NaturalReader is a text to speech software designed to help people with reading disabilities by converting text into natural-sounding speech.

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Natural Reader is an AI text to audio platform that seamlessly transforms written texts, from documents to eBooks, into spoken words. This tool is particularly useful for students who learn better through listening and professionals who need to absorb information while multitasking.

Using Natural Reader’s AI voice generator, you can convert any written material into natural-sounding speech, making it easier to access and engage with content. This feature is invaluable for those who are visually impaired or prefer auditory learning, as it allows them to listen to the content instead of reading it.

The platform includes more than 200 voice options and supports over 20 languages, catering to a global user base. It offers customization features such as adjustable speech speed and pronunciation, ensuring that you can fine-tune your listening experience to suit their needs.

Natural Reader also provides a voice API for integration into other applications, enabling real-time text to speech capabilities for automated customer support or interactive learning environments. This versatility makes Natural Reader a practical tool for enhancing accessibility and engagement across various applications.

Additionally, it is an excellent resource for content creators looking to produce audio versions of their work, from audiobooks to video narrations, further broadening its utility and appeal.

NaturalReader Contact Info

Founder: Jeff Yang
CEO:Jeff Yang
Address: #935-6388 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC V6Y 0L4, Richmond, Vancouver, Canada
Phone: No
Email: No
Live Chat: Yes

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  • Personal Reader
  • Text to Speech Online

NaturalReader Pricing & Subscription Plans

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Individual Premium Individual Plus Group Premium EDU Group Plus EDU
Monthly Price $9.99 $19 Contact Support Contact Support
Yearly Price $59.88 $110 Contact Support Contact Support

NaturalReader Top Features

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AI to SPeech

Have any type of text read aloud with the most natural AI voices.


New multi-lingual voices powered by Large Language Models

Voice Cloning

Clone any voice instantly using AI

OCR Capability

The software includes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, which enables it to convert printed characters into digital text. This is particularly useful for reading aloud text from scanned documents and images, making it accessible for those with visual impairments or reading disabilities.

Floating Bar

Natural Reader features a floating toolbar that allows users to easily access text-to-speech functions while working in other applications. This floating bar can be very convenient for multitasking, as it provides immediate text-to-speech capabilities across various contexts.

Synchronization Across Devices

Natural Reader offers cloud-based synchronization, enabling users to access their documents and settings across various devices. This is particularly useful for people who need to switch between different devices while maintaining continuity in their reading or listening experience.

Top NaturalReader Use Cases

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NaturalReader reads text aloud, helping people with vision problems or learning disabilities understand digital content better.

Language Learning:

It reads text in different languages, aiding learners in practicing pronunciation and understanding foreign languages.

Proofreading Assistance

NaturalReader reads text back, helping users catch mistakes more easily than just reading silently, improving the quality of written work.


Users can listen to text while doing other tasks, making it easier to absorb information without needing to stop and read

Assistive Technology

It helps individuals with reading difficulties, like dyslexia, by turning text into spoken words for easier understanding.

NaturalReader Pros and Cons

NaturalReader Pros

NaturalReader Cons

NaturalReader provides a variety of natural-sounding voices that are friendly to the ear​. Free version has limited access to voices and features, which can be restrictive for some users​.
The platform is simple to use and easy to navigate, making it accessible for all users​ . Some voices may sound robotic, especially in the free version.
Includes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read text from images and scanned documents There is no option to create custom voices, which might limit personalization​.
Can read various formats including PDFs, Word documents, and eBooks​.
Works well with other applications like Microsoft Word and includes browser extensions.

NaturalReader Reviews

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Awesome tool for different situations

it works on different platforms and can read things that are not on platforms but uploading them or putting them on the website for the AI to proce...

Kendra w.

This company is corrupt and Google is…

This company is corrupt and Google is helping them. For some reason there are no google reviews available for this company when I wanted to write a review because when I tried to contact the company to make a complaint about the website crashing and erasing my essay twice and library, on the same day although I continuously manually, saved my work as well, as noticed that natural claims to save every 30 seconds, but it doesn’t. I soon came to find that this website which claimed to want to help SpLD students don’t even have a customer service they A.I bots to reply customers. Which is disgusting for a subscription business. I have been using this software for months now and now because of this everything is ruined.



Costly, lots of hassles. Works ok with very simple texts, but requires a lot of editing to have a good reading experience (skip, reading contextual informations like page numbers, copyright informations, headers and footers, etc.).


Its not free

Its not free

Piyush Kasyap