Gabbyville, an award-winning provider, offers friendly, energetic, and efficient live bilingual virtual receptionist services to keep your business running smoothly at a fraction of the cost.

Founded in 2013

About Gabbyville

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Gabbyville is an award-winning provider of friendly, energetic, and efficient live bilingual virtual receptionist services, ensuring your business operates smoothly at a fraction of the cost.

Gabbyville Contact Info

Founder: Nisha Goyal-Parikhs
CEO:Nisha Goyal-Parikhs
Address: Nashville, Texas, USA
Phone: 1-800-903-7141
Email: [email protected]
Live Chat: Yes

Conversational Voice AI, trained to speak your business.

Healthcare+1 310-919-0613
Front Desk+1 510-567-7429
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Gabbyville Pricing & Subscription Plans

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Starter Basic Premium Executive
Monthly Price $250 $325 $600 $1,425

Gabbyville Top Features

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24/7 Live Answering

GabbyVille offers round-the-clock live answering services, ensuring that your business never misses a call, regardless of the time of day.

Bilingual Receptionists

To cater to a diverse customer base, GabbyVille provides bilingual services, supporting both English and Spanish speakers.

Custom Call Handling

Businesses can customize their call handling processes, including personalized greetings, call routing, and outbound calling, to meet specific operational needs.

Appointment Scheduling

GabbyVille’s receptionists can schedule appointments directly into your web-based calendar system, providing real-time updates and reminders.

Detailed Message Taking

Receptionists take detailed messages, ensuring that all important information is captured and communicated via email or voicemail.

Call Routing and Outbound Calling

Intelligent call routing reduces wait times and improves customer experience by directing calls to the appropriate departments or individuals. Outbound calling allows businesses to proactively reach out to potential clients.

Real-Time Status Updates

Receptionists can receive real-time updates about your availability, helping them manage call routing based on your current status.

Spam Call Blocking

GabbyVille blocks spam and robocalls, ensuring that you are only billed for relevant calls, saving money and reducing interruptions.


GabbyVille’s receptionists can set up and manage conference calls, facilitating collaboration with multiple parties simultaneously.

High-Quality Call Service

Utilizing T1 phone lines over VoIP, GabbyVille ensures top-notch call quality, providing clear and reliable communication.

Top Gabbyville Use Cases

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24/7 Customer Service

Businesses can use GabbyVille's 24/7 live answering services to ensure that customer inquiries are addressed at any time of day, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing continuous support.

Lead Capture and Qualification

GabbyVille helps businesses capture and qualify leads by handling initial inquiries, gathering detailed information, and ensuring that potential customers are followed up with promptly. This is particularly useful for sales-driven organizations looking to maximize conversion rates.

Appointment Scheduling

Healthcare providers, legal firms, and other appointment-based businesses can rely on GabbyVille to manage their scheduling. Receptionists can book, reschedule, and confirm appointments, ensuring efficient use of time and reducing no-show rates.

Overflow Call Handling

During peak business hours or when in-house staff are unavailable, GabbyVille can manage overflow call volume, ensuring that no calls are missed and maintaining high levels of customer service.

Bilingual Support

For businesses with a diverse customer base, GabbyVille offers bilingual answering services, helping to bridge language barriers and provide excellent service to both English and Spanish-speaking clients.

Order Processing

Retail and e-commerce businesses can benefit from GabbyVille's order processing capabilities, where receptionists handle transactions and manage customer orders over the phone, ensuring smooth and efficient sales operations.

Virtual Receptionist for Small Businesses

Small businesses can leverage GabbyVille's virtual receptionist services to handle all incoming calls, providing a professional image and ensuring that customer inquiries are managed efficiently, even when resources are limited.

Message Taking and Delivery

When staff are unavailable, GabbyVille receptionists take detailed messages and ensure they are delivered promptly via email or voicemail, ensuring that important information is communicated without delay.

Real Estate and Property Management

Real estate professionals can use GabbyVille to manage property inquiries, schedule showings, and handle client communications, allowing agents to focus on closing deals and managing properties more effectively.