Posh provides premium live answering services for businesses. Our 24/7 live virtual receptionist service, paired with a powerful app, helps you save time and money by efficiently managing your calls around the clock.

Founded in 2020

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Posh provides premium live answering services for businesses. Their 24/7 live virtual receptionist service, combined with their powerful app, helps you save both time and money.

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Founder: Tyra J. Brown
CEO:Tyra J. Brown
Address: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
Phone: 833-400-7674
Email: [email protected]
Live Chat: Yes

Conversational Voice AI, trained to speak your business.

Healthcare+1 310-919-0613
Front Desk+1 510-567-7429
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Monthly Price $64.00 $119.00 $204.00 $394.00 $664.00 $924.00

Posh Top Features

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24/7 Live Answering

Posh ensures that all calls are answered anytime, providing constant availability for businesses and ensuring that no customer inquiry goes unanswered, regardless of the time or day.

Professional and Engaging Receptionists

Posh's receptionists are expertly trained to handle calls with professionalism and charisma, making a positive impression on callers and effectively managing customer interactions.

Customized Call Handling

Businesses can customize how their calls are handled according to their specific needs, including script responses and the type of information gathered from callers.

Bilingual Services

Posh offers bilingual receptionist services to cater to a diverse customer base, ensuring that both English and Spanish speaking customers receive high-quality support.

Appointment Scheduling

Receptionists can schedule appointments directly into the company’s calendar, streamlining the booking process and ensuring efficient time management.

CRM Integration

Posh integrates with existing CRM systems, allowing for seamless data management and ensuring that all customer interactions are logged and accessible.

Instant Message Delivery

Messages are delivered instantly to the business, ensuring that no critical information is missed and enabling timely follow-ups.

Order Processing and Custom Form Population

For businesses that require transaction handling, Posh can process orders and populate custom forms as needed, adding a layer of operational support.

Mobile App and Online Dashboard

Businesses can manage their services, view calls and messages, and make real-time changes using Posh's intuitive mobile app and online dashboard, enhancing flexibility and control.

Top Posh Use Cases

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24/7 Customer Service

Posh ensures that businesses are always available to their customers by providing round-the-clock answering services. This is particularly valuable for companies in industries where timely response is critical, such as healthcare, legal services, and emergency services.

Lead Capture and Management

Posh's receptionists help businesses capture and manage leads effectively by handling initial inquiries, qualifying leads based on predefined criteria, and ensuring that potential customers receive prompt and professional responses.

Appointment Scheduling

Posh receptionists schedule appointments directly into a company’s calendar system, coordinating between parties to find suitable times, which reduces the administrative burden on staff and improves the efficiency of operations.

Order Processing

For retail and e-commerce businesses, Posh can handle transactions, process orders, and manage payment collection, ensuring a smooth purchasing experience for customers and reliable revenue management for businesses.

Bilingual Support

Offering services in both English and Spanish, Posh helps businesses cater to a diverse customer base, breaking down language barriers and expanding market reach.

CRM Integration

By integrating with existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Posh helps maintain detailed records of customer interactions, ensuring seamless communication and personalized service.

Event Registration

Posh receptionists can manage registrations for events, handling inquiries, and booking attendees, which is ideal for organizations that host workshops, seminars, or other types of events.

Posh Reviews

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I had an exceptional experience with…

I had an exceptional experience with POSH services and my consultant Sarina. Their professionalism and dedication to client satisfaction are truly commendable. Sarina’s talent and prompt communication have undoubtedly contributed to the top-notch service provided. Highly recommend Posh for all your virtual receptionist needs

Twanna Joyner Jones

Posh always follows the guidelines I…

Posh always follows the guidelines I have set and if there are any problems they let me know and are quick to resolve them.

Chris Hutson

I have used Posh Virtual Receptions for…

I have used Posh Virtual Receptions for some time now.During that time, I have worked with Sarina Perez. Sarina is very knowledgeable, extremely helpful in solving issues, and always cheerful. Posh and Sarina have helped my law office stay in contact with clients. I highly recommend both. Ted Smith, Attorney at Law

Ted Smith

"Do not use this platform"

I dislike the fact that customer service never reached out to me concerning my inquiry about why my closet was deleted.

Sherri B.

Day 5 seller not responding posh…

Day 5 seller not responding posh refused to cancel order reached out to seller no response posh reached out to seller no response please don't use this app this is the 2nd time I'm definitely reporting it to the bbb even paid for shipping..I advise a reputable app such as thed up etc I will be seeking litigation and forming a class action as I'm certain there are other victims