An innovative solution for home service businesses that answers phone calls promptly and in a way that customers prefer.

Founded in 2021

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Sameday AI is as effective as your best salesperson. It doesn’t merely respond to customers; like your top sales representative, Sameday AI identifies customer needs and provides tailored solutions that accommodate your schedule, connect with available technicians, and cater to the specific preferences of your service business.

Service businesses often pay four times more to generate leads compared to most other local businesses. To tackle this challenge, Sameday AI operates continuously, enabling the forwarding of overflow and after-hour calls directly to the AI, which can promptly address new customers’ questions and offer the earliest available appointment. Sameday AI never misses a call, never forgets to follow up, and always shows up for work.

Additionally, Sameday AI can integrate with any software that has an available API, including the most popular Field Service Software.

Sameday.AI Contact Info

Founder: Aaron Cooper, Max Forsey
CEO:Aaron Cooper
Address: Lehi, Utah, USA
Phone: 1 (415) 723-6177
Email: [email protected]
Live Chat: No

Conversational Voice AI, trained to speak your business.

Healthcare+1 310-919-0613
Front Desk+1 510-567-7429
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Launch Scale Enterprise
Monthly Price $349 $559 Contact Support
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Sameday.AI Top Features

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24/7 Availability ensures that no call goes unanswered, providing around-the-clock service to capture leads and respond to customer inquiries at any time, including after hours.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The AI uses advanced NLP to understand and respond to customer inquiries in a natural and engaging manner, similar to a human representative.

Proactive Sales Automation

The AI is equipped with sales skills to build value, overcome objections, and close sales effectively, turning leads into scheduled and paying customers.

Integration with Existing Systems seamlessly integrates with existing phone systems, field service software, and payment systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation without the need for extensive manual updates.

High Scalability:

The system can handle high call volumes simultaneously, maintaining service quality even during peak times, which is crucial for businesses with fluctuating demand.

Improved Accuracy and Consistency

By providing accurate and consistent information based on the latest data, the AI reduces the likelihood of human error, ensuring reliable responses to customer inquiries.

Advanced Analytics

The Intelligent Analytics Suite provides businesses with valuable insights and reporting, helping them to understand what is working and where improvements are needed.

Cost Efficiency

By reducing the need for additional staffing and minimizing missed calls, saves businesses money while also increasing revenue through better lead conversion.

Customizable AI

Businesses can tailor the AI to meet their specific requirements, including multilingual capabilities and custom integrations to fit unique business needs.

Security and Privacy

The AI service includes robust security protocols to protect sensitive customer data, ensuring compliance with privacy standards.

Top Sameday.AI Use Cases

See the top Sameday.AI use cases and interesting ways you can use Sameday.AI

Handling After-Hours Calls

Businesses often miss calls after business hours, leading to lost opportunities.

Managing High Call Volumes

During peak times, businesses can be overwhelmed by high call volumes, resulting in longer wait times and potential customer dissatisfaction.

Sales and Lead Conversion

Converting leads into paying customers requires skilled sales interactions and timely responses.

Proactive Customer Follow-Ups

Businesses may struggle with timely follow-ups, leading to missed opportunities and lower customer satisfaction.

Integration with Existing Systems

Seamlessly integrating new technology with existing business systems can be challenging.

Improving Customer Experience

Providing consistent and accurate information to customers can be difficult, especially with a large team.

Cost Reduction

Staffing for call management can be costly, especially with fluctuating call volumes.

Data-Driven Insights

Understanding call patterns and customer interactions is crucial for making informed business decisions.