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My AI Front Desk is a virtual receptionist software that automates phone scheduling and Q&A, allowing customers to text, call, and ask complex questions.

Founded in 2023

About My AI Front Desk

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My AI Front Desk offers a 24/7 phone receptionist, ensuring businesses never miss a call again. This AI-powered service allows businesses to pick up the phone, schedule appointments, and answer questions even after business hours, providing seamless customer support around the clock.

Designed as an AI receptionist that never sleeps, My AI Front Desk captures calls and appointments 24/7. Businesses can choose to forward all calls or just missed calls to this intelligent receptionist. Tailored to understand everything about the business and its services, the AI receptionist can easily answer complex questions from callers.

Additionally, the AI receptionist can send texts and schedule appointments during conversations. For instance, if a caller requests an appointment, the receptionist can text them a custom link, such as a Calendly link for general bookings, a Vagaro link for salon/spa bookings, or a Booksy link for wellness bookings.

Building and tweaking the AI receptionist is remarkably simple, taking just five minutes to create, purchase, and publish. Businesses can update the receptionist’s knowledge base or greeting phrase anytime, ensuring it remains current and effective.

Advanced analytics provide businesses with insights into call transcripts, text history, and voicemails directly from the admin dashboard. Phone numbers of callers can be exported for targeted promotions. The AI receptionist can handle unlimited calls, even in parallel, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

Creating the AI receptionist involves inputting details about the business, services, and booking portals. Once set up, businesses can forward their existing phone number to the new AI receptionist, viewing inbound leads, voicemails, and analytics through the admin dashboard. Modifications can be made anytime, allowing businesses to update information such as temporary sales or business hours promptly.

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Conversational Voice AI, trained to speak your business.

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My AI Front Desk Pricing & Subscription Plans

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Small Business Plan Advanced Integration Plan
Monthly Price $65 Contact Support

My AI Front Desk Top Features

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24/7 Availability

The AI receptionist operates around the clock, ensuring no call goes unanswered, handling business inquiries, bookings, and cancellations even after business hours

Automated Scheduling

Integrates with popular scheduling tools like Vagaro and Calendly to automate appointment bookings, modifications, and cancellations seamlessly​

Text and Call Handling

Customers can interact with the AI via text or call, asking complex questions and receiving immediate responses, mimicking a human receptionist's capabilities

Customizable Workflows

Offers advanced workflows for texting, call transferring, and intake forms, allowing the AI to perform complex tasks based on predefined scenarios. This feature helps in managing various customer interactions efficiently​

Intelligent Call Routing

The AI can intelligently transfer calls to the appropriate department based on the caller’s needs, such as billing, technical support, or sales inquiries, ensuring specialized assistance​

Bilingual Support

Supports multiple languages, allowing the receptionist to interact with a diverse customer base and providing an inclusive customer service experience​

Real-Time Notifications and Analytics

Provides instant notifications for missed calls and voicemails, along with detailed analytics in the admin dashboard. This helps businesses keep track of customer interactions and improve service quality

Easy Setup and Modification

Businesses can set up their AI receptionist in less than five minutes and modify its greeting, knowledge base, and workflows anytime, ensuring the system remains up-to-date with business needs​

Top My AI Front Desk Use Cases

See the top My AI Front Desk use cases and interesting ways you can use My AI Front Desk

24/7 Customer Support

Providing continuous customer support to handle inquiries and service requests outside of regular business hours.

Appointment Scheduling

Automating the scheduling process for appointments, reducing the workload on human staff.

Lead Generation and Qualification

Capturing and qualifying leads through initial interactions without requiring human intervention.

Handling Common Inquiries

Responding to frequently asked questions and providing information about services, hours, and locations.

Call Routing and Transfers

Directing calls to the appropriate departments or individuals within an organization based on the caller's needs.

Texting Workflows

Automating the sending of text messages for appointment confirmations, reminders, and information sharing.

Multilingual Support

Serving a diverse customer base by providing support in multiple languages.

Real-Time Notifications and Analytics

Keeping track of customer interactions and analyzing call data for insights and improvements.