Can artificial voices be the next tool in a content-marketers toolbelt?

By Hammad Syed in TTS

January 5, 2020 3 min read
Can artificial voices be the next tool in a content-marketers toolbelt?

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Artificial voices, also known as Synthetic or Text to Speech voices are computer-generated voices that have been around for a long time but have only recently become suitable for end consumers due to significant improvements in their quality. Hence we will be talking about how artificial voices be the next toolbelt in content marketers

The application of Machine Learning has created voices that are so realistic, they are almost impossible to distinguish from a human voice, making them useful in a plethora of applications. To show you how real artificial voices have become, listen to these samples that we created –

A male artificial voice
A female artificial voice reading an excerpt from an article

We wonder if these voices can be used to amplify the efforts of content-marketing by converting written content into audio and distributing it or repurposing it for different channels to either acquire new users or engage existing users.

Here are some of the ways in which a content marketer can use this technology.

Create and embed audio versions of articles and blog posts

This seems to be a rising trend – to offer audio versions of articles and blog posts alongside the written content.

Many top publications including Bloomberg, FinancialTimes, and Medium offer audio versions of their stories to engage users and provide them an alternate channel for consuming the content.

Bloomberg offering an audio version of their article
The Atlantic has a dedicated page for audio articles
Medium offering audio versions of their stories

The result is an increase in user engagement and greater accessibility of content.

It’s not just the big publications that are offering audio articles, many small to medium writers, bloggers and publications are also doing the same. It helps them create an audio channel for themselves just from their written content.

Publish articles and blog posts as podcasts

One way of getting new users could be tapping into other platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Lots of users are spending their time searching for content.

Using artificial voices one can easily create podcasts either from text or by converting articles and blog posts. Publish them on podcasting platforms using one of the many podcast hosting services available online.

Create videos of articles and publish on YouTube

A common strategy used by many of the successful podcasters is to also create a video of the podcast and post it on YouTube. This allows them to build a new audience on this platform and increase the reach of their content.

Just create a video once you have the audio and upload it on YouTube.

Create audio summaries of articles and share on Social Media

Summaries can be a powerful hook to get users interested in the content and get them to the website.

Online tools such as Resoomer and SMMRY can help you to quickly create summaries of your articles which you can then convert to audio to share on social media.

The audio could be the perfect channel to get to your audience while they are on the move.

And artificial voices offer an instant and reliable way of creating audio content to cater to those audiences. provides a platform to all those people looking to convert their blogs to Audio. Creating new voiceover articles or podcasts, etc, making it more engaging and Interactive.

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Hammad Syed

Hammad Syed

Hammad Syed holds a Bachelor of Engineering - BE, Electrical, Electronics and Communications and is one of the leading voices in the AI voice revolution. He is the co-founder and CEO of PlayHT, now known as PlayAI.

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