Boost your business with our AI phone assistant, designed to support you as you serve the community. Features include agent training, customizable responses, intelligent AI guidance, and seamless automation.

Founded in 2021

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Enhance your business operations with our AI phone assistant while you focus on serving the community. Features include agent training, customizable responses, intelligent AI guidance, and seamless automation.

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Founder: Bob Summers
CEO:Bob Summers
Address: Cupertino, California, USA
Phone: 1 650-684-1400
Live Chat: No

Conversational Voice AI, trained to speak your business.

Healthcare+1 310-919-0613
Front Desk+1 510-567-7429
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  • AI Agent

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Monthly Price $59
Yearly Price $492

Goodcall Top Features

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24/7 Call Handling

The AI agent answers calls round the clock, ensuring no call goes unanswered, boosting customer service and capturing every opportunity for your business.

Lead Capture and Qualification

It automates lead capture, qualifying and recording caller information, and sending alerts via email or SMS, which helps in prioritizing leads efficiently.

Customizable Skills

You can teach your AI agent custom responses based on common customer queries, and it can suggest new skills based on caller questions to continuously improve.

Appointment Scheduling

The agent can schedule appointments, manage bookings, and handle quote requests seamlessly.

Integration with CRM and Tools

Goodcall easily integrates with CRM systems and other tools like Google Voice, Zapier, and Slack, enhancing workflow automation and data management.

Automations and Workflow Optimization

The AI triggers automation templates to streamline business processes, saving time and enhancing productivity.

Detailed Call Analysis

Every call is recorded, and detailed analysis is provided to understand customer needs better and refine responses.

Top Goodcall Use Cases

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Customer Service Enhancement

Businesses like Hotworx have revolutionized their customer support by using Goodcall to handle thousands of calls, ensuring they never miss an opportunity to connect with customers and enhance productivity​

Lead Capture and Qualification

Goodcall captures detailed caller information and qualifies leads automatically, which helps businesses prioritize and respond to potential customers efficiently

Appointment Scheduling

The AI agent can schedule appointments, handle bookings, and manage quote requests seamlessly, offering options such as directing callers to a booking website, providing quick answers, transferring calls, or taking messages​

Sales and Marketing Support

Companies like Bye Junk have leveraged Goodcall to boost their monthly revenue by 25%, showing how the AI agent can drive sales growth by capturing and converting leads more effectively

Operational Efficiency

Businesses like Midnight Cookie Co. have optimized their operations with Goodcall by automating call handling and message taking, which frees up human resources for other tasks and improves overall efficiency​

24/7 Availability

Goodcall provides round-the-clock call handling, ensuring that businesses never miss a call and can always engage with customers, leading to better service and higher customer satisfaction​

Integration with Existing Systems

Goodcall easily integrates with CRMs and other tools like Google Voice and Zapier, enhancing workflow automation and data management for businesses​

Goodcall Reviews

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"It Was a good Experience With the help of GoodCall Costumers are really Happy"

Their on time Customer Services Their numerios Features. best part it is easy to use

sahil g.

Do not use as they promise…

Do not use as they promise new members a free account forever but now they have changed their access to the voicemail access which cannot be accessed with any ease or in my case I cannot access the callers messages after using and putting out this number on many platforms with now a useless number. Now I will to loose many callers which may have become clients. is now useless and has broken their word in having a free account forever. They are asking for nearly $60 per month to now access the calls for a service that can be obtained for less than $10 a month. My communication with the company said they would charge me only after the 2nd month to get access to this number which is out on platforms for more than a year of using this number which now is destroyed by a company that has broken their word.

Wil Le