4.5 revolutionizes the business calling experience by making it personalized, efficient, and enjoyable through seamless and human-like AI-powered voice transactions.

Founded in 2019

About Slang.AI

Everything to know about Slang.AI. From founders, to reviews, and subscription cost.’s mission is to revolutionize the business calling experience, making it personalized, efficient, and enjoyable. By leveraging AI technology, creates voice transactions that are not only seamless but also feel more human than human.’s voice AI, designed specifically for restaurants, is built with both operators and customers in mind. This digital phone concierge allows restaurants to answer questions, take reservations, and satisfy callers intelligently. As the number one voice AI tool for restaurants, is the optimal solution for operators looking to enhance their phone call handling. enables restaurants to create better brand experiences quickly. The platform is easy to onboard, install, and get started within minutes, ensuring that the restaurant remains operational 24/7. This reliability and strong performance lead to increased reservations and ROI for users.

The AI works seamlessly for callers of all ages, understanding different accents, answering common questions, and responding in real-time without frustrating phone menus. Callers can quickly book and modify reservations or notify the restaurant if they are running late, all without involving the staff. Custom experiences allow operators to decide which calls the AI will handle and which it will pass on to the staff, maintaining a human touch.

Launching takes just 30 minutes, allowing for customization of digital voices and background soundscapes. Operators can set up agent responses, customer journeys, and a free Slang phone number. The system is easy to update, learning over time and continually improving. Responses can be updated in seconds to reflect new information or seasonal promotions, and caller journeys can be easily changed. The platform also provides real-time analytics, offering a comprehensive view of the business. With over 50% of calls successfully handled without staff involvement, over 200 hours saved per month on average, and an 80%+ caller satisfaction score, ensures restaurants never miss a call again.

Slang.AI Contact Info

Founder: Alex Sambvani, Gabe Duncan
CEO:Alex Sambvani
Address: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Email: [email protected]
Live Chat: Yes

Conversational Voice AI, trained to speak your business.

Healthcare+1 310-919-0613
Front Desk+1 510-567-7429
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  • Reservation Management
  • Direct SMS
  • Seamless Integrations
  • Customizable Call Flows
  • Premium Voices
  • Conversational AI

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Slang.AI Pricing & Subscription Plans

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Starter Custom Pricing
Monthly Price $299 Contact Support

Slang.AI Top Features

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24/7 Availability ensures that businesses never miss a call by providing round-the-clock availability, enabling customer support and engagement at any time​

Multi-Channel Communication

The AI can handle communications across multiple channels, including phone calls, texts, and emails, ensuring customers receive information in their preferred format

Quick Onboarding and Setup

Businesses can get started with quickly, with setup and customization completed within minutes. This includes customizing digital voices and configuring agent responses​

Real-Time Response and Zero Wait Time provides instant answers to customer inquiries, reducing or eliminating wait times and improving the overall customer experience by handling high volumes of calls efficiently​

Customizable Caller Experiences

Businesses can tailor the AI to handle specific types of calls and seamlessly transfer more complex inquiries to human staff, maintaining a personalized touch where needed​

Integration with Reservation and POS Systems integrates with various restaurant reservation systems and point-of-sale (POS) systems, streamlining operations and enhancing the customer booking experience​

Automated Reservation Management

The AI handles reservation bookings, modifications, and cancellations, freeing up staff to focus on in-person customers and other critical tasks​

Data Collection and Analytics provides real-time analytics and reporting, helping businesses monitor performance, understand customer behavior, and optimize their operations based on detailed insights

Scalability and Efficiency

Designed to handle high call volumes and seasonal spikes, ensures that customer inquiries are addressed promptly without overloading human agents, improving operational efficiency

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

By providing quick, accurate responses and reducing wait times, helps improve customer satisfaction and creates a better overall experience for callers​

Top Slang.AI Use Cases

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Customer Support

Providing efficient and responsive customer support 24/7.

Appointment and Reservation Management

Managing and scheduling reservations for restaurants and other service-based businesses.

Order Processing

Handling phone orders for takeout or delivery efficiently.

Handling Common Inquiries

Answering frequently asked questions such as business hours, location, and services offered.

Customer Feedback and Surveys

Collecting customer feedback and conducting surveys to improve services.

Promoting Specials and Upselling

Informing customers about special offers and promoting additional services.

Emergency Notifications and Alerts

Disseminating critical information during emergencies.

Reducing Labor Costs

Minimizing the need for additional staff during peak times.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Providing a seamless and pleasant customer interaction experience.

Slang.AI Reviews

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Great product

Great product, easy to use! Has been great for my restaurant and was very quick to implement.


"A Robust Solution for Our Busy Restaurant"

We receive 2,500+ calls a month and the majority of the calls we receive are looking for simple information that is already provided in the FAQs section of our website. Having Slang field these calls give us the ability to take care of the guests currently inside of our restaurant while also providing solutions for our future guests. It saves us from having to staff a full-time employee to tend to phone calls, many of which we would miss anyway if we were on the other line.

Cameron O.