Phonely.AI creates lifelike AI receptionists to enhance customer support, increase patient appointments, and eliminate hold times.

Founded in 2023

About Phonely.AI

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Phonely’s mission is to build technology that enhances customer support, enables doctors to see more patients, and ensures that no one is ever put on hold again. They achieve this by developing lifelike AI receptionists that can answer phones, schedule appointments, and provide world-class support to your customers.

Phonely provides comprehensive call management solutions, ensuring businesses never miss a call and eliminate lost revenue. As an AI receptionist, Phonely answers phones like a human, without ever forgetting information, having a bad day, or needing sleep.

Setting up Phonely is quick and easy; it connects to your website to build an agent in minutes and integrates seamlessly with your existing tools. Phonely can transfer calls, schedule appointments, take payments, and handle product returns, all in real-time during the call.

Developed by a team of Ph.D. AI researchers and audio engineers, Phonely leads in real-time, human-like phone support. It is built on industry-specific, custom language models designed for voice, enabling the creation of an agent that understands your business, tracks interactions, analyzes data, and improves responses over time.

Phonely caters to various industries, including photography studios, spa and wellness centers, fitness studios, barbershops, and landscaping services, by managing appointment bookings, inquiries, and availability.

Key features of Phonely include live appointment scheduling, automatic phone follow-ups to reduce no-shows, and an FAQ voice engine to answer common questions about pricing, hours, and locations, saving businesses valuable time and resources.

Phonely.AI Contact Info

Founder: Nisal Ranasinghe, Will Bodewes
CEO:Will Bodewes
Address: San Jose , California, USA
Phone: 1 4153389294
Email: [email protected]
Live Chat: No

Conversational Voice AI, trained to speak your business.

Healthcare+1 310-919-0613
Front Desk+1 510-567-7429
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Phonely.AI Top Features

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24/7 Availability

Phonely ensures that all calls are answered round the clock, providing continuous support and ensuring that no potential patient or client is missed.

Human-Like Conversations

The AI provides lifelike voice interactions, making conversations with customers and patients feel natural and engaging.

Appointment Scheduling

Phonely can handle all aspects of appointment scheduling, including booking, rescheduling, and sending reminders, helping to reduce no-show rates and keep schedules organized.

Customizable Call Handling

Businesses can customize how calls are handled by selecting voices, setting conversational styles, and integrating specific business protocols to ensure consistent and professional interactions.

Real-Time Integrations

Phonely integrates seamlessly with various software tools, such as Google Calendar, Zapier, and CRM systems, allowing it to perform tasks like booking appointments and handling inquiries live during the call.

HIPAA Compliance

For healthcare practices, Phonely ensures full compliance with HIPAA regulations, safeguarding patient information and maintaining data security.

Analytics and Reporting

The platform provides detailed call transcriptions and AI-powered analytics, helping businesses gain insights into call performance and customer interactions to optimize their service.


Phonely operates on a performance-based billing model, charging only for successful outcomes, such as booked appointments, which can result in significant cost savings compared to traditional reception services.

Automated Follow-Ups

The AI can automatically follow up with customers or patients to confirm appointments, gather feedback, and handle other routine tasks, freeing up staff time for more critical activities.

Voice Customization

Businesses can choose from a variety of voices and customize their tone to match their brand, enhancing the customer experience.

Top Phonely.AI Use Cases

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24/7 Call Answering for Dental Practices ensures that all calls to a dental practice are answered at any time of day, providing continuous support for patients needing assistance, scheduling, or information.

Appointment Scheduling and Management handles the entire appointment scheduling process, from booking and confirming appointments to sending reminders and managing cancellations. This reduces administrative workload and minimizes appointment no-shows.

Patient Intake and Information Gathering

The AI can conduct detailed patient intake during initial calls, collecting all necessary information and ensuring that the dental practice has accurate records for new patients.

Automated Follow-Ups and Reminders can automatically follow up with patients to confirm upcoming appointments, remind them of scheduled visits, and gather post-appointment feedback, ensuring a high level of patient engagement and satisfaction.

Emergency Call Handling

For dental practices offering emergency services, can prioritize urgent calls and ensure that patients receive immediate attention, improving the practice's responsiveness and patient care.

Cost-Effective Call Management

By automating call handling and scheduling, reduces the need for additional administrative staff, leading to significant cost savings for dental practices while maintaining high-quality patient service.

Multilingual Support provides support for multiple languages, helping dental practices serve a diverse patient base more effectively by communicating with patients in their preferred language.

Integration with Practice Management Software seamlessly integrates with existing practice management systems, ensuring that all patient interactions are recorded and managed efficiently within the practice’s workflow.

Data Security and Compliance is HIPAA-compliant, ensuring that all patient information is handled securely and in compliance with healthcare regulations, protecting patient privacy and data integrity.

Personalized Patient Experience

The AI can deliver a personalized experience by remembering patient preferences and past interactions, which enhances the overall patient satisfaction and loyalty to the dental practice.