT excels in creating quick and efficient interactions, whether it’s drafting emails from scratch or pulling insights from complex documents. For businesses, Micro GPT is a game-changer in automating customer service responses and managing social media, ensuring consistent customer engagement without the heavy lifting. It’s all about maximizing productivity and maintaining high-quality customer interactions effortlessly.

The best AI for customer service: Play.AI

Tailored specifically to your business offerings, goals, and customer needs, PlayHT’s conversational AI voice agents deliver realistic and consistent conversations, mirroring the efficacy of a dedicated human receptionist.

Play AI agents operate autonomously, handling client dialogues and learning from each interaction to enhance their performance to ensure no call ever goes unanswered or customer goes unsatisfied.

Simply design your own custom voice through the Play AI API or choose from an array of ready-to-use, pre-trained templates. These templates can assist with various customer inquiries, from pre-visit medical questions to navigating restaurant menus, managing hotel bookings, and more.

Streamline customer engagement and try‘s AI agents for free today.

Frequently asked questions

How can Zendesk help my business?

Zendesk can enhance your business by streamlining customer interactions, providing efficient support tools, and improving overall customer satisfaction.

What is the difference between bots and AI agents?

AI agents continuously learn within the conversation to respond appropriately, while bots have pre-programmed answers to frequently asked questions.

Is AI going to replace customer service?

AI is unlikely to completely replace customer service, but it will increasingly automate routine tasks and support human agents in delivering more effective and personalized assistance.

Can you use AI for call centers?

Yes, provides conversational AI voice agents that can answer calls on behalf of your company autonomously.

How does AI improve response times in customer service?

When you use AI agents such as those offered by, they never miss a call or take a break and always answer your customers immediately, providing efficient support.

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