Convoso is a contact center solution provider that accelerates lead engagement with continuous innovations in dialer and AI technologies, helping businesses reach more leads faster.

Founded in 2006

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Convoso is a contact center solution provider that enhances business outreach by accelerating lead engagement through continuous innovations in dialer and AI technologies.

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Founder: Nima Hakimi, Bobby Hakimi, Ari Rashti
CEO:Nima Hakimi
Address: Los Angeles, California, USA
Phone: 1 (866) 788-4908
Email: [email protected]
Live Chat: Yes

Conversational Voice AI, trained to speak your business.

Healthcare+1 310-919-0613
Front Desk+1 510-567-7429
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  • Auto Dialers
  • CallCatalyst™
  • ClearCallerID™
  • Click-to-Comply™
  • DX5 Engine
  • StateTracker™

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Convoso Top Features

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Multiple Dialing Modes

Convoso supports predictive, power, progressive, and preview dialing modes, allowing businesses to choose the most efficient dialing method based on their specific needs​

Skills-Based Routing

This feature ensures calls are directed to the most qualified agents based on their skills and expertise, improving call handling efficiency and customer satisfaction​

Caller ID Reputation Management

Convoso helps manage and monitor caller IDs to reduce the risk of calls being flagged as spam, thereby increasing contact rates and maintaining high call quality​

Dynamic Scripting

The platform provides customizable scripts that adapt in real-time during calls, helping agents respond effectively to various scenarios and stay compliant with regulations​

Omnichannel Support

Convoso integrates multiple communication channels, including voice, SMS, and email, enabling synchronized customer engagement across different platforms​

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Convoso offers highly customizable dashboards and reporting tools that provide real-time insights into call center performance, helping businesses make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations

Answering Machine Detection

With up to 97% accuracy, this feature ensures agents spend more time talking to live leads by filtering out calls that go to voicemail​

Compliance Tools

Convoso includes tools to ensure compliance with TCPA and other regulations, helping businesses avoid legal issues while maintaining efficient call operations​

Smart Voicemail Drop

This feature allows strategic voicemail drops based on call cadence, maximizing the likelihood of callbacks and improving lead engagement

Integration with Third-Party Applications

Convoso's open API allows seamless integration with major third-party applications, enhancing the functionality and flexibility of the contact center software

Top Convoso Use Cases

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Sales and Lead Generation

Convoso excels in accelerating sales processes and improving lead generation efforts by automating initial outreach, qualifying leads, and scheduling appointments.

Customer Service Automation

The platform's AI capabilities enable businesses to provide 24/7 customer support, handling routine inquiries and freeing up human agents to tackle more complex issues.

Appointment Scheduling

Convoso can manage appointment bookings and reminders, reducing no-shows and ensuring efficient scheduling.

Healthcare Engagement

For healthcare providers, Convoso can automate patient interactions, schedule appointments, send reminders, and handle follow-ups, improving patient engagement and reducing administrative burdens.

Compliance Management

With features designed to ensure compliance with various regulations, Convoso helps businesses maintain adherence to legal requirements while optimizing their call center operations.

Omnichannel Marketing

Businesses can leverage Convoso’s support for multiple communication channels to run comprehensive marketing campaigns that engage leads through their preferred medium.

Insurance and Financial Services

Convoso assists in pre-qualifying clients, scheduling consultations, and managing client follow-ups, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction in these sectors.

Convoso Reviews

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"Convoso is very user-friendly, does have some bugs though."

I appreciate how you can set appointments to make calls, and then the call will be served up to you at the correct time. It is user friendly on the front end, and I use this software every day. Customer support is very responsive. I cannot speak to the ease of implementation and integration because I am a front end user.

Lily R.


Great product...especially for working through a bulk of data with a smaller staff. We can't wait to see what a bigger team can do with it!


"Works seamlessly for my needs, have no complaints"

The product is reliable and persistent. Downtimes are extremely rare and quickly resolved. I use daily and it is mostly used as an outbound dialer and I'm never sitting around waiting long for the next call.

Jack T.