FakeYou is a popular deepfake voice technology platform enabling users to create and share AI-generated audio & video clips.

Founded in 2002

About FakeYou

Everything to know about FakeYou. From founders, to reviews, and subscription cost.

FakeYou is a text to speech generator that converts text into lifelike spoken audio. It provides you with a rich selection of voices across various languages, making it ideal for a wide range of audio projects. Whether you’re producing voiceovers for videos, creating audiobooks, or developing educational materials, FakeYou offers the tools you need for high-quality audio creation.

The platform features voice cloning technology, which is perfect for projects requiring a consistent voice presence. It also allows for detailed customization of speech elements like tone, speed, and pauses, helping you tailor the audio to fit their specific needs.

With hundreds of voices available in many languages, FakeYou makes it easy to find the perfect sound for any project. The intuitive interface ensures seamless integration into existing workflows, facilitating quick and efficient conversion of text to speech. This capability is particularly useful in applications such as automated customer service responses and interactive voice prompts, enhancing user engagement and accessibility.

Moreover, FakeYou’s versatility extends to various fields, including advertising, gaming, AI character voices, and virtual assistance, providing creators and developers with the ability to bring dynamic vocal elements to their applications. As AI technology continues to evolve, FakeYou remains at the forefront, offering innovative solutions that enhance the auditory experience of users worldwide.

FakeYou Contact Info

Founder: Brandon Thomas
CEO:Brandon Thomas
Email: [email protected]

Generate AI Voices, Indistinguishable from Humans

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All FakeYou Products

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  • Text to Speech
  • Voice to Voice
  • Face Animator
  • Voice Designer
  • Text to Image

Top AI voices in FakeYou

  • Voices Number of Voices: 3963
  • Languages Number of Languages: 20
Most popular AI voices on FakeYou
  • Arthur Clarke Arthur Clarke
  • Blitzcrank Blitzcrank
  • Daniel Daniel

FakeYou Pricing & Subscription Plans

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Plus Pro Elite Site License - EDU
Monthly Price $7 $15 $25 Contact Support

FakeYou Top Features

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Text to Speech

Convert text into audio

Voice to Voice

Speak as someone else

Video Lip Sync

Sync video with audio

Top FakeYou Use Cases

See the top FakeYou use cases and interesting ways you can use FakeYou

Content creation

Enhance your multimedia projects by using an AI voice generator to add unique and appealing voices, making your content stand out.

Messages and notifications

Personalize voice alerts and notifications with fun, engaging tones that capture attention and improve the user experience.

Celebrity voices

Imitate the voices of well-known celebrities using AI, adding an element of fun or familiarity to your projects and presentations.

Voice acting

Utilize AI for voice acting to bring fictional characters to life, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional recording studios.


Assist individuals with speech disabilities by providing them with AI-generated voices, enabling clearer and more effective communication.

FakeYou Pros and Cons

FakeYou Pros

FakeYou Cons

FakeYou offers a large library of over 3,000 voices, providing high-quality, realistic voice generation. Not all the voices made sound real, so some might be better than others.
The platform is user-friendly and web-based, making it accessible for beginners and requiring no downloads​. Using voice cloning and deep fake tech wrongly might cause legal problems.
FakeYou can be used for content creation, AI voice cloning, deep fake videos, and more, making it a versatile tool for various needs. The free version isn't great for serious stuff because it has shorter audio and takes longer to work.
People can adjust how fast and high or low the voices sound.
Provides real-time text-to-speech conversion, useful for live broadcasts and interactive content​.

FakeYou Reviews

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Super friendly

Its very friendly and helpful when it comes to usage

Nahomy B.

Like this technology to generate audio of your favorite characters

I like this technology to generate audio or video of my favourite characters saying anything i want

Agransh S.